Monday, 8 April 2019

Spring Has Sprung!!

We have been having topsy-turvy weather here in Southern Ontario...

Miss Spring is trying her hardest to appear...but... 

Mr Winter keeps getting in her way!! 

Needless to say...lots of time spent inside!!!

What do you think of these crocheted Pansies that I made??

Pretty cute,eh??   Very fiddly pattern...but I persevered!!!


Miss V had a sleepover with us...and I put her to work on a few crafts...

(Looks like she is wearing her painting shirt!!!)

This wee birdhouse will be a bday gift for her Auntie Lissa...💙💚💛💜

It turned out spectacular...will show you in another post!!

We spent Earth Hour with Miss V...and woke to this dump of snow!!!!!


Needless to say...the Birds were just as surprised as we were!!!


The cottage is still looking like The Arctic!!!!

Not sure why there is still so much Lake Ice... odd for this time of year...

Will be awhile before our first sleepover! hahaha!!!


At least the Daffodils heard it was Spring...(Don't look at all the leaves...raking!!!)


Hope you are all well...and enjoying Spring Like temps where you live...

My boyfriend has gone to the cottage this am, to meet up with Andrew, to re-install our TV antennae, which blew down this winter!!!
Lake Erie had extremely high winds in February...100kms/hr!!!!
The Maple tree that was to be cut down, is still standing...the guy never showed up end of November to cut it down...can't get good help these days,eh!!!
Not sure if we will leave it for another Summer...I don't really want them in there clomping on all my spring plants with their big feet!!!! Sometimes I am amazed at how some people treat gardens...just clomping in and of my very BIG pet peeves!!!! We had a new fence here at home last Fall...and the guys were terrible with my plants...I will wait and see what does or doesn't come up!!! How can people in the landscape business be so uncaring when it comes to peoples gardens????????
Ok...rant over...hahaha!!


I will leave you with a pic of what is on my kitchen table right now....
Still trying to sort out an Easter crochet for my 2 wee gals...
Started a Star shaped pillow...scrapped that after the points didn't line up! 

                Taking it easy today...windy...rainy...damp...dark...

                    How about Meat Loaf and Mashed Taters for dinner!!!


                           See you soon...

                                  Cheers! :o)

                                       linda ♥️