Thursday, 22 October 2015

What A Day We Had Yesterday.......♥️

Yesterday...when I picked up Miss V...
We decided...hahaha! go to Walmart to look at the Halloween stuff...
And...also to get a McHappy Grilled Cheese lunch!!
She found 2 books that she asked if she could have...
She clutched them for dear life...and we read them both before her nap...
I picked up some yarn and a new iron...which I will be taking back...
Why are irons so hard to pick out??? Well...for me anyway!
I need to get a "better" one, than the one I bought...sometimes I can be so tight!!
I also picked up 2 novels for the boyfriend...

Miss V...
Tried on a few hats!
She was actually saying "arrrr" when I put the pirate hat on her!
And the bowler hat, she thought was a cowboy hat...and asked where her horse was!! I laughed so hard...what a cutie pie♥️
It was fun...

See the books below?? still in her hot little hands♥️

I am really glad that she loves books so much...

After we got home...still clutiching the books :o)...she posed beside the pumpkins for me again...

She was so thrilled with her new boots that her Mom bought her...

She told anybody that would listen..."they have dinosaurs on them"...

Love this!!

I did get one selfie of the 2 of us while at the store...

After her nap...

She placed some Halloween window clings I had bought her...

She loves doing this...

I buy them for every occasion...

After that...

Her Papa took her for a bike ride around the block...

Guess what she put in the car seat on the back of her bike???

Yup....her books! ♥️

We had a great day together...
The Blue Jays won again last night...
They play in Kansas City on Friday night...
Guess we will watch that one at the cottage!!

Hope you are all having a great day...
Still breezy here...but the sun is shining...
Finally got my Geraniums potted up and indoors!!
Also a few Begonias..see how well they do...
And...I brought home a Portulaca from the cottage...
I will keep you posted on their progress...

We are going to the cottage tomorrow...
Supposed to be pretty cool...but Sunny...
That can make all the difference...
Home on Saturday, as we have an engagement party for one of my Nephews...
Should be fun!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

            Cheers!  :o)


  1. Wow! Miss V is so big and grown up now!!! She seems to have shot up again in height and in grown up ness if you know what I mean! It is wonderful to see her growing up! Hope that you have a great time at the party! xx

    1. Yes....she is getting to be a big girl♥️
      Thanks Amy!

  2. The bowler hat is my favorite. Wouldn`t you love to look that good in any hat that was popped on your head? She is such a cutie. Our little Gwynn LOVES books too. I bring her one every time I visit. The selfie is cute as is your front porch. I brought in everything today but the bird feeders, houses and bath. It's getting too cold at night for everything else. Have fun at the cottage. (As if you won't) ;-b

    1. Yes...I look hideous in hats! And...she looks beautiful with or without bangs!
      As I mentioned, not feeding the birds right now :o(
      Hopefully soon....
      I will! Brrrrrr...

  3. Such cute photos! Glad Miss V is a reader -- that bodes well for her future.

    GO JAYS!

  4. Miss V and you have the best days together, and then she gets to spend time with Papa. I'm sure she hates to go home. It was windy here today, was going to get started on some winter greenery pots but the wind was too much for my eye, so had to leave it for another day.

    1. Oh gosh no....Mommy is still #1...but, she does love being here! She has 5 cats at home! Geesh......
      Hope your eye is better ASAP!

  5. She look mlovely with all the hats!!
    Im sure she had an amazing and fun day Linda :)

  6. Isn't it great to be with your Miss V. They grow so fast. Love all the looks in those hats....
    Have you ever thought of buying 25 books and wrapping them . Use them as an advent calendar. To her surprise a new book from December
    1 till Dec 25....Great idea for her Mommy!!

    1. Sounds like a great idea! Just might do that, Linda.....thanks!

  7. Looks like you had WAY more fun at Walmart than I usually have! haha...maybe I should stop in the costume section
    and try on a few hats! lol....

    1. You should! That would cause quite a stir! Hahaha!

  8. She is so cute and so much fun..I remember those days of trying on masks at WM in Massena and Plattsburgh w/ the boys..they are getting so old!

    They all got new haircuts last night ,,shavedsides longer tops..rocak stars:)

    Jacques likes those books too..
    B and D..I can be tight for certain things too..I like and iron w/ weight.
    I have heard Rowentas are great..
    I have many kitchen gadgets and nice quality ones..but when my harvest gold hand mixer went;) I had to buy a new one..I am on my 3rd..they don't make low speed anymore it seems..the stuff flies out of the bowllI will pay more when I hear of the best;)

    Love the clings!!Maybe Oli would still be into that..I get all 3 at once..but i could..sneak him..

    we had them 3 afternoons this week..after school..bus duty till mommy came home..what a busy mom..3 boys.. 2 dogs..the house.. hubby was away..her job..God bless her.

    She's adorb no question about it...

    1. I love that your comments are always a wee it!
      I am waiting for you to post a pic of those cute boys with their new haircuts!
      Had a great day with Miss V♥️

      I really must buy a GOOD iron...geesh....I do a lot of ironing around here...but I don't mind...nothing like fresh crisp ironed things!
      Your daughter sure has her hands full...good for her!
      Bonne weekend Monique!

  9. What a lovely day you had with Miss V. I can imagine how much fun it was in Walmart trying on hats and choosing books!

  10. Take the plunge! Buy a Rowenta Iron....they are made in Germany. Work great and last! I gave up on the cheap stuff years ago. I was buying one about every year. I have 3 for the beach, one for home and one for the lake. The oldest one is probably 5 or 6 years old and still going strong.

    That Miss V is as cute as can be in all her different hats. Good selfie of the two of you. What does she call you, by the way? My grand kids call me LaLa.

    1. I will look for a and Monique cannot be wrong!
      She calls me Nana♥️ came up with that all by herself!
      I see that is the name of your!

    2. That's sweet. I think the names our grandchildren call us are so endearing. When mine call me by that name, my heart melts. I know yours does, too.

      By the way, I don't shop at Wal-Mart, but I think I remember buying 2 of my Rowentas at Target. The last one, I bought from Amazon.

    3. All of our Targets closed....after only a few months!
      Perhaps I will put this on my Christmas list!
      Have a great weekend Laurie....heading to the lake or beach?

    4. Scrapbook Retreat at the beach.

    5. I am a quilter (addicted to it) and have used MANY irons over the years. I have had Black & Decker, Rowenta, Sharp, Bernina and a few others. My FAVORITE is my Olisio which is pretty expensive but I absolutely LOVE that iron. My Rowentas all leaked and the last little travel Rowenta I had caught on fire while I was using it at my sewing machine. It shouldn't be that hard to find a good iron but it is! Frustrating!! Linda

  11. Wonderful photos . Most of my family love books to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening and a nice time at the cottage .

    1. Thanks Elaine....hope her love continues!

  12. Oh my...she is so precious ♥ And how wonderful that she enjoys books! My kids were the same way when they were little and it's something I encouraged. You can never have too many books :) It looks like you had an amazing day with this little beautiful lady.

    1. I did indeed Martha!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Wow, so much to love in this blog. Beginning with your header, Miss V. In her try-on hats, riding her bike with her Papa, the cute selfie of both of you. And of course, being a retired teacher, I especially love the books! Have a nice time at the cottage, even though it'll be brief. And have fun at the engagement party. I look forward to those photos too. :)

    1. Thank you....thank you.....thank you!
      You are too kind, Miss Hester!
      Perhaps May will take photos!
      We'll see!

  14. Oh dear Linda, you could not have had a better day!!! Miss V melts my heart with every darling picture. "Readers are Leaders" I believe that with all my heart. How wonderful that she already has such an appreciation for books.

    Your new header is so cute too.

    I need to get some more yarn and and I broke one of my bamboo knitting needles trying to fit my bag in the trunk that was already overloaded. I do have another pair, but I liked the size 10, so will pick up another pair when I get the yarn.

    Since our Dodgers are out of the picture... I'll root for your Blue Jays.

    1. Hi Wanda....great to have you back!
      GO JAYS GO!

  15. Aw - I love the many faces of Miss V! What a fun age. And I agree that it's wonderful she loves books. Beautiful here today and I sat in our rooftop garden just enjoying the sun and the view. Stay cosy at the cottage!

    1. Hi Suzanne!
      She is quite a character for sure!
      It was nice yesterday....but blustery here!
      Have a great weekend!

    2. Oh... forgot to say... fun header and I want dinosaur boots! :-)

  16. Oh, that little girl is Precious! You had a great day with her, and the hat pics are gorgeous. Isn't is wonderful when they like books? She will love reading all her life. And who wouldn't want a pair of dinosaur boots?? Have a nice, cottagey weekend!

    1. I am sure your grandson would love those boots! They are boys boots! Hahaha!
      Enjoy your weekend Patricia!

  17. oh dear cc girl!
    this post does the old heart GOOD!
    and i'm so glad she likes books too. that goes without even saying!
    you're on your way to the cottage i'm sure.
    have a wonderful weekend dearest bean.

  18. She is so ridiculously cute and dear ! Enjoy your weekend ..

  19. I'm afraid you are right about the iron. I bought that one a few months ago and it is already leaking. Hope you have better luck with yours.

    1. Hi Lisa...
      Gonna take it back...
      Hoping for a better one! haha!

  20. Miss V is such an adorable . . .
    I want to squeeze her cute little face . . .
    Love, love, loved her holding on to the books!
    Such a treasure . . .
    Like the "clings." Where can I purchase them . . .

    1. Yes...I like the book hugging, too!
      You can buy the window clings at Walmart...I have even seen them at the $ store...
      They come out for every occasion...
      Miss V loves them!

  21. Replies
    1. ?
      Do you mean Miss V on the front steps?

    2. OH...I think you mean the face in the header????

  22. She is absolutely ADORABLE!! I was a voracious reader as a child ... and remain so as an adult/senior. I am at my library weekly and have no more than 4-5 books going at any one time. You can FALL into a book and disappear. Love, love, love to read. My mom said I would spend hours just playing with my books before I could read them. A good friend (retired teacher) told me recently (and I think it is so very true) ... "The best "app" you can give a child is your LAP for them to sit while you read to them". I love the FEEL of books rather than a Nook or Kindle (which I have) ... there is something about holding the book and turning the pages. I hope the love of books is instilled in Ms. V for the rest of her life! Linda

  23. Linda, these pics of V and all her antics are so sweet! What fun you have together. I hope you had a good weekend at the cottage. Sorry about the Blue Jays loss. ;( What a shame eh. Have a wonderful week. xx Pam

    1. we do have so much fun...well, I know I do!!

  24. Very late coming over for this one but what a treat to see Miss V adorned in her Halloween gear and pirate and other hats. She is quite a character . . lol
    Who does she take after I wonder? . . :)


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