Wednesday, 8 July 2015

From My Kitchen........

I have been inspired by Betsy over at

Go and visit will fall in love with her♥️

She has been posting some of her fine cooking skills over at hers... 

And I wanted to join in the fun!!

I have been taking pics of my meals for the last few weeks,here and there...

We start with my rendition of Greek Salad...

We have this at least 2-3 times a week...I make it with Goats cheese and Avacado...a big family favorite as well...

this was our Canada Day meal...bbq'd flank steak,baked potato with fresh chives from my garden, sour cream...sauteed mushrooms and peppers..

Below is vegetarian lasagna...

I use cottage cheese in mine...this was with zuchinni and baby spinach...

Topped with Mozarella and Parmesan Cheese...

Whenever I buy a rotiserrie chicken at Costco, we can also have a second meal...

This is Chicken Ceasar Salad...with cherry Tomatoes..

Such a good bargain buying that chicken...sometimes 3 meals!! 

We have been dining poolside a lot lately...

This was Burger night...with a tossed salad and cold beans...

I opted for no bun...but my boyfriend went the whole route!!

Trying to cut a few calories where I I do love to cook  and EAT!!

Cold cut platter...Turkey for me...bean salad...cucumber spears...

Cole slaw and Tomatoes with Goats cheese...with a sprinkle of Olive Oil...

Crispy Panko crusted Pork Chops...gravy...(fat free)...fresh asparagus and sauteed peppers...

Easy Spaghetti with Ceasar Salad...

I did get some time last week, to make some freezer jam...

I actually used frozen fruit...(thawed)...

This is Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry Blackberry...

Had some last weekend on a toasted English Muffin...

It was...


And.....soooooooo easy!! 


This has been my kitchen for the last few weeks...

Today I made some Skinny Beef and Barley soup...delish...

Fried go with our Buttermilk soaked...Panko crusted Cod filets...

And...of course...Greek Salad...Miss V and Erika will be joining us!!

Perhaps I will get a picture of that....and start again!!

Hope you enjoyed a few of my meals...

What's been going on in your kitchen???

Hope you are all having a great day...

Much cooler here today..a nice change...heat coming back for the weekend...

I am going to a taping of a tv show tomorrow with my daughters!!

It is filmed in is called "The Social"...kinda like The View...

Should be fun!! 

It airs on CTV at 2pm...if you are interested!!

Look for us in the audience!! hahaha!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

Off to get Miss V...and take her for a Dairy Queen...such fun!!

                    Cheers!  :o)



  1. Your meals look so delicious! Your post is making me salivate. Lol!

    Now, when you get to the show, wave or yell. You have to make it easy for me to spot you. Oh wait....even better, make a sign... It needs to read: Here I am, Laurie. It's me, Linda. Over here! Hey, Bring that camera back this way! I have people looking for me! I'm sure the camera crew will accommodate you. If not, give them my number. Ha!

    1. Hahaha Laurie! You make me laugh!
      I don't think it is on in South Carolina! Thanks for all the tips! Hope I don't get kicked out!

  2. Every single dish looks devine, Linda. I'm starving now and about to have to go get a snack before grilling some brined chicken breasts for dinner! LOL! We took the boys to the Dairy Queen several times while they were visiting for treats after dinner. ;) Fun times. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Hi Tanna! Long time no see!
      The Dairy Queen was fun!
      You gonna post soon?

    2. I see in my sidebar that you have! Coming over!

  3. You and Betsy should get together and open a restaurant. Preferably close to Ottawa. I think I'd better fancy up dinner after looking at these photos. The Social is not a favorite of mine but I'll watch it just to see you in the audience. :) Wave to all your blogging fans. Have fun. Deb

    1. Oh.....that would be great fun! would come? Fantastic!
      I have never seen the was the girls idea...
      Unfortunately Lissa is not going....a friend of Erika's will join us.....
      I will be shy......NOT!

    2. tons of fun! I'd do it in a heartbeat!

  4. Great looking food:)

    I have never heard of that show..but not home tomorrow:(

    1. That's ok....I probably will be nervous....don't you get CTV in Quebec?

  5. beautiful food photos and delicious too!! Yu certainly have an artistic eye when plating your food, its lovely, they say yu eat with your eyes first, and your plates are a yummy eyeful!

    1. Why thanks Laurie! How kind....

  6. I have fallen in love with her . . . . . rofl
    Nice recipes . . . you eat far better than me . . . but I am only a man . . . lol
    Jam looks delish too . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Well...I knew that YOU were! You devil you!
      Jam was damn good...if I do say so myself!

    2. lol . . . . I'm an angel really . . . :)

  7. I love Betsy with all my heart....she is a constant inspiration to me. I love you too, Linda...haven't known you as long...but truly feel the connection.
    Your food pictures and Betsy's would be beautiful in any cook book.

    I'm drooling as I type.....tonight bunless angus burgers with all the fixins. Made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip door bell keeps ringing...HaHa...Cookie Day.

    1. She is a very lovely person....
      You are so sweet to bake for the neighbourhood kids....wish I lived in your building!

  8. I almost posted dinner pics tonight! haha....they are ready for tomorrow's post. :)

    What I really want to see is your boyfriend getting that huge burger in his mouth! haha.

    1. Oh he does! Loves a double burger!
      I think we are going out tomorrow night for burgers! Yippee!

  9. Well now . . . you have me salivating . . .
    Everything looks delicious, presented beautifully . . .
    What a motivator this post is for me . . .
    Hmmm . . . wonder what I can make for dinner tomorrow . . .

  10. Mile-high burger - yummmmmmmmmmmmm!
    What's going on in my kitchen? Not too much... had a great chicken salad the other night with tons of different veggies and a bit of bacon. So good. Also have been feasting on asparagus lately. Tonight I had Thai food which was so delicious and have leftovers for about two, maybe three, more meals. Spring rolls, wonton soup, grilled beef, garlic shrimp, Pad Thai and coconut rice. I am waddling!

    1. Never had Thai food...I'll bet it is delish!!
      Enjoy your day!

  11. I have been eating something like an avocado a day. I made pasta the other night and put fresh steamed asparagus and diced avocado on it with lots of grated cheese and fresh pepper. with a little good olive oil, it was delicious. I am bored with food but people insist that I do have to eat so I am eating whatever tickles my fancy. Tonight I guess it will be your Caesar salad with no chicken. :)
    OR ... I can just come have dinner at your house.

    1. Hi Candice....
      You are welcome anytime!
      Your meals sound good!

  12. Oh my. It's lunch time and I was so hungry looking at all the delicious meals you've been preparing. They all look yummy and beautifully presented. You'll have to tell us all about your visit to The Social. It's a show I don't watch but I would to see you if I wasn't having company over. :( I hope it was fun. Have a super day Linda! xx Pam

    1. Hi Pam....
      It was fun! Lots of waiting and lining up though! I recorded it....we are on quite a bit!
      Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Wow, I'm speechless, such beautiful food photos, such yummy dishes. I'm trying to get back to normal eating after being in Europe with Wiener schnitzel, ghoulash, paprikash and apple strudels! Have fun at "The Social." Just making my grandkids' favourite meatballs to bring for dinner tomorrow. And of course, chocolate chip cookies. :) Have fun...

    1. You are such a good Grandma Hester! Good for you!

  14. just the mere words 'dining poolside' makes my heart go all aflutter!!! LOLOL.
    everything you made looked beautiful and delish. but then it always does. :)
    i didn't know you have dairy queens in canada! the ice cream places like ours?
    their blizzards are fabulous. i like the tropical one.

    1. Of course we have DQ here! I worked at one when I was a kid!
      I am a butterscotch sundae gal!

  15. all these look delicious!! Love the jam! Always I make jam with some frozen fruits!!!
    I made the other day with blackberries:)))

    1. This was the first time I used my frozen fruit....came out really well!

  16. Every meal looks fabulous and so delish! I know how good that greek salad tastes - totally yum!

    1. Why thanks Devon! have had it A LOT! Hahaha!

  17. Your meals look divine! You've been cooking far more than I have. It seems like I get days when I don't want to cook at all, but I like to eat and have to feed the hubby so I usually fix something simple. I have a few new recipes to try out whenever I get the cooking mojo back. He did grill last night and I fixed mac and cheese and a salad. That's my idea of simple. Have a nice weekend!


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