Tuesday, 20 March 2018

🌸🌺🐞Happy Spring🐞🌺🌸

First of all...


What a busy time we have had since getting home...

Miss V was here for a sleepover...

We had so much fun!!

Did a few crafts and some baking...

She made me that beautiful Easter card with the rainbow and Bunny...love it!

She coloured a small bag for her Mom, and picked from my stash of crocheted washcloths...she picked a very pretty one for her Mom...


I got a scarf finished that I had started in Florida...

I am very happy with this style...with the pompoms!


We had  delicious Corned beef and cabbage dinner on St Patrick's Day.... 

My boyfriends Father was from Ireland...so we always celebrate!

On Sunday...my son DIL and new granddaughter Miss N visited!!!

She is nearly 4 months old...and still very petite...LOOK AT THAT FACE 💕

That is the hat I made her before we went away...and just got to give to her...

It barely fits her now...:o(...oh well...maybe her Mom will make her wear it!

I made an apple pie for the occasion...and let me tell you...deeeelish!!

On Monday...the boyfriend and I took a drive out to the cottage...

Still a bit of snow in spots...2c...light wind...not bad at all!!

LOTS of twigs everywhere....thanks to the very windy Winter...

There will def be a bonfire in our future...

No water yet...maybe next weekend...but still too nipply for a sleepover...

PLUS....I have a new fridge and stove coming...so that will be done right after the water goes on...can't wait for those two shiny new appliances!


Hope you are all well....

   I know a lot of people are still buried in snow...sorry about that!

      We have none here at home...and my Daffodils are sprouting! 

          I hope to get out and get a few pics of those...

              And check to see if my Peonies are up yet...

           Enjoy the rest of your week...

                See you soon....

                      Cheers!  :o)

                         linda ♥️

ps....I haven't forgotten about my Florida pics...next time!! 



  1. Lovely photos . Looks and sounds like you have had a busy and wonderful week so far . Happy Spring to you all to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good rest of the week !

    1. Happy Spring Elaine...I know you’ve been waiting! 🌸

  2. Nice to see the cottage - it won't be too long now! Yay for new appliances. And look at that wee baby girl! We'll be able to watch her grow up, the same way we did with Miss V.! -Jenn

    1. Can not wait for the new appliances!
      Aren’t my gals cuties?

  3. Oh, your lake looks so soothing! We are water lovers, aren't we? So glad you both get up there to have a look around. Ours is just too far to go for a day. I am really looking forward to warmer days. My gardener/helper just did a check of the house and all is fine. We need a new front storm door, and work on the gutters, so I will have to hold the fort down soon. I feel the same as you about new appliances. Before our damage we had the original appliances from 25 years ago. But with just weekends there, and mostly using the grill for cooking, they were going strong! The refrigerator was damaged so we decided to get a package deal and replace that as well as the stove and dishwasher. Oh, I feel like I'm in a new home! But well loved and familiar.

    I love what you do with Miss V. when you have your days and overnights. It inspires me as a grandmother. I can't pull myself away from Madelyn. We have such a great routine (?) when she comes to visit. All of those things make me feel love and appreciation for this new, but not late role as grandmother. I think I stop by Emily's at least 4 times a week. My son has also been making visits with his little boy. He also texts cute pictures. He and my daughter in law work long days, they have little time to spend with Brooks before he's bathed and in bed. And weekends are harried, we know. But he is respecting us, and it makes me smile to see Alan beam when he sees this little guy. Things are looking very good on that end. The rest? There is no explaining.

    I think Miss Nora is looking a lot like Vivian, her nose and mouth especially. Do you think so? She is just precious.

    Your corned beef dinner looks fab, and that pie!! I really need to bake more. We had the Irish celebration last Sunday. The Southside of Chicago is known for its huge amount of first and second generation Irish. Every Sunday before St. Paddy's Day, we host a huge parade, just blocks away. It's the largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the entire US. So---everyone makes their corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and Irish soda bread with globs of KerryGold butter, and we open our doors to the weary, and sometimes inebriated parade goers!! I am Irish on my father's side, German on my mothers. Hubby is French on his father's side, Irish on his mothers. What a great United Nations we'd make!

    Hope to get a post out tomorrow. One day that I don't have to go anywhere. I have bad news about my back, I'm not going to tease you, my friend. I'll be having surgery next month. Just found out today.

    This is the best I can do now, wish I had the time to send you a decent email. I did get your message.

    Love to you,

    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane...
      Thanks for the catch up!
      You have a dishwasher! Lucky you...our cottage is old...and we run water from the lake....but I have to remember you had that horrible water damage, and got everything fixed up!
      So glad you are spending time with Maddy...and your son stops by💕
      Things can only get better,eh Jane?
      I will look for your next post....

    2. Oooooops.....sorry about the surgery 😞

  4. I must say your new scarf is very chic indeed - especially with that pom pom. What fun you have with Miss V, and little Miss N is coming along, growing into another pretty little girl. Your St Pat's meal looks delicious - I don't think I even knew that is a traditional Irish dinner. It is always good to have some new appliances, and I hope you can use them soon.

    1. It is nice,eh Patricia! If I may say so myself....☺️

  5. I too see a bit of Miss V is Miss N now! How they change so quickly..Miss V..is s grown up to me now:) You can just tell how well and happy she is at your home.. Club Med lol thats what I used to say.WE love waiting on them hand and foot and only their happiness is of importance♥
    That cottage..well I love it.
    Hmm what's up above?
    Linda..you make a house a beautiful home..s:)
    Have a lovely day?

    1. Club Med....I like that! So true...the MOST important 💜
      That was a spam...haven’t had any for a very long time...I just delete...put in spam...
      you do too Monique....way more than me...
      Enjoy your week...1/2 over!

  6. your grand babies are beautiful!! Such a talented girl that miss Vee is,, we are among the snow buried but your photos do give me hope,, that pie looks very very good!!

    1. Thanks Laurie...hope you are well...the snow will be gone very soon!

  7. wow cc girl. that ice blue color with your hair in that pic is beautiful!
    you should give that one to the boyfriend. a gorgeous picture of you. and showing off your talent too!
    and baby Nora and Miss V! hard to believe your littlest one is already 4 months old!!!
    man. the time just flies by too fast now. they are both adorable. but then you know that. XOXO

    1. Tammy...you are the cutest thing! Boyfriend would def not want that pic of me! We have been together for 51 years!
      Anyway....he can just turn his head and see me.....ALL THE TIME!.....hahaha!
      Yes...I know they are adorable...and I love them dearly💕

  8. Happy Spring to you too! Enjoy the new doors and later on, the appliances. We have a new washer/dryer set, a few crazy stories connected with that event. But of course, it’s only funny afterwards, not during. Your grand daughters are super cute and who’s that lovely lady with the Pom poms scarf? 😬

  9. awww, the babies are so adorable...having 10 grands and 4 great-grands makes me know exactly how much you love yours....
    really loved this post...and the pie (apple is my fav right behind cherry)...and the muffins..ummm

    1. Hi bj...
      Wow! You sure have a lot of grands and greatgrands! Lucky you...
      Miss V made the cupcakes..she loads them up with fruit...choc chips...butterscotch chips...and then icing and sprinkles!
      Enjoy the rest of your week....

  10. Wonderful post . . .
    Love how you consistently give Miss V your patience and time . . .
    A precious gift.
    One day, no doubt. she will model that for another . . .

    And little Miss N . . .
    Four months already . . . amazing!
    Better start another hat . . . she’ll need it I am sure . . .
    for windy April days . . .

    Cottage days soon, won’t new appliances be a treat . . .
    Sea glass hunts are right around the corner!

    1. Thanks so much Lynne...
      Cottage days soon....I like the sound of that!

  11. Miss V is growing up so fast! I love that she gets to have sleepovers with y'all! So fun. Little Nora is so sweet. You are blessed indeed! Ah, yes, warmer weather! Cottage visits! Daffodils and peonies! New appliances. Lots to look forward to! Have a wonderful week, Linda! blessings ~ tanna

  12. ooooh....new appliances at the cottage will be so much fun! I'm sure you can't wait for that!
    Not long now and there will be weekend visits again! We had snow again but not a ton and most has melted in the sunshine the last couple of days. I have daffodils up, too, but I'm sure they are hanging their heads after that snow. They never learn...happens every year. haha.

    1. Yes! They are in pretty rough shape...very excited!
      No snow here!

  13. Mod cons at the cottage . . . sounds good.
    Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you. Our clocks went forward last week so we have been sprung as well. Loving the lighter evenings already.
    Miss V is growing up really fast, isn't she. Love little Miss N as well.
    Looking forward to my new grandchild in July. We are all suggesting names as none have been finalised yet. Had some fun last time round before Peter's name was decided. My suggestions of Ghengis and Nabopallasa and the like fell on deaf ears again . . . . lol

    Busy on my woodwork projects, keeping me good.

    Having a little respite with the weather here . . :)

    1. Hi eddie...
      Happy Spring and DLSTime to you!!
      How exciting!! Another grand!! Lucky you...do you know if Master Peter is having a brother or sister?
      weather here is horrible too...
      Happy easter!!

    2. No, they are having a surprise . . . Peter is really looking forward to it and we said he can help change nappies . . . lol

  14. Your girls look lovely. All sprouting up!
    Your pom-pom scarf is beautiful. Love the colour.
    Cottage looks great, even in the winter months. Still welcoming.

    1. Thanks Suzanne...sure wish the warmer weather would arrive!!


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