Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Here & There.......

My Gardens at home, are progressing nicely...

I always depend on my hearty Perennials to provide most of the colour...

I only have a few potted Annuals this Summer, as I find it very difficult to keep everybody happy and healthy, with 2 properties to look after!! 

I am absolutely loving the Strawberry Plant that my daughter Lissa gave me for Mothers Day!!! The Flowers are gorgeous, and the berries themselves are so delicious!!! I have potted up a few runners, so we will see how they progress.

My front garden is covered in these wee Anemones...such a beautiful sight!!

My Peonies are sadly finished for another year...

Wonder if there is a variety that blooms later in the season??? 

Oh well....they were gorgeous!!!! And as I have told you before...they were all my Moms that makes them extra special 💓💓💓

Oh...and I got a new pair of flipflops!!! hahaha!! Walmart....sparkly!!

Now...for a cottage tour.......


We had a lovely stretch of days, with lots of sunshine, and a calm Lake!!

The Bridal Wreath Spirea was in all its glory.. I used it for my porch arrangement that week...

My daughter and SIL visited on Saturday...a few sprinkles, so we spent a bit of time on the screened that comes in handy so often!! 

We later went down to the beach deck, but it was cloudy the whole time...

Spectacular lake views though!!

I planted Peas this year...the flowers are just like Sweet Peas, only white!! 

Perhaps there will be more progress when I get back down there...

Supposed to be raining down there today...and very very windy!!!! What else is new???

We'll get back down Thursday...and hope for great weather...

On our way home last Sunday, I grabbed a photo pf my sweet little Ponies ♥️

Hope you are all well...

     Thanks for visiting...

          Have a great week and weekend....

                  See you soon...

                          Cheers!  :o)

                              linda ♥️


  1. I just painted myself into a my tile floors..and stopped at the computer..have to wait for them to I enjoyed reading your many pretties..everywhere..Love the blue and white rug in the porch..I didn't remember it..:) A flip flop or two is never wasted on you.A hedge of BW spirea..the best..
    Our climtae is a bit different as really only my single petaled peonies have bloomed and two big frilly ones.
    They said rain..I sprayed the dang rose chafers w/ soap and does get them but two seconds later back.
    I swaer I will be relentless.
    So no rain yet..we need ..and tomorrow apparently.
    Love onion rings:)
    I grew peas last photogenic! :)
    No sign yet of my perennila sweet peas..I planted in early Spring..misjudged the growth surrounding the seeds.I think they got lost in the fanfare.
    Enjoy the day:) And rest of week.

  2. Hi Monique!
    The carpet is new this year...I like it too!
    Do you think if you added some vinegar to the spray it might really bother them?
    No rain for us either...I WANT rain! 😂
    Maybe you’ll see the sweet peas...they will be winding around whatever is nearby!
    I can send you more this Fall....I thought you started some inside?
    Hope your floors are dry, and you are out squeezing chafers!😂
    Enjoy your evening.....

    1. I did start some inside and they don't seem to have survived..we will see:) I may try vinegar..good point!
      We did get rain..enough:)I think and hope..everything looks like a wet campground

  3. that blue and white carpet is perfect!
    and it's beautiful seeing the lake through your toes and new flip flops. LOL.
    thanks for the post busy lady! the onion rings look delicious. xo

    1. The carpet is popular!
      Thanks for stopping by Tammy ❣️

  4. What a PERFECT red, ripe, juicy strawberry!

  5. I love,both of your gardens. My grandmother had a big bush of Bridal Wreath so you brought back a happy memory. I planted less this year also. I will have to get some pictures of them. Those strawberries look delicious!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! It’s a lot of work...the berries are delish!
      Have a great week!

  6. I love luck here. I'm wondering how you keep flowers watered between lengths of time between your home and cottage. It's very frustrating for me. Too much sun dries them out..shade affects blooms.

    A great sunporch!!! Love, love, love! I have my little Summerhouse, but it's a little skip from the covered patio. Have you seen it? I'll do another address of it in a future post. Its my little sanctuary. I never sleep in it alone, although I might. :))

    I love that you have your family up. Not so much here except my girls. Their guys have helped immensely. We are a recreational lake so we have the boat, the fishing boat, wave runners, two kayaks, and 2 wakeboards. Not to mention heavy patio furniture, and beach Adirondacks, the wood kind. How did we got into this? We are now so fortunate to have a crew to clean up our beach...being on a bay brings lots of weeds and creepy stuff. It all needs to be raked out, sand and pea gravel dumped in about 15 feet from shoreline. Every single year. Hubby used to do it himself. Back breaking.

    Our house is about 3000 sq. feet. Hard to keep up with. I love my gardens, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors. Sometimes its a huge struggle to keep my head above water. pun intended.

    I've been home two weeks. I need to get back. Milo is really not doing well at all. His back legs give out all the time and I have to lift him up (wood floors aren't helpful). He's on an anti inflammatory med that may take 2 weeks to kick in. If it doesn't work and he continues or worsens this way...its over. I plan on getting a ticket to Asheville, where I have no memories of him, and can be by myself. He's my rock. I know it sounds crazy, but the situation here is bizarre.

    I should send you an email...this is private stuff!

    Sending a huge hug, my friend.

    Jane x

    1. 💋
      And a big hug back Jane...I will email you ✨✨✨

  7. How do we get through the winter months without all this natural color . . .
    Beautiful Linda . . .
    Sure did enjoy the peonies while they lasted.
    Wonder what “flower love” will take place next . . .
    We had an absolutely perfect warm breezy blue sky day this week . . .
    i’ll take it . . . and more . . . please . . .

    1. We had another great 4days at the cottage...home now, laundry going!
      Have a great week....

  8. Looks like you are settling in to good summer living with pretty flip-flops, flowers and sea-glass hunts, Linda! Love that screened in porch! I would never want to leave. Except maybe to see the ponies......So nice that you have your Mom's peonies. xo Karen

  9. I wish peonies lasted longer too! I wonder if planting them in different places would work, like one in the sun and one in a shadier place, but I haven't tried it. The strawberries look delicious!!

    1. Might work Amy...mine have been in the same spot for over 20 years...don’t want to mess with them!

  10. Fresh strawberries and flip flops, what could be better?
    Your flowers are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Kay!
      How did you find me?

  11. Oooh look!! A blast from the past . . . lol
    Enjoying your photos as I usually do.
    Hope the family are well.
    Our new addition is expected early July and we are all excited.
    Spent a lovely Father's day with the family . . . see blog.

    Other than that I have been veeeery busy.
    Cheers, Eddie . . :)


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