Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Cannot Believe It Is August Already!!! Goodbye July.....💚

Can you believe that August is already upon us????

Time sure flies when you are old!!! Hahaha!!!

We have been having a VERY hot Summer here in Southern Ontario...

Temps in the 30c range...with humidity into the low 40's!!! 

I think that translates into the low 100's F...

And where I live and cottage...not a lot of rain at all...

I know that Ottawa and Quebec have received record rainfall the last week or so...

My gardens are really suffering here...

Supposed to get  thunderstorm last night....nothing!!!

Lots of cloudy days too...with thick black swirling clouds...and then nothing...

Oh well...I guess Mother Nature is mad at us...and trying to make us pay more attention to the climate changes that are inevitable.... 


On a happier note...

Our sweet Miss V celebrated her 6th Birthday in July 🎈🎉🎈

She is crazy about I went with that theme for her gifts...

Unicorn lunch bag...Unicorn sweatshirt...Unicorn Beanie Boo...

And I even found a sweet Unicorn paper weight while thrifting!!!

What are the odds,eh??? 

And I kept my fingers busy for a few weeks, making her a cross stitch of a Unicorn... 

I thought this pattern was cute...and SOOO Miss V!!

Love the bikini and her belly button!!💕 👙💕

I am quite liking the cross stitching...have a few more patterns picked out for Christmas gifts...and I am working on some crochet as well. Never too early to start eh??

Anyway....she loved her gifts...Her Mom threw a party at the theatre and all of her friends watched Incredibles 2...I remember the first kids loved it! So funny and creative.... 

Miss N made it to the party, and delighted everyone with her smiles ❤️

Hope you are all well....And enjoying your Summer...

Gosh....AUGUST already....still trying to get my head around that!!!

Long weekend here in Canada...

Hoping to see my kids down at the Cottage on Saturday...

We are off Thursday am...

Another scorcher weekend predicted...

We will see how long we last......

                   See you soon...

                          Cheers!  :o)

                                linda ♥️


  1. Never mind the months flying by, how did Miss V get to be 6 all of a sudden? Hot, hot, hot here, clouds but no rain. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Tell me about it! It seems like she was just born yesterday💕
      No rain here....

  2. is she 6 all ready!!!!! Oh my gosh,, thats crazy,, time is a flying for sure, your flowers are beautiful even though its been a rough summer for blooms,, the unicorn theme is lovely, the cross stitch she will treasure always,, you are a good Nana,,we're getting that thunderstorm as I type, I hope I don't get fried on here!

    1. Thanks are sweet...
      Enjoy the thunderstorm!

  3. Beautiful pictures Linda . . .
    I used to cross stitch . .
    and you may have inspired me to do some again.
    Love the piece you did for Miss V . . .
    She must be in Unicorn Joy Land . . .

    1. You should Lynne...kinda therapeutic and hair pulling at the same time😂
      she LOVES Unicorns 🦄🦄🦄

  4. Beautiful August post! What's not to love? A darling 6 yr old..unicorns..a cottage a lake and blooms!
    Worst gardening summer EVAH!

    Feast or famine.
    Happy day..end of week and weekend to you.
    All your unicorn gifts are so filled with:"I just love you so much".

    1. At least you got some rain! Not a drop here at home...hope the cottage got some!
      She is a darling....isn’t she? We will see her on Saturday at the cottage...☺️
      You know what the love feels like♥️
      Happy weekend to you too Monique...

  5. welcome to my own dry hot world. it's not a garden state that's for sure!
    have a great long weekend at the cottage. :)

  6. We did manage to get some rain up here and it is amazing how quickly the plants spring back! Those are very sweet unicorn gifts! -Jenn

    1. Still waiting for rain here Jenn!
      She is crazy for Unicorns🦄

  7. I bet she loved all her unicorn gifts. What fun!
    I forgot that it was a long weekend.
    We are supposed to get rain tonight but it’s as clear as can be out there. I sure hope we do. It’s so dry.

    1. Very dry here....rain above and below...nothing here!
      Enjoy your weekend Barbara...

  8. What fun unicorn gifts, and I'm sure Miss V had the very best birthday. It does sound awfully hot, and yes, it is over 100 in the old scale. Too hot for anything! Our daughter says she has to wear her hair tied up all the time :) Seems such a contrast to the very cold weather we saw in early January. We have a bird feeder just like that: Twins!!

    1. Yes Patricia....too darn hot...not a nice Summer...wish it would cool down a bit! 🙄

  9. What cute, cute things you gave V for her birthday! Love the theme and of course the thrift store pulls through again! Hope you stay cool! Our heat wave seems to have left so I hope yours does too!

    1. Yay for thrift shops!
      Our heat wave is never ending!😤

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