Monday, 15 August 2016

The Weekend & The Scary Drive Home....

The unbearably hot weather continued last weekend...

We are definitely fortunate, that we we have so many large shade trees down at the cottage....

We could not sit on the beach deck, as the winds were too high to have the umbrellas up...

We are able to find a few wee shady spots to sit and read...have a cold drink...and enjoy the breeze...


Man oh man...

It was hot!!

This has become a favorite spot for us...

We can still see the lake...feel the breezes...and yet feel cooler in the shade...


My cute little "Shunda" makes for a cute backdrop! 

These clouds rolled in from the North...which was where all the rain was happening...

We were treated to a lot of rain whatsoever!!

Even overnite, we were supposed to get rain...


Boyfriends the end of the seawall...took a turn for the of the grommets actually ripped apart, and is lost. Leaving a huge tear in the will be gone for sure by next weekend...

Friday evening ended with a magnificent sunset...which we enjoyed from the sunporch after dinner...

Saturday once again brought the promise of some rain...this storm looked like it was across the lake in NY state...

It was even stickier and more humid on Saturday...and we figured if it rained...then it would be sticky, humid and DAMP!!! My least favorite thing is DAMP!! 

We packed up the car...and headed for home...

The drive was mostly sunny, until we got to Grimsby...a small town on Lake Ontario...

It was pouring rain!!

I managed to grab a shot between wipers...hahaha!

By the time we got to the QEW {main hwy connecting Toronto and Niagara Falls}...It was dry, but the clouds were ominous!

It was like this the entire drive home...

After we got in and unpacked...

The rains came...

My garden was very grateful for the downpours...


It has not rained since Saturday, but it has continued to be muggy and humid...

We are expecting a storm system to move in over night...

A huge amount of rain is forecast...more than we have had all summer...

I think from Texas....

And it will still continue to be humid...

Oh well...I did some groceries today with my boyfriend...

Guess tomorrow will be a day to putter around inside...

I love those you????

I am also getting burnt out on BBQ meals...

Tonight will be Meatloaf...zucchini...roasted potatoes with gravy!!!!

Nothing like comfort food,eh??

Hope you all had a great weekend...lots of rain and humidity where you are???

Enjoy your evening...

               Cheers!   :o)

                    linda ♥️


  1. Yes..lots of rain and today w/ the sun we did a system HOT and so humid again..but it all looks good again..

    I was literally moist..and in the crook of my arm? Dirt a baby:)

    I do love puttering indoors days♥

    Pizza ce soir!

    Your macros are great Linda..and the skies are awesome..

    1. Good for you on the garden clean-up! It always helps,eh?
      I have been very busy today...cleaned up Miss V's room, and changed it around! I hope she will love it!
      Pork chops tonight1

  2. Those skies are so dramatic! Warmer here, for a change. Not a good day for digging brambles!

  3. Oh, those inside puttering days are my very favorite! Good for your home, good for the soul!
    Those stormy skies look ominous! I especially love that last shot!
    Hope you get a few more days of rain like us...the plants and flowers are loving it!

    1. I have been very productive...big bag for the thrift shop!!
      Rain overnight...perhaps some more this afternoon...

  4. ohmygosh
    those cloud pictures!
    and is that really truly rain?
    welcome to my world. the heat. the dry.
    it's not right for you to have that. I come to you for relief!
    and ps...
    just emailed. XO♥

    1. Yup...real rain! Got lots overnite as damp and humid :o(

  5. Wonderful photos . Hope the flag makes it . Not a lot of high winds here over the weekend just breezes but heat and humidity YIKES ! Oh that kind of drive scars me when it is that bad and torrential rains and winds are about . Yup gona get tons of rain over night and all day tomorrow up from Texas , our river is low so that will be good for it but not the low lands of our valley hope no flooding happens our neighbors are down there preparing just incase .. Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Ooooo, cool storm shots. Loved the storm here on Saturday. Have an amazing vantage point 17 floors up. It was tremendous! Unfortunately a friend's daughter was married that day but it cleared enough to have the reception in their garden.
    I don't know if I would ever tire of BBQ but I do love meatloaf!

    1. Oh gosh...she must have been very humid for the guests!
      meatloaf was delish!!

  7. Ominous skies for sure! I love them. I think the color of the trees against the dark skies is so pretty. Today, in the Rockies, was mid 70's Fahrenheit (maybe mid 20's Celsius?) and no humidity. It felt great. We climbed a mountain today and the cool breezes were welcomed.

    1. Around 21c...perfect temps! Climbing mountains? you go girl!

  8. Our weather is about the same as yours only on the south side of Lake Ontario. If only the land on both sides would get as much rain as falls in the middle of the lake itself. It poured here on Saturday but not for long.
    I love your naked ladybug.

    1. That would be your Asian Ladybug, Martha! First time I have ever seen one!

  9. Those clouds do look ominous! We had lots of rain (finally), but no serious storms.

    1. HI Furry...
      No damage here...only in Toronto, and I think Oshawa had a tornadoe!

  10. Seems to be my luck that the storms happen once I'm on the road, and they scare me to pieces! Too bad the humidity didn't lift...even for us with temps in the low 80's recently, the humidity hangs like a damp towel over us, I keep the a/c running to take it away.

    Love seeing pics of your cottage and your menu sounds just perfect!


    1. You on the road again? hahaha!
      Still damp and miserable here today...staying put inside!
      I really enjoyed the meatloaf...BBQ'ing is getting kinda tiring to me lately...maybe because of the heat!

  11. Oh, just look at that cute bug, wearing Red for Canada! Those skies look very black and dangerous - you could be in for more heavy downpours. Just like the tropics, he he. We are seeing a few black clouds this week, and a few downpours. Storm season must be on the way, and Winter is fizzling out. It was a poor show this year. We only lit the fire once.

    1. Hahaha! Too bad she is fro Asia!!
      So...Spring next for you???
      How exciting!

  12. Love your photo/script blog design . . .
    Really do . . .
    Great pics . . .
    We are much like you . ..
    Hot, steamy, damp, repeat . . .
    Promised rains . . .
    More promise
    A bit of rain . . .
    It was supposed to rain this past night.
    None . . .
    Thank goodness for sprinkling system but nothing like a holiday rain.
    My flowers are taking on that DONE look.
    I must get to some clipping and cleaning.
    Your flowers still look fresh and pretty.
    Love your cottage shade/breeze corner!

    1. Thanks so much Lynne!
      Garden clean up can sure be tedious...I tackled a few of the day lily beds at the much to clean up after!
      I love a "holiday" rain too....
      We got rain last night and this morning...perhaps more later on...

  13. Not sure how that 'holiday' word got in there . . .
    Left it . . . sounded fun!

  14. Great photos Linda! We are getting much needed rain. You can see the gardens just opening up welcoming each and every drop.

    1. We got a fair amount today...I see a big black could coming right now!

  15. It never gets TOO terribly humid in Edmonton (thank goodness) but this summer we're getting a lot more rain than we have for the past few years. Everything is nice and green here! Temperatures mid-20s to about 30. Pretty nice.


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