Friday, 6 May 2016

Another Trip To The Flower Store...And The Toy Store...And......

Our first stop was "The FLower Store" better known as Mississauga Greenhouses!

I have taken you here before...LOVE this place!

So does Miss V!  Good thing she had her sunglasses in her "packpack"...

And her new toy from Auntie Lissa and Uncle Jeff!!

We picked a few plants for my front planter...

I will buy a few more later...I like them "stuffed"...hahaha!


Next stop was the grocery store for some pizzas for dinner...

They did not have any plain cheese..{Miss V's fav}...

So...while they made us up a fresh one...

We strolled next door to Mastermind...a fabulous toy store... 

It was quite a thrill for many little time! hahaha!

After picking up the pizzas...and having lunch...

We got busy on planting up Nana's front planter... with the flowers we had picked out...Miss V likes pink...and blue...unfortunately no blue flowers that day...perhaps next blue Lobelia...

Gardening gloves.....✔️

rubber boots.....✔️


great enthusiasm....✔️


She enjoyed just digging up a wee bit of dirt with her "digger"...

And transferring it to another pot...


We put a couple of Cosmos into this old pot...she was thrilled...and..she found...

3 Snails!

She carefully placed them in the pot with the Cosmos...

{nobody inside tho'} tee hee hee

Got it all planted up!

Looks beautiful...will add more later!! was time for a quick bike ride...gloves and all...♥️

She helped me put everything away...

And we came inside...washed our hands...and got busy baking... 

Ooooops...already showed you these...just wanted to tempt you again!

After the cookies were in the oven...

I sliced up an apple...and Miss V relaxed watching Bubble Guppies...

While I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen!!

After her show...she got busy making her Mom a Mother's Day Card...

I cut a Crown shape out of felt...and we went from there...

She loves doing this so proud of her, that she enjoys the simple things in life...what a future she has ahead of glad to be part of it ♥️

She wrote her name...added some jewels and stickers...and we put it in an envelope...did not get the finished was sweet!


When her Mom arrived...we chatted and then we had pizza...

What a great day it was...can't wait til I see her again...


Update on boyfriends progress...

His flights were rerouted a bit...

He will not be in Edmonton at all...

He will fly from Grande Toronto!!

He won't arrive until around 8pm...he will be pooped!!

I made some beef stew...hopefully it will hit the spot nicely...

He wants to go to the cottage Saturday morning and stay til Monday!

I said..."NO WAY!"....NOT!! Can't wait! A couple of days out there will be just what the Dr ordered!! 


Hope this post wasn't too long...and that you enjoyed it!

Have a great day...sunny and warm to get a haircut! YUCK!!!

              Enjoy your evening...

                     Cheers!  :o)

                           linda ♥️


  1. Never too long..LOL..just came in from gorge weather..

    she is a cute little pumpkin..I love her diva:)
    That ..those greenhouses look wonderful.

    Her jeans look like mine except I have a huge hole on my right knee.

    These are rewards these days we spend with our Littles..Jacques and I were just talking about that.
    They fill us with joy.
    Children are little sponges..and eager to learn..and love♥
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS I love blk and white w/ a touch of color!

    1. You are so right Monique....they do fill us with joy...
      I love doing the b/w with a bit of colour...has to be just the right photo!
      Happy Mothers Day to you!

  2. Enjoy your cottage weekend with the boyfriend -- boy, they put him on the milk run, didn't they?

    1. Yes they did...guess he will be ripe!

  3. What a sweet joy your Miss V is.... Will be entertaining our Miss D next week. She is spending the weekend with the "other grandparents". Maybe get her out there in the garden.. Temps are supposed to be rising a little bit.
    Altho my daughter and kiddos are in Calgary I still had a few sleepless nites thinking about the destruction of Fort Mac. It is an unbelievable tragedy... glad your BF is on his way home....
    Enjoy your cottage!!

    1. I'll bet you have a ball with your wee ones...they are so much fun!
      Happy Mothers Day Susan!

  4. I can't believe how big miss vee is getting,, she will be such a help with things you teach her, its wonderful, sounds like a great weekend!

    1. She will be 4 in July....she is a very tall girl!

  5. this post wasn't too long! it was wonderful!
    uh oh. i feel a bunch of exclamation points coming on.
    what an adorable little fashion plate gardener you're growing!!!
    and she loves the simply good things in life because YOU do and you're just the BEST. XO♥
    have a great long weekend at the cottage cc girl.

    1. Hi Tammy....
      You are my #1 fan....and I love you for it!
      Happy weekend to you....

  6. Another lovely day with Miss V, glad boyfriend is getting home tonight. A weekend at the cottage sounds wonderful

    1. It sure was Linda...we had a ball....even without Papa!

  7. She is a lucky little girl to have you. I was close with both my grandmas and still miss both of them. Their impact on my life was without measure.

    1. What lovely kind words Barbara....thanks so much...greatly appreciated!♥️
      So nice that you have wonderful memories...

  8. I always love your posts, Linda! They are so endearing ♥

    1. Thanks for saying so Martha...

  9. Looks like you had a really fun day! And your sidekick sure is cute!
    Blue of my very favorites! Looks like we both played in the dirt today!
    Have fun at the cottage...glad you get to stay through Monday since you're leaving later!
    I wore my flip flops and short outside but I got cold later in the afternoon! Brr!

    1. Oh my.....shorts and flipflops....don't tell Eddie! Hahaha!
      I am looking forward to the cottage...missed a beautiful day today...
      Boyfriend home safe and the shower...then we will eat!

  10. Such a sweet post . . .
    I adore Miss V . . .
    Precious she is and loves doing so many things with you.
    Shopping, flowers, cookies and more . . .
    Mother's Day card is wonderful . . .
    Love, love, love your large plant container . . .
    The trailing ivy's are so pretty in that container . . .
    Happy your hubs is arriving home safe and sound and you'll have a cottage weekend together.

  11. Oh...those sunglasses and boots! She is one 'stylin' girl. The fun you have at the nursery and then potting plants. Emily was like that...still is. My faves are lobelia and cosmos...we are so alike. Love the wicker container! Love your energy, too, your days are jam packed when you have your little love, You make me tired reading!

    I hope you get to your cottage this weekend. We were in the low 80's today but will be down to the 60's this weekend. We do an annual breast cancer walk on Mother's Day, a huge group in honor of my husband's first wife who died from breast cancer when she was just thirty. We've raised quite a bit over the years, and then after we have a wonderful, boozy brunch at her sister's house! lol!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend!


  12. Oh yes, enjoyed this post very much Linda. Miss V is a ball of style in her sunglasses, and her gardening efforts are looking good. The finished pot looked beautiful. So pleased your man will find his way safely home, and yes, he will indeed be pooped. Here's to a lovely relaxed weekend and Happy Mothers Day to you.

  13. I love that you do the simple things in life with Miss V., gardening, baking, crafts... you are such a big help to her mom! I take it your husband was out west on business? I can't believe the footage we are seeing about Fort McMurray. I hope this is a relaxing weekend at the cottage for the two of you. -Jenn

  14. Too cute for words! I just love that she wore her sunglasses in the flower shop. Your flowers are pretty, too. Enjoy your weekend at the cottage!

  15. What a fun day and memories to treasure! They grow up so fast.
    Yes it was a beautiful warm day today, you could actually see the trees buds opening. My Flowering almond bush is usually open with beautiful blooms by Mother's Day. Not sure if this is going to happen with the cold weather that we have been having.
    Happy Mother's Day Linda! Enjoy your weekend at the cottage!

  16. A bit late to the party . . .

    What a thoroughly delightful day spent with Miss V. It is so lovely that she is sharing your love of gardening and also I noticed from previous posts, various projects in the kitchen.

    The visits to the Flower and Toy stores looked fun
    Peter often comments when seeing toy advertisements on TV that his bedroom is much bigger now and we can go to Toys-R-Us and get some more . . . lol. That little lad does not miss a trick . .

    Glad b/f is out of danger and can get home safely . . . :)

  17. Such a great helper and so wonderful that you can guide her along. Boy, she is getting tall! I love planters "stuffed" too. Nice to see the cascade of greenery as well. Yay Miss V and Nana!


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