Sunday, 18 November 2018

Halfway Thru November....Already!! How About Some Fall Colours!!

I can hardly believe how fast time is flying by!!!

Seems like we went from a very hot humid Summer...right into Winter!!

October and November have been chilly...wet and dark...

Had our first real Snowfall last Thursday...and has been very cold ever since!

Let's enjoy some of the Fall colour that I have captured at the cottage...and our drives to and from...

The sweet Bird pics are here at home... 

I finally got a few Succulent planters done...

I used one big pot, that was quite overgrown, and made a few smaller ones!!

I gave my 3 kids each one...of the smaller ones...fingers crossed they grow!

My friend Jane,(Blondies Journal) has been asking for inside pics of the cottage...

This is the biggest room...where we the inclimate weather...and have our fires...there is another small room with our TV...

The chairs are vintage...thrifty buys...mixed with a new Ikea couch...and lots of tables that the original owners left...all from the 30's and 40's...

A very eclectic mix of furniture! hahaha!!!  But very cosy!!

There are 3 bedrooms upstairs...and a very tight kitchen and bath on the main floor!!!

I will search for pics of these rooms, for a later date!!


Hope you are all well...

So sad about the wildfires in California...😢

Cottage is closed for the Winter...

Dreaming of next Spring already!!

Any Christmas decorating??

I'll be back with more pics very soon...

Cheers!  :o)

linda ♥️


  1. A perfect cottage!! Those succulent planters are sweet. I've never done that, maybe I should give it a try. Mmmmmm, looks like cabbage rolls in that last photo? One of my favourite meals. -Jenn

  2. Fall is far my favorite season !! All looks cute and lovely! hugs!

  3. I like the inside view of the cottage! It is cold these days though!

  4. Oh winter must be here ,, the pink toes are covered and no more flip flops! Beautiful photos the cardinal is looking right at us!

    1. Hahaha! Yes....the toes are covered!
      Isn’t he just so handsome!
      Hope you are well.......🥰

  5. What a cocy cute and comfy place..Not to mention location location location♥
    How beautiful your succulent arrangements.Just beautiful.
    Te wildfires are so so sad..Parts of the world rejicing..other parts tested tested tested.

    I'll never understand the balance..there is none:(
    Lovely post:)

    1. Doing the succulents...finally...was fun! Felt like I was gardening!
      You order those stick on letters for your keyboard yet? hahaha!!!

  6. What a feast for the eye Linda. Glorious Autumn leaves, and very chic succulents; your cottage room is so relaxed and comfy, just perfect. And Hi to those cardinals! Can't believe it is time to lock up the cottage again - guess Christmas is just around the corner :)

    1. HI Patricia... is around the corner...not

  7. Beautiful autumn scenes, Linda - I just love the little cottage tucked in among all the golden leaves! Your succulent planters are very nice - love those pots. You captured some great photos of the little birdies and the pretty scenes along your route. So nice to see inside your cozy cottage - love that stone fireplace and the vintage furniture. Yes, time is flying by and the whole year went by in a flash. xo Karen

    1. Hi Karen...thanks so much for your lovely comments!
      Yes...time needs to stop and smell the roses!
      Hope you are well....

  8. loved seeing the inside view of the enchanted cottage. I would have disappointed if it weren't elected! it's perfect.
    and I agree... time is flying by too fast.
    I have a horrible chest cold. I'm told when it's over that the cough from this particular one (I guess it's going around) lasts at least 6 weeks! AAAGGGH! the neighbors love me. I sound like a barking dog. or seal.

    1. Oh dear Tammy...hope you are better ASAP....fingers crossed for you!

  9. "I would have disappointed if it weren't elected! it's perfect."
    LOL! really? typos much?
    don't know about it being elected! but I like that it's eclectic! just as a dear little cottage should be! xoxo

    1. Hahaha! You are hilarious! Yes...eclectic...cottagey!
      Miss Nora is 1 year old today!💓

  10. Charming cottage . . . cozy, warm . . .
    Your succulents creations are wonderful . . . I love them but have no luck.
    Love the birdies . . .
    Love your fall colors . . .
    Each/all of your pictures . . .
    Where does the time go . . .
    Thank you Linda for making my day today!
    You are a gem!

    1. You are very welcome my sweet friend...anytime!
      Thanks for your lovely comments...💓

  11. I think it should be a law that EVERYone have a sweet cozy cottage like this...I love the living warm and full of love.
    That red bird looks mad....:)
    Hoping you have a great Christmas...

    1. Thanks so much bj....
      And a wonderful Christmas to you🎄


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