Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What I've Been Up To Lately...well...Last Weekend, Anyway!!

When we pulled in the driveway at the cottage...were we surprised to see this!!

We had seen snow along the drive, but didn't think there would be any here!!

This was last Saturday....

It was very breezy and quite chilly that I decided it would be a great time for me to get the main living area cleaned!! I had already done upstairs, the week before ...but the main floor needed a good going over...So....I rolled up my sleeves and got to work!

My boyfriend busied himself outside...and we were both happy!!

When I was finished...I bundled up...grabbed my camera, and headed out for a stroll.


We tried to find a warm spot to sit and enjoy the sunset....


It was too darn cold!! 

Inside to watch some golf on tv...The Masters was going on...

When we sat down to eat dinner...we spied this HUGE ship way out on the Lake...

I zoomed in, and got a great shot!! This was bigger than we had ever seen...

The sun was hitting the waves...and the sky was turning a beautiful rosy colour...

This was dinner...skinless cajun chicken thighs....
Crispy wee roasted potatoes and Greek Salad...It sure was yummy!!
And the view was fantastic too!!

I braved the cold night air to get this shot of the Moon...

Can't wait for a full Moon in the summer...sit on the deck...have a fire!!
 Sunday was a much friendlier day...warmer...but still breezy...

We got all the lake side beds raked...and my boyfriend got the last of the Miscanthus cut down...

After showering...we sat in the sun for a while...I grabbed some crochet...

Listening to the birds and the waves....GLORIOUS!!

We went out to the local restaurant for and shrimp...

And watched the end of the Masters when we returned!!

Monday morning was back to the grey skies and chill in the air...

We had planned to come home anyway, as I am having the kids for dinner on Good Friday...and I need to get myself organized!!

Another great few days at the cottage...

But...I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind what Season it is!!

When we got home, it was warm and we tackled a second rake of the gardens here at home...

Hope you are all well...and enjoying this off again/on again weather!!

We reached 22*c here on Tuesday...crazy!!

Have you all got big plans for the long weekend????

Do tell...I am all ears....Bunny ears that is! hahaha!!

Very excited to be seeing Miss V on has been a few weeks!!!!

      Enjoy the rest of your week...and...If I don't get back here again...

             Have a wonderful Easter weekend....

                 Enjoy good food...good friends...and of course...

                                  πŸ’™πŸ’™   FAMILY   πŸ’šπŸ’š

                          Cheers!  :o)

                                   linda ♥️



  1. Love the pictures, all of them, but I'm grooving on black and white these days so that one gets my top pick. No... the feet get top pick, then the black and white.

    Happy Long Weekend and boogie boogie.

    1. Thanks so much too! Boogie boogie....hahaha!

    2. Cannot believe we're in April already!

    3. Yup...nearly 1/2 way!!

    4. Whoosh. I cannot believe how fast it all goes. Whoosh.

  2. It's sure nice to see some spring blooms. Nothing here yet but I did notice some white crocuses on my neighbour's lot. "Happy Easter to you and yours, Linda." I'll just bet that Good Friday dinner will be fantastic. Enjoy.

    1. Enjoy your Easter weekend to see pics of your egg hunt!

  3. Great bunch of photos, including that BIG ship!

    1. Hi Furry!
      Yes...on it's way to the Erie Canal!!

  4. Sounds like a nice productive weekend, Linda! Love the beautiful scenes of the ship on the water and all the new spring flowers and plants. The moon shot is amazing! Love all the rings. What a nice, cozy spot to enjoy a cool spring day in front of the French doors. So pretty. Enjoy your long weekend and Happy Easter! xx K

  5. Crappo weather, except that in and out sun and the moonscape, your time at the cottage sounds like it was fun and you got so much done! I love that walk and get-outside-time to spur me on! I so enjoy hearing about the meals you make. Not elaborate but super mouth watering. At our lakehouse I'm often working or totally relaxing and as much as I LOVE my kitchen, I can be a bit laid back in trekking in there and letting go of my pleasant distractions. How do you do this?

    That ship is amazing! It reminds me of the one and only ship/boat that can cross Lake Michigan from Illinois to hour and 1/2 cruise. Magical!

    Sending love and go course, kisses to that Miss V!

    Jane x

    1. Oh the SUmmer, it really bugs me to have to go in and prepare dinner...soooo...I plan lots of BBQ for then, and I make the boyfriend help! hahaha!!!
      I am a simple cook...not a fancy one, for sure!!
      Have a great weekend my friend...hugs to all your littles ♥️

  6. That sure is a big ship, I had never imagined you had a shipping lane in your lake! As ever, nice things to be seen on the shore, but snow = cold, so no wonder you cosied up indoors. Have a beautiful family day on Good Friday, and a special Easter kiss for Miss V, the little cutie. Happy Easter Linda!

    1. Yup...Erie Canal...and Welland Canal...very busy sometimes! But...far out in the middle.
      Happy Easter Patricia!!

  7. Beautiful photos, Linda! Loved seeing every one. That ship is huge! I wish you could see the difference in the size of our Sedums. I'll have to post a picture. Such a lag in our seasons. Wasn't the Masters good? I was happy Sergio won like he did. Wishing you and yours all the best this Easter! Enjoy your Good Friday gathering (ours will come Saturday and leave Sunday afternoon... lots to do still!). blessings ~ tanna

    1. are usually warm all Winter down there in Texas....right??
      I do enjoy seeing all the different stages of bloom, from all across the world...
      The Masters was good...but I must confess...I was concentrating on my crochet! hahaha!
      Enjoy all your family...Happy Easter!

  8. I am so much like you..investigating here and there in the yard..taking pics..busying myself inside Masters for me but I hear it..J loves golf..

    you must be so anxious to see Miss V:)

    Looks darn purty over there's to a beautiful few seasons at the cottage..

    I don't sleep at full when I see your pics I think..OH NO..but they are beautiful!

    Happy Easter to you and yours..

    1. I love listening to the birds on the golf games!! And seeing the beautiful gardens!!
      But...I mostly concentrate on my crochet..
      I am VERY anxious to see Miss V...I have a wee basket of assorted goodies for her...from a Peppa Pig tshirt...card colouring books...a TY Unicorn...and a FEW chocolate treats...
      I know you don't sleep at full moons...I cant get enough of them!! I love seeing it in the middle of the night, when it lights up the house!
      Happiest Easter to you and your beautiful family Monique...♥️

  9. It looked chilly at the cottage, but great for doing inside jobs because if it had been nice you would of been outside. Great ohoto of the ship, what would we do without zoom lenses. Enjoy the time with your famiky this weekend. We are having our famiky dinner on Sunday.

    1. It gave me a chance to get the WInter grime off of everything...and I did a bit of re-arranging of things.
      HAppy Easter Linda...enjoy the family!!

  10. I would have never guessed any ship that large would be on Lake Erie! wow~
    We're having that same weather....cold rain and then warm sun! At least the trees are starting to bloom!
    The big kids are coming home for the weekend. I've been trying to get myself organized, too....freshening up the guest room, menu shopping, etc.....easter basket goodies bought....almost there! A little baking today...

    1. OF is a Great Lake after all. We see quite a few, but this one seemed bigger for some reason!
      You and The Mr and the boys must be excited to have the Big Kids for the weekend...perhaps some BIG news?????
      I am still putzing around here...trying to get everything done ahead of time, so I can visit with the kids.
      Have a wonderful weekend Betsy! ♥️

  11. Replies
    1. Me too!!! TOMS from my daughter for my birthday!!

  12. Strange to see such a large ship there . . .
    I hope the weather improves for you. It has been very nice and warm here but this afternoon it deteriorated and rain is expected soon . . . Boooo!

    Great photos, Linda . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Not so should look up the shipping lanes on Lake would be a good read for you...we are on the North East Shore...
      We are to be nice tomorrow...but then crap after that! :o(
      Happy Easter my friend...enjoy the wee ones!

  13. Such beautiful pictures. Love when you take your camera for a walk. Love your shoes...always look forward to see what you are wearing and what you are eating...You never disappoint me! HaHa. The food looks amazing. Blessing for a wonderful Easter. Love and Hugs.

    1. Gee thanks Wanda! Nice to hear....
      And a lovely Easter to you too! πŸ’œ

  14. Love your picture walks. . . .
    Stones, feathers, sticks and sights . . .
    Reflective and artistic . . .

    Doesn't it feel good to get at some of the spring clean up!
    Inside and out . . .
    I have accomplished ittle bits . . . with this next week my greater focus . . .

    Happy Easter weekend . . .
    and of course . . . time with Miss V . . .

    1. Hi Lynne...
      Happiest Easter to you and your family...

  15. Enjoy your family today, especially little Miss V. Lovely photos, as usual. We're celebrating Easter and Passover with our blended families. And I'm off to see my little New Yorkers on Sunday, it's been a while. Can't wait to see your photos from your Easter weekend. Take care and enjoy...

    1. All the best to you Hester...enjoy your visit to the Big Apple!!

  16. Yes, Mother Nature seems to want to pull our legs a bit, Linda! Check out that moon!

    1. HI Blue...
      Nice to see you!!
      Happy Easter to you.....

  17. Linda Happy Easter for you and miss V, big hugs !! xoxoxox

    1. Thanks dear.....hugs to you πŸ’™

  18. That black and white shot is wonderful.
    Cool ship! So majestic looking.
    Yum to the dinner... you're making me hungry.
    Pretty colour on the crochet project.
    Beautiful sun here in the Distillery today. My nurse just left so I might venture outside briefly or at least go up to my rooftop garden.
    Happy Easter, Linda! 🐰🐣🐰

    1. Hi Suzanne....
      Hoping you got out for a walk, and enjoyed the day.


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