Friday, 17 May 2019

Is It Summer Yet?????

Hello everyone...

    Hope you are all well...

   I have had a few health issues going one for  awhile here...Dont want to bore you all with the details...but the latest being a very confusing back injury. Seems I have 2 compressed fractures...but have not had a recent fall or injury...
I will hopefully find out something soon...I am unfortunately not able to do
any gardening...lifting...hardly able to bend over... Not a good place for I am usually a very active person...

I did get 2 blankets done for our Grandson...

We have not been to the cottage for nearly 3 weeks...the last visit was when the tree trimmer was there, to tackle at least part of the old Maple tree... 
We are going down there in the morning...and the kids are all coming to help their Dad with the winter shutters...put up the summer screens...and install a new tv antennae...
I will be sitting like a big lump watching....:o(
The birds are keeping me amused...and a few Spring flowers in the garden...

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Grandson...hopefully soon...

This is the first long weekend in Canada for the 2019 Season...
We usually are all ready down at the cottage, and the kids come out and enjoy the fresh air and the Lake... 

Enjoy the back is killing me in my chair up in my office ..hahaha!!

             Hope the rain has stopped for you...

                   Ours has been never ending...

                            See you soon...

                                  linda 💜



  1. Linda, so sorry you're not well. Hope you get it sorted soon. Miss Vee certainly is growing up!

    1. Hi Furry!!
      I am much better...thanks! She is growing too fast!

  2. oh I am sorry to hear your back is hurting, nothing worse, I sure hope they get to the bottom of the fractures,, what the heck? you didn't even fall! I know my friend had compressed back fractures from osteoporosis. But I imagine there are many causes, maybe a fall or jarring you don't remember. Try and rest up, season is still early , you will have your fingers in that soil soon. Take care my friend.If I lived closer I would come help you,, I don't see well but take directions very well,,, :)

    1. That was the reason for the bone density test...perhaps caused by that...
      thanks for the offer!!

  3. oh NO! well. this is a wake up call. when women like you who look at least 10 to 15 years younger than they are...
    it's like the body gets together with reality and stabs you in the back! no pun intended for sure.
    when your back hurts you hurt all over! I hope you are better soon and find out how they happened.
    my Bob always had back problems. like him you're probably not used to simply RESTING! I love the pictures!

    1. Oh you are too funny Tammy...I DO not look 10-15 yrs than my age! hahaha!! But I'll take it!!
      I will be well soon........

  4. Oh dear, back pain is so difficult to ignore. I hope you get it worked out. Physio was the answer to my back pain (well, that, and anti-inflammatories). Your blankets look so lovely! -Jenn

    1. Better everyday Jenn...the blankets were a joy to make!!

  5. Take care Linda - backache is such a wretched thing to have, and I hope that a resolution is soon found for you.
    How exciting to be having another grandchild, and this time a little boy.
    Look forward to hearing about his arrival.

  6. Bac pain is sciatica..or other chronic pains.Hopefully this will get sorted out soon.Thought of you yesterday having my bone scan for 65..last time was 2012..I have meat but small bones..too much meat it appears as they weighed me.
    Same height as 2012..that's a good thing.. 5'5 and a half..she even said same height..that's good..never said same weight that's good.
    Oy .

    It's not like I eat a lot..could have been my weekend x
    Trying to make you laugh.
    Beautiful clics..beautiful blankets.Love Peter snuggled up.
    It's been so nice watching Erica on IG..her perfect baby belly..she looks wonderful.
    Envious of you having another treasure to hold♥
    I told Caroline if she really loved me she would have another;)
    Take care..bon weekend..

    1. they didn't have my records from previous bone scan...maybe I shrunk and got fat??? Hahaha!
      Erika is doing pretty good...we might see him today...fingers crossed!

  7. Dear Linda, I am sorry to hear of your bad back, and I know how that can bring your life to a halt. Let's hope a quick cure is found, and you are soon back to your energetic self again. Your bird photos are great; I love the cardinal down in the garden rather than fluttering up in the trees, and the bright yellow bird, so attractive - but what is it? Miss V is quite the pavement artist - that child is as full of talent as her Nana. Take care.

    1. The Yellow is a Goldfinch Patricia...the Male is the bright cute!!

  8. so sorry to hear your back is hurting. Hopefully, you can have treatments and start feeling better soon.
    it's still spring here in West Texas...wind nearly every dang day and some sand storms. Spring here in my part of the country is never very nice...too dry and windy...we do have some fantastic summer days tho...

  9. Aw! Linda, so sorry to hear that you are hurting! I hope that you can find relief soon and get back to your busy self once more. These things take time.....So nice that your family is helping with the cottage so you can rest. Love seeing the beautiful photos - they tell a little story all by themselves. Glad to see that spring is coming and I hope that you enjoy some nice days while you are at the cottage. So exciting to look forward to the new baby. The family keeps growing. It's wonderful. xo Karen

    1. Thanks so much Karen...excited to meet the baby!!
      Hope you are well...


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