Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Calm Before...During...& After The Storm...

The Storm blew in late Friday April the 13th evening...

It blew and snowed and hailed and ice pelleted and freezing rained us and snowed on us for 3 days!!!!!! 

Monday there was no school, so we got our Miss V for the day!!!

Besides baking, we also made a shell bracelet, and made upcoming birthday cards for her Aunt and Uncle.

She even got to help her Papa try and  move the VERY heavy snow on our court....

She is getting pretty darn good at cracking those eggs! 💛💜💚


These are her cupcakes...full of blueberries, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. We also added 4 bananas to the mix...

My cake is below...enjoyed as always with fresh berries and Greek Yogurt...

She later iced hers and added about 4 inches of sprinkles!!!

They were packed for her to take home to Mommy, to share.

Oh...another bright note during the hideous storm...

Another of my Cactus bloom...lovely bright Fuschia colour...


Do you think this Squirrel at the cottage could get right INTO the bird feeder????

Geesh...and the Chickadees and Nuthatch were trying to get in!!


On Friday we headed off to the cottage...for our first sleepover, and delivery of new appliances...

All went was still pretty chilly down there, so we got as much done in one day outside as we could.

Saturday am, was very chilly, so we puttered around inside for a while, and then packed up and came home. 

we did have a beautiful fire after dinner on I was a happy camper...

On a cuter son sent me this pic of Miss N...

LOOK at those blue eyes!!!!  And the blonde hair!!!   What a dollie!!!

She was 5 months old yesterday...wish we could see her more often...

Her Baptism is coming up in 2 weeks, and I have made her something I think is
 pretty special...I will show you after i give it to Miss N....


Hope you are all well...and enjoying this warmer weather...

Raking #2 for yards here at home...they are looking much better...

We are heading back to the cottage in the morning...supposed to be 17*C!!!

Hopefully get some more raking done there...and cut down all the Miscanthus!!

Then on Thursday...Miss V arrives again...sleepover and PD day...YIPPEE!!!

          So....have a great Earth Day...and a fabulous week....

                           See you soon...

                                   Cheers!  :o)

                                       linda ♥️



  1. That storm was a doozie, wasn't it? Heavy, wet snow. It's nice to have some sunshine right now. Did you get all new kitchen appliances at the cottage? -Jenn

    1. I did Jenn! All fresh and new...the fridge is a bit bigger, and has a flat back! My gas stove, is the smallest one to be found....and the most $$$. I am happy....

  2. My favorite photo is the napping squirrel and ALL of the photos of the children, the little Miss N makes me want a baby lol

    1. Hahaha! Now....that would be something,eh Candice!

  3. what a storm,, Miss V is growing up so fast and that baby,,, such beautiful eyes!! Enjoy your time at the cottage!

  4. I think what was so dreadful about “the storm,” (yes we got it too) was the ice.
    It has melted here, let me rephrase that, the snow has melted but there are
    large pillars of ice here and there along driveways and in yards. Look like little sculptures.
    And the parking lots have TONS of ice!

    Spring arrived here though this week . . . it has been glorious!

    Love Miss V in her little apron, cracking eggs. So sweet she Is!
    And Miss N is a cute as can be, big blue eyes!

    Enjoy the cottage . . .
    And some beach walks too . .

    1. Yes Lynne...same here....huge piles still!
      Aren’t my girls dollies? 💕
      Miss V loves to bake...more coming up this Thursday!
      Cottage was gorgeous...sunny and hot🌞
      Enjoy your week Lynne!

  5. You too have a great week! Miss N looks so much like Miss V..the bottom part of their cute faces.

    Soup looks delish..
    squirrel in the feeder..they destroy our feeders here..:(
    Have a great day!
    I started one of those blankets..I never ball my wool..Now I know why people do:(:(
    Miss V does have the right moves for cracking eggs@ And she shovels:)

    1. I never ball my wool either...what is the significance?
      She can shovel and bake...what a gal!

  6. ohmygosh. this post is just wonderful.
    i smiled all through it. Miss V looks older to me and bigger until i see her shoveling snow there...
    and she's still our little sweetheart!
    but that picture of Nora. oh good lord cc girl. she is FAST coming into her own. she is just adorable!
    that picture needs a caption! and her little tiny chin! to think she's 5 months old? !!! man the time flies so fast. xoxo

    1. She will be back on Thursday for a sleepover..can’t wait!
      Don’t see Nora as much as we’d like....they live 40 minutes away, and Anna is home with her💕
      Enjoy your week Tammy....

  7. What a mess that ice storm was! Our road never did get cleared and we were driving through frozen ruts for a week. This past weekend was unbelievable in comparison! So warm and toasty and lots of raking and tidying up here as well. Love that sneaky squirrel ... they never give up do they! I put vaseline on the bird feeder pole (from your mention), and now the feeder pole is covered with bird seed too from the squirrel's sticky paws ;) Nice shots of your grandkids. Miss V needs to think about opening a little bakery soon!

    1. I put some Vaseline the other day...worked like a charm!
      She would have a great bakery....loaded cupcakes! 🌟

  8. Love your little helper! Miss V is just so darn cute! And, Miss N... be still my heart. There is just nothing as sweet as a babe. I can't wait to see what you made for her baptism. Hope your week is wonderful! blessings ~ tanna

    1. She is a great helper! Loves to do everything....💚
      Have a great week...

  9. Some storm.
    Love all the photos, Linda, especially the squirrel.
    The grands look in great form. Laughed at Candice's comment . . . lol
    Drop round for a cuppa. . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      The grands are great!
      Has yours arrived yet?

    2. ETA July and Peter has expressed preference for a little sister, remarking that Mummy might have a little boy baby later on . . . lol. Kids are so wonderful with their ways and logic . . . :)

    3. Kids say the darndest things!!

  10. Oh, those darling little grands - can you even believe how darn cute they are? Miss V is getting so big and so sweet that she is helping with the snow.....Wow! Crazy weather, for sure. I hope that is the last of it for you. Love your photos. The squirrel is hilarious! Little Miss N is so beautiful. Can't wait to see what you made for her. Hope you have a great week and weekend. x K

    1. I know!!! The cutest! hahaha!
      And a great week ahead for you Karen!

  11. Catching up here . Lovely photos and post . I am soo glad that spring has finally arrived with lots of sunshine warmer temps and lots of spring flowers popping up everywhere . The weekend that just passed weather was awesome as was Monday . our temps reached 25C , It is a steady rainy day for today so that's good I can see and hear the gardens and land singing the praises lol ! Oh my how fast your little grands have grown . Squirrels always find a way in the smallest areas silly beggars lol ! I love your post of your cottage it is such a wonderful place , I do love our lake Erie shores . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

    1. Hi Elaine!
      We spent Monday and overnight at the a lot done!
      Nice rain here at home today...much needed...aren’t my gals cuties?

  12. Hi Linda. Remember me? I have not used a computer in ages! Loved the pics. And the baby...oh so cute! Miss V is growing up!!! Miss you.
    xo Kris

    1. Hi doll! I miss you too! You sure are keeping busy!

  13. Great photos...i was freezing to death, looking at all that snow...then, I was starving to death, looking at the goodies....the little ones are so adorable...

  14. Lovely post Linda. On the scale of mischief, squirrels are right up there with our cockatoos. What a funny little guy he is. Miss N is a beauty, those big eyes! Miss V sure is a happy baker, and long may it continue. I love her snow shovelling too. Have been getting my grandson to do a bit of sweeping for me - so far so good. Also - Cardinals!! and a disappearing froggy. Love your garden. Cheers.

    1. Thanks so much Patricia...happy weekend! Raining today....☔️


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