Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Horses & Barns....Oh My!!


Hello everyone....

Finally got my act together, and got a post up for you all!!!

As we take our drives to the cottage, in the winter months...I do love to take pics of barns and horses...

Mostly thru the window as we are driving...but sometimes we stop, and I can get a few closeups of my Horse friends ♥️

Enjoy the pics...

Hope you are all well...enjoying  2019 so far...

The weather is insane...mostly above normal temps for us...

Only a couple of brief snowfalls...more rain today!! 

Grey skies...

I am going to start posting more regularly...need to share my photos with you...

Working on a few right now...then we can be up-to-date!!!

I am enjoying Instagram...so if any of you are looking for me...

That's where I am! hahaha!!! SO much easier than blogging...

But I do miss the closeness we have here...♥️

      Miss V back at school...

           Miss N walking...

               My oh my how time flies!!! 


This crazy character was sound asleep when we spotted him one morning...

Opened his eyes when I went to get my camera...

 Until next time...

             See you soon...

                      Cheers!  :o)

                            linda ♥️



  1. Great to see you blogging . . . I am starting again soon myself. Missed my visits and somehow Instagram does not quite feel the same. I love each and every horse you posted and marvel at the advancement of Miss V and Miss N (walking already!!). Our little Molly is six months old ~ I just don't know where the time goes.

    Seeing you enjoy your horses as you do makes me wonder if you ride them. I ried that once!! hmmm!

    Very best wishes and happiness for the New Year. They too seem to come round with increasing frequency. Hope the Grim Reaper does not get too enthusiastic . . . lol

    Missed you. Cheers Ed . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      I used to ride when I was a kid...not so much anymore! hahaha!!
      Thanks for stopping by...

  2. Yeah, jeez -- where's all your snow?

  3. Those are great pictures. Did you ever have a horse of your own? A close friend of mine rode for years and years, and she and her husband have a great business in tack shops now. Have a good January - funny winter so far, isn't it? -Jenn

    1. Nope...never had my own, but did ride when a kid...
      My niece up in Collingwood breeds horses...
      Ridiculous WInter so far...hope you are feeling better!!

  4. Oh Nora walking..how fun is that? I always love your horse and barn pics..for yrs we lived in horse country..
    Your bird pics are superb also..The countryside is my side♥

    1. What a great saying that is Monique...sums it up beautifully!

  5. beautiful pics as always. love the nose to nose closeup of the one horse! LOL
    baby Nora WALKING??? ohmygosh!
    you know I love Instagram too. and yet I seem to forget all about it. just silly of me.
    have a wonderful January dear bean! our entire town seems to have a head and chest cold.
    I got caught in the line of fire just as I was getting well from my November bout with it.
    now got it all over again. or maybe it never left! LOL.
    can you imagine sleeping on a BRANCH? I'll never complain about my bed again! xo

    1. HI Tammy...
      Keep looking for a post from you...sorry to hear you have been sick...we have been lucky enough to be well.
      Take care of your self!!

  6. I love both horses and barns . Lovely photos . Yes the weather has been wacky this winter , more rain then snow for us . I to have been out of the blogging picture as there really hasn't been much going on for me to blog about lol . Thanks for sharing , have great week.

    1. HI Elaine...
      More rain for us as well...been going to the cottage every week...heading down on Friday...
      Been ridiculously windy down there...hope that silly old tree didn't fall!!

  7. How I love barns and horses! The photo of the dark horse with the blanket (#6) looks like my Rambler. I know it isn't but could be his twin.

  8. Happy 2019! Love the one with all the hair and then the one with the nose into the camera. Great shots, Linda. Hope you're havine a yummy day with lots of boogie boogie.

    1. Hey Ivy..you blogging again? I’ll hopover!

  9. Those are really great pictures, Linda. How lucky to have such great scenery on your way to the cottage. xo Diana

    1. It is a lovely drive...
      Hope you are well Diana...🖤


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