Monday, 4 June 2018

Hello There...How Have You Been??

Hello everyone!!!

Hope you are all well, and enjoying this weather!!! 

Today is a bit blustery here at home, but the hotter temps of last week are gone for awhile...

We have been spending quality time at the cottage...picking our days, here and much nicer to enjoy the great weather, and not worry about rain at the cottage.

 I would MUCH rather be here at home in that kind of weather!! 

We got the sunporch all opened up and cleaned...

Furniture outside all cleaned up... 

My Annual baskets are planted up...

Hoping they got some rain last night, as we had a great rainstorm here at home.

With the pool open here now, we need to keep at it, as the keys are falling from 4 big Maple trees...1 in our yard, and 3 beside and behind!! 

We got in a few bonfires at the cottage, and my boyfriend did an excellent job cleaning up all that mess from the Winter storms. 

The Orioles are hopefully nesting in one of our trees, and we have a few pair of Swallows in a few bird houses up near the cottage... 

We do have a Wren nesting as well, but I have failed to get a shot of her yet...
She was giving my boyfriend heck the other day, as he was too close to her wee house! hahaha!! 

At home here, I had my first Lilac blooms, on a small bush I brought home from the cottage...

And my White Peonies are already done  :o(  ....

I have 2 other bushes of Peonies...Pale Pink and Hot Pink...

The hot Pink bush, has only 5 buds on it!! Wonder if the Spring was too harsh for her...she is usually loaded with buds!! 

I think they may open perhaps I will cut them, and take them with me to the cottage on Wednesday...:o)


Last Friday was a PD day for Miss V...and we asked if she could have a sleepover with us...

She arrived at 7:30 am...and of course her Papa had heated the pool for her, so she was raring to go!!! We got her to wait til 9:30 or so...she amused herself with her Ipad...playing spelling games!!

We had brought her some goggles from FLorida, and she liked them, but she still had to hold her nose!!

When we went out for lunch, we got her another pair, that covered her nose...I told her she had to not breath into it, as it will go foggy...she looked so cute in both pairs!!!! And......had a ball being a mermaid for hours!!! 


My other sweetie...Miss already over 6 months old!!!

Her mom and dad send me photos, as we don't get to see them as often as we would like... 

Isn't she a dollie???? ♥️♥️♥️♥️

And look at those blue eyes??? Just like her Daddy... 



                                                            HA HA HA!!!!!

During that heat wave, I made  a lovely meatless dinner....YUMMO!!!


Okay...that's it from me...up to the minute...:o)

       So easy being on IG...this post took me HOURS!!!

          Finding the pics...editing...posting...writing...I am exhausted! hahaha!!!

             Have a great week everyone...

                     See you soon...

                            Cheers!  :o)

                               linda ♥️



  1. Hey, where's your other foot in that photo? Firepit woodchopping accident?

  2. I love all yous pictures always. Im better dear. Is difficult always ...
    Love your new doll is a swettie ! But I love mine miss V she is adorable and a beauty !!!
    hugs to all of you ! xoxox

    1. Hello Gloria....
      Yes... I know Miss V is your favorite❣️
      Take care of yourself....hugs to you,

  3. Wonderful photos and post as always Linda ! Oh my are those grands every growing such little loves they are . Thanks for sharing have a great week 1

    1. Thanks so much Elaine....much appreciated....enjoy the nice weather!

  4. Each photo . . . exceptional . . .
    Loved the head photo . . . what a keeper!
    Miss V . . . well you know how I feel about her . . .
    Miss Blue Eyes . . . let’s just say . . . oh my, oh my . . . OH MY!
    IG is quick, easy, fun . . .
    Posts like this . . . yours . . . I find a treasure . . .
    Happy summer, pool, cottage, flowers, family, friends . . . Linda . . .

    1. Oh my dear Lynne...such lovely kind words....thanks so much💕
      Posting a blog is hard work,eh?
      Enjoy your week my friend...

  5. It was nice reading a post from you. I love orioles!! Miss V is hilarious in her goggles that go over her nose (with linda printed right in the middle!). I have no peonies blooming yet, but then, I don't have white ones. Soft pink is coming soon, I hope. It sure was a change in temperature today, wasn't it? That picture of Miss Nora propped up and smiling made me smile! How much she's grown since we first saw her!! -Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn...that made us laugh too! So funny...but, they did the trick for her!
      Yes....and today is even cooler! Geesh....was that Summer already? 😳
      Nora is coming along well...can’t wait to see her again...

  6. I love catching up, Linda. Sounds like you have a lot of the same situations as far as what is happening at your lake and at home. Geesh--it gets confusing and overwhelming.

    I love the pics of Miss V,,,that look of concentration on her face while reading. She is going to be very smart, I'm sure. Nora is a doll, she is as precious as a little baby bird. I know she must have you cuddling her at every occasion!

    I'm getting into the swing of summer slowly. Still, it feels winter turned to summer in May, so I'm not fretting. :)

    Love to you,

    Jane x

    1. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going! It sure is a lot of work! But.....worth all the effort.
      So happy that you are healing....have a great week Jane! ❣️

  7. Your latest granddaughter is a little cutie too - grandchildren are such a continually delight - happy summer days to you and your family Linda.

    1. Hey nice of you to pop in!
      Yes....Nora is a doll for sure...and they are both a delight in our luves✨
      Have a great summer!

  8. Miss V in her goggles...😂😂😂 Love it! And that wee one. Oh my goodness, how quickly times flies. She has grown so much and she is adorable.

    1. Too funny,eh? Miss N is doing beautifully!

  9. Lol..exhausted:)You have a lovely life so do continue to be exhausted by sharing it..I miss those pics of the boys in Goggles..I am reliveing that age with you..the glow of the computer..a warm crochet blanket:) A HEATED pool lol..she had better get used to less some days..Don't we just love to spoil them ?Dear little loves of our lives♥Miss Nora is certainly looking adorb w/ those big beautiful eyes:) It's the only age that you can be bald..toothless and gorgeous.♥
    Great click..Canada Geese are we see in your pic.

    Rain yesterday..chilly today..will do errands just a few..Thursday we take Max out of school for his Bday at noon for the traditional lunch and shop birthday day..he's in the middle 11..all birthdays this summer..19-17-13-11-10-9;)..Have a great day!

    1. Yes we do! Love to spoil her...and she is not precocious at all!
      I’m so glad the weather was perfect for her first swim!
      Nora’s eyes are to die for! Her a Daddy has blue does her Papa...
      Very chilly groceries done!
      Happy Birthday to Max 🎈🎈🎈

  10. such beautiful photos, summer looks like it has arrived for you!! Little miss vee is such a little lady, I love love her hair cut,, I meant to say last time, it suits her so well, the baby is getting so big!!! I like a meatless dinner too and yours looks delish!

    1. Hi Laurie...been thinking about you!
      Her haircut is lucky she is to be able to wear any style!
      Enjoy your week....

  11. you absolutely have the most beautiful grandbaby girls!!!
    thank you for this post. it is appreciated!
    I feel like I've been on a short break! xo

    1. I do, don’t I Tammy 💕
      Glad you enjoyed my pics...makes it all worthwhile...☺️

  12. LOL....IG is ruining blogland! haha. It is just so darned easy and in your hand all the time
    with your phone. I love it. Blogging is a chore almost. Sad to say. I wish all my blog friends
    would move over to IG, then we could live happily ever after!

    Cute, cute pics of the girls!

    I need an Oriole in my yard! How sweet! Maybe an orange slice would help!

    1. It is! So much easier! But....I do love to showcase my pics here....just not as often!😂😂😂
      My wee girls are dolls....I couldn’t be happier!
      Try a few slices! You never know.....


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