Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Weekend Skies.......

The drive to the cottage last Thursday, proved to be a cloudy one!!!

Drove thru downpours...


And when we reached the cottage...

This beautiful sight!!

The day went from bad to worse...to beautiful again!!

We were able to sit on the sunporch, and watch the most incredible lightning across the lake!!

Early Friday afternoon, we decided to take a run into town...

More fabulous clouds on the way...and some rainfall...

By the time we got back, the skies were clearing up a bit...

And we were able to enjoy a wee bit of late day sunshine...


The BEST was yet to come!!!

This was Saturday morning...

G O R G E O U S !!!!!

To celebrate our anniversary!!!

It was a fabulous day, indeed!!

And the S U N S E T !!!!!

We got the firepit loaded up...and enjoyed the evening...with this fabulous view!!

What could be better???

This was the lake on Sunday afternoon, when we were leaving to come home...


Never fear...

Thursday is right around the corner...and we will be back in P A R A D I S E !!!


Hope you are all well...

We are a bit concerned about our cottage rental in Florida...

We have been unable to find out if it is still standing!!!

I had emailed the owner on Friday...she lives in Tampa, not at the cottage...and she said she was evacuating her townhouse...but the cottage is right on the beach in the Gulf...so...not sure how it faired IRMA....

I cannot even imagine what those people are going thru down there...

I do not think I would be very good in this type of situation...

Scares the hell out of me!!!

Anyway....sending good wishes to all affected...chin up...and all that...♥️ 


   On the menu tonight...

     Stuffed red and green peppers...{the house smells delish}

         Fried Basa { a fairly new Fish to us...quite Delicious}...coated in Jerk      


                             Greek Salad...

                                     Enjoy your evening...

                                             Cheers!   :o)
                                                   linda ♥️



  1. Lovely photos . It has been wonderful weather here the change of season is upon us though and fast . I cant imagine what all the people and animals are going through down south I pray all are ok . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  2. Good to hear from you. Always enjoy your lake views!

    1. HI Furry...
      Thanks!! not difficult with such a beautiful view!

  3. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  4. Beautiful moody clouds! Hopefully you find out soon about the cottage in Florida. -Jenn

    1. Yes...I think I will write to the owner again...fingers crossed!

  5. What amazing skies you enjoy at the Lake, and your photos are so well captured. It seems you had the perfect evening for your Anniversary - Congratulations! It is so sad about Florida - I have been wondering about all the beach side places where Canadians go for the Winter. On the media tonight I saw many scenes of chaos in the aftermath of Irma.

    1. It is unreal Patricia...and those small islands in the Caribbean are totally destroyed.
      Mother NAture can sure be cruel sometimes....

  6. Here I am in Florida and wishing I was back in NY :)
    Email me, where exactly is the cottage in Fl .. pesos, C

    1. Done...thanks Candice!
      Glad to know you are safe....

  7. Amazing how it feels when the dark clouds move out and the blue skies move in!
    Perfect for a Happy Anniversary Day!

    (Oh my . . . I hope your little cottage survived . . .)

    (I really can't imagine the stress of hurricane path living . . . and the aftermath.)
    Our care is needed for so many . . .

    1. Oh Lynne...me either...to lose everything...heartbreaking indeed...

  8. Gorgeous skies. I can never be bored sitting and watching the sky! Lovely.
    That one photo looks like a UFO! haha.

  9. beautiful skies... and your very own lightning show.
    I thought about the place you stay down there in florida.
    it very well may be gone.
    it is sad. so many people displaced. lives shattered really.
    no jobs or homes left to go back to. especially in the keys.

    1. I was thinking about your Captain...how did he make out???

    2. he had moved to Hawaii and was planning on moving back to the keys.
      good thing he didn't!

    3. Sure is! Glad he is safe...he was always helpful, when I was trying yo find you๐Ÿ’•

  10. I love it the way you can do a wonderful blog about just water and sky. And food too, of course. Friends who have a place not far from Ft. Lauderdale were lucky, no damage. Same with Sarasota, but feeling so sad for those who have lost so much. Have a nice weekend at your lovely cottage!

    1. I just can't help myself Hester! Such beauty all around...
      So nice about your friends...haven't heard anything from Florida ๐Ÿ˜•
      You have a great weekend too! Don't exercise too much!

  11. Oh, my friend---as I said on IG, I've been terrible in blogging. Where does the time go? And yours is a blog I really savor. And your friendship.

    Your photos are stunning. Especially the one with the sailboat and the sparkles on the water. To live on a Great lake...really paradise.

    Do you ever have damaging weather?

    Your dinner menu sounds delish. I miss The Husband at the lake most when dinner time comes along. I'm used to breakfast and lunch alone, but dinner...

    It could be worse.

    A phone call one day for us. I'm off tomorrow as well, hopefully for a full week. Safe travels.

    Jane xxxxx

    1. Looks like Diamond Lake, eh Jane?
      Always crazy weather on a Great Lake...this past weekend was gorgeous!
      Hope you have a lovely week!

  12. Great views of the skies over the lake :) It's Thursday today, and gorgeous out there, so you'll be happily on your way again. Enjoy!

    1. HI Wendy....hope you had a great Summer...
      It sure was a gorgeous hot weekend!

  13. Another set of impresive photos and agree with Betsy about the UFO one.
    Remarkable how quickly the weather changes at the cottage . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Yes...it is always an experience...especially when the weather sinks southward, and we get to watch, but not get clobbered!
      Enjoy your week ahead!

  14. I hope your cottage survived. Will you go down to check on it? Great pictures all the way around here, today. Have a happy, blessed weekend. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana....long time no see!
      The owner has let us know that the cottage survived....couldn't be happier! February is just around the corner!
      Enjoy your week!

  15. Remember me?

    Mother Nature keeps us on our toes. I love your sky pictures, you have nothing in your way of your lake view. Gorgeous. Even a somewhat ominous sky is thrilling as long as your feet are planted on the ground! And the weather does change quite quickly. I think autumn will be coming soon in the Midwest. Leaves are falling already and that's unusual. I do love fall; here in the country its a riot of color and the scent of leaves burning. In the city, the trees make a canopy over the streets out come the stylish, wooly clothes~ :)))

    I will definitely get an email off to you soon. As my daughter always says, don't toss the popcorn, there's a new show everyday!

    Jane x

  16. Oh, Linda! Another grand baby for you! I have no other words but Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So exciting!

  17. Love all your sky drama, Linda - so absolutely fabulous! And the sea.......those gorgeous colors! Then the perfect anniversary with that amazing sunset. Sigh.......I do hope your Florida vacation cottage is OK. Those poor people affected by all these disasters......breaks my heart. xx Karen

    1. Hi KAren....this is Lake Erie, but it does look like a sea!
      Florida cottage escaped the wrath of IRMA...thank goodness!!

  18. Beautiful skyscapes. All different and mesmerizing. Glad your Florida pad survived.


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