Sunday, 29 April 2018

Spring Weather...Spring Rains...Birthdays and a Sleepover!!

Last week we scooted out to the cottage for one night...

The weather was summer like!!!

Lots of raking done...and my gardens are starting to come alive!! 


Back at home....the Spring rains came...


And our favorite house guest came for a sleepover!!!

We were so busy on Thursday...baking...planting seeds...filling the bird bath...

A great day and evening was had by all!!!

And the new hairdo is is cute as a button!!



My eldest daughter Lissa, had her birthday on Thursday...

She came to visit us on Friday...and got to spend some time with Miss V and her sister Erika, when she came to pick up Miss V... 

I crocheted her this pot cover and bought her a jade Plant to go in it...

I just kinda made up the pattern...loosely based on a hat pattern!! hahaha!!

Also a couple of can never have too many of those...

My son Ryan's birthday is today!!

Did not get to see him, but will see him next Sunday when his daughter Miss N has her Baptism... 

Thanks to all my IG buddies, for all their well wishes for my kids...♥️

             Ryan and his Dad...          

                                                                                               Lissa and I...                          

Hope you are all well...

   Cooler temps yesterday and today...but we are in for a warm up again...

      We are heading back down to the cottage on Monday morning...

        Our rakes are wondering where we have been!!! 

              Have a great week...

                   See you soon...

                         Cheers!  :o)

                             linda ♥️



  1. What beautiful pink tulips! And Miss V is growing up so fast!

  2. Flip flop weather I see. Nice someone has it warm . . . . decidedly brrr here.
    Miss V is growing up fast . . . nice hair do.
    Great piccies as always . . . my multi talented friend . . . cheers Eddie

    1. Hi Eddie...
      It was flip flop weather that day! Been chilly the last few days...
      Her hair looks cute whatever way she wears it💕
      Have a great week....

    2. You don't really need me to say, "Enjoy the cottage" . . :)

    3. No...not really 😂😂😂

  3. Those pussy willows look chilly! haha.
    We are finally feeling like spring is here, too! Still cold with frost warnings at night
    but nice during the day. No flip flops here yet, though! Brr.
    Looks like you're having fun with the birthday celebrations! Ours are all in a a month
    from July to October with Lauren all alone in April. haha.

    1. Yes, still chilly at night here too...but so nice when the sun shines!
      Yup....done for a while...SIL in June...
      Enjoy your week Betsy...

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter and son! Both Taurus's? Are they alike? Miss V's haircut is very sweet. It was chilly today, but I think the rest of the week will feel more like Spring. Lots of raking to be done here. -Jenn

    1. Not alike at all Jenn...but both great sense of humour!
      Enjoy your week....

  5. My Miss V is growing so fast . Lovely photos . The weather has been cool here to but lovely and yes all the gardens are alive with blooms now , our grass will be needing a cut soon already . It is soo nice to get outside and do some yard work whilst the birdies are singing the praises of sunny warm weather and bugs about , our peepers are in full swing here to . I am glad you are able to get back to the cottage now I just love your little cottage . Happy Birthday to your daughter and son . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

    1. Kinda chilly down at the Lake..only stayed one night!
      Much warmer here in Mississauga,

  6. What a great post. Cooler temps here today - down to 10 deg this morning, and maxed at about 23. Bliss, and good for the pansies. It is looking gorgeous at the cottage, sunny lake, sweet beach finds, and pink tulips. Perfect. Miss V's cake creations are very sophisticated these days. Imagine what she'll be making when she is 10. Have a great week Linda. Cheers.

    1. Thanks so much Patricia...28c here at home today! 👀

  7. So much to love here . . .
    Blue Sky
    Miss V
    Waters Edge
    Flag Raising
    Pink Toes
    Macrame Jade Cozy
    Beach Glass
    Weathered Stones
    Did I say . . . Miss V . . .

  8. that's the cutest haircut yet! love it.
    you look like Cybil Shepherd in that picture with baby Lissa.
    and baby Ryan and Boyfriend... well. one of them hasn't aged a bit except for his short silver hair!
    happy birthday to one and all! oh my. your family and its genes. xoxo

    1. You say the nicest things Tammy...keep it up!😂😂😂

  9. it looks so spring like,, back to better weather,, did little miss vee get a new doo, I love it!!!!! she is such a little lady now, growing so fast,, your pot cover is so clever,, perfect for that plant,, I love the pink and white crotchet, and that supper looks amazing!

    1. Yes...a new do...she looks good with any style 💛
      I do enjoy my crochet....

  10. Big birthday month for you! Happiest of wishes to both Lissa and Ryan!!! And oh my Miss V, she is a captivating little creature. Love her new "do" as well! You must be tickled pink to be getting back into cottage season! Enjoy! Love the plant keeper for Lissa! Very creative!!
    XO Kris

    1. And you! 2 of them on the same days!
      Miss V is the apple of my eye....can’t imagine life without her 💋
      Cottage is taking a very long time to warm up this year!

  11. Miss V just can't help but be adorable, and Miss N is right there with her!
    Love the crocheted pot cover. Did you try it on your head?
    How about this warmer weather? I'm kind of loving it.

    1. My SIL did! Such a joker...hope they got it back over the was a tight fit!

  12. So nice to see that you are having warm weather at the cottage once again! Miss V is getting to be such a 'big girl' now and looks so cute with her new 'do'! Love the precious photos of the 'birthday babies'. Your crocheted pot cozy and dishcloths are so cute. Happy May Day! xo Karen

    1. Happy May to you Karen....thanks for stopping by!

  13. Miss V is growing into a lovely little lady, Enjoy the Saturday ceremony, lovely to have the family together.

    1. It was a happy lovely day...thanks Linda


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