Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What A Sentimental Find....

Back in the '50's...I was a bridesmaid when my Mothers younger cousin got married. I was 9...it was 1959...and she gifted me this Royal Doulton figurine. I have cherished it all these years...I am not much of a Royal Doulton fan, but I do love this piece.
As I have mentioned, my son is getting married in late October, and he and Anna have asked Miss V to be their flower girl!!

When I was out and about last week...I stopped into one of my favorite thrifty shops. Nothing much caught my eye...until...I spotted her!
She was beautiful! All decked out...in a beautiful Aqua dress...with her hair neatly piled high...and a sweet basket of...gosh...do those look like Sunflowers? I knew that she had to be mine...for my Miss V of course!!

Although smaller in stature than mine...she is in excellent condition...I knew by the "JAPAN" on the bottom, that she might be worth more than the $2 I gladly paid for her!

I looked her up on the good old Internet...

Under "Josef Originals"...

She is called "March Aquamarine Birthday Girl"...not a flower girl at all...but...I still love her! 

She runs anywhere from $18-$45!!!

What ever she is...she is priceless to me...

I just know that Miss V will love hearing the story of how I found her sweet figurine♥️

Hope you are all having a great day...

We had some rain...perhaps some more this evening...

Lots of beautiful clouds blowing around...and the wind is crazy!!

Still really humid out there...we tried to sit in the yard for a while...

Too sticky....

I spent the day indoors...changed up Miss V's room here...hope she likes it !!

We brought her kitchen up to her room...instead of the basement...

Although...she likes it down there! hahaha!

Dinner is fried pork chops...fresh corn on the cob...greek salad...

Hope you all have a lovely evening...

                Cheers!  :o)

                     linda ♥️


  1. Aw...that is really sweet. She will love that she carries sunflowers.

  2. That is a great find. I'm sure Miss Virginia will treasure her. And, she looks like a flower girl to me.
    I have been inside almost all day. Heading out to go home in just one more minute.

    1. Virginia? Virginia? Really, Spellcheck?
      I wrote Miss V, not Miss Virginia.

    2. Hahaha! Gotta love it Martha!
      She looks like a flower girl to me too!

  3. Vivian will love her and it's such a sweet memento for being a flower girl!
    I had a very similar one as a child for my birth month. It had "September" written
    in gold down the front of her long dress. I have no idea what happened to her. My
    mother didn't keep any keepsakes like that of mine. :(

    1. Some things aren't as important to others, I guess Betsy...maybe you should order yourself one on Ebay!

  4. Is sooooo lovely Linda :) :)
    Hugs !

  5. Your little figurine looks like a flower girl to me. I think Miss V will love her.

  6. What a find . . . Miss V will love her . . flower girl, bless her . . . :)

    1. HI Eddie...
      Wasn't little Peter a ring bearer? He looked so cute in his little tuxedo!
      Hope you are feeling better.......

    2. Yes, little Peter was a page boy as we say at his mum and dad's wedding.
      He is going to have the same job next Saturday at his auntie's wedding in London.
      Feeling a bit better thanks . . . off to do some gardening with 'the girls' . . . :)

    3. Page boy? That is what we call boys who serve in the Parliament Buildings here in Canada!
      We call them Ushers in a wedding...or a boy can be a ring bearer...
      My son and Anna are also having their friends son, Sam...who is Miss V's best friend!
      They will look so cute together...cannot wait to see them dance! hahaha!

    4. We have ushers too . . . but these are normally adults who usher people here and there ~ quite a bossy breed really . . . lol
      Yes it will be great to see them dance . . . lol.
      They might fall in love . . . . lol
      I guess Peter's job is more like the ring bearer but that is normally the job of the best man, I guess Peter's job is just to look cute and melt the ladies heats . . . . lol

    5. Yes...ushers are adults here too...ring bearer carries a small pillow with the ring...kinda silly, eh?? Not sure if Sammy is the actual ring bearer...or just a sweet member of the wedding party!

  7. Perfect...and so pretty. I can see see a ton of memories here. Great to find this, Linda.

    The weather is wonky, we were supposed to have rain til Thursday...none since last night. Want to pitch the umbrella in the backyard but I'm sure it will be a curse!


    1. Wonky for sure! As I look out the window...clouds rolling in again! I was hoping to go swimming with Miss V!

  8. Isn't it grand when you happen upon a treasure . . .
    Perfect girl Miss V . . .
    And perfect memory moments for you . . .
    Happy pre wedding days for your son . . .
    Miss V will be a precious flower girl!

    1. The dress is gorgeous Lynne!
      She will certainly look like a princess!

  9. She will be over the moon with your pretty find and treasure it much as you have done with your bridesmaid figurine.
    She must be so excited at the prospect of being a little flower girl in October, and what a gorgeous one she will make.

    1. Thanks Rosemary...nice to see you!
      We are all starting to get excited...as it draws nearer!

  10. Just the perfect find for Miss V. Can't wait to see her all dressed up in her flower girl outfit. A bit of relief from the heat and humidity with rain most of the day yesterday. I'm sure that wanna be grass is getting green already :)

    1. NO relief here Linda! Still decidedly sticky and damp!
      Hoping for some relief next week...
      Hope you are keeping well....

  11. Love the dolls..I think I mentioned I bought my mom a few..

    you look great would have never thought you were a tiny bit older than me:)

    WE has SOMUCHRAIN..everyone in the garden is happy:)

    1. Yes you did...I guess this Instagram thing gets repeated here1
      I "tinker" with my photos of me...I use a "Doris Day" filter! hahaha!
      She always insisted on cheese cloth on the camera lens...
      We have not had rain since Sunday...was hoping for more...still sticky and damp...
      Hope to get a swim in with Miss V...but kinda cloudy right now...
      Have a great day!

  12. Linda...what a fabulous find! Miss V will cherish it forever!!!!
    I love yours too. So sweet!!
    xo Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! I was really excited!

  13. Linda, you were meant to find that little flower girl figure. It is just perfect, and Miss V will love it just as you loved yours back in the day. I'm excited for her too, being a flower girl, and I hope we get to see a pic. I always wanted to be one as a child, but alas, there was never an opportunity.

  14. Oh, Miss V is going to love her little 'flower girl'! What a sweet tradition you have carried on! <3 Your figurine is so lovely with such wonderful memories. Dinner sounds delish! x K

    1. Hi Karen...thanks for stopping by! I hope she loves it!!

  15. I'm not a fan of Royal Doulton either, but these are very dear. She will love it and treasure Nana's story!

  16. Hey you... long time no see...

    Those ARE beautiful!!!!

    It's interesting how things like that cross our paths from time to time...

    I hope all is ok...

    1. Hey Shoes!!
      Thanks for stopping by! All is great....you???

  17. Speaking of priceless... my Bollywood Princess is a collector of Royal Doulton figurines and I'm told some of them are worth more than my Ted Baker suits. You know what that means ;)

    Anyone interested...

    Hello Linda.

    1. HI Blue...
      Interested? In the Ted Baker suits...or the Royal Doulton??? Hahaha!
      I am going to be a "no" on both...but thanks so much for asking!

      Hello Blue....

    2. Hello Linda and Hello Blue . . . lol

  18. she will love hearing that you were a flower girl too!
    and now both of you have beautiful little keepsakes to complete your stories.
    we got some badly needed rain too! YAY! xo


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