Monday, 27 July 2015


I have been on an unexpected leave of absence...
Last we spoke...
I was heading to our friends home on Clear Lake in Lakefield Ontario...
That went very well...had a lovely relaxing time...
Sat by the Lake...laughed...ate...drank...ate and laughed some more!
Their home is gorgeous...they tore down their summer home...
And built a year round home...all their design...beautiful!
I had prepared a post about our trip...but Thursday got in the way...
Miss V was here she had been nursing a fever for almost a week...
She had been having diarrhea, and it was a school trip that day...
Better idea to stay with us...
All went
After the nap, she began getting a wee bit on the warm side...
And then the vomiting started...YIKES!!! She was not all...
After a few hours, things calmed down...she and her Mom went home after 6...
The Friday prior, she had been at emergency, with severe stomach pain...
Apparently your lymph nodes can become enlarged...
The Dr's thought this was what has happening...
I did not know there were lymph nodes in the tummy!!
If they become infected...they swell...and cause pain...
With the vomiting etc...they felt this may have been the lymph nodes again...
She was ok Thursday night...but Friday morning the fever was back...
Her Mom took her to a Childrens Hospital in Hamilton...
The Dr there felt, that this was a good thing...
And the infection...which may have been strep...would now subside...
After we heard the news...we felt it safe to go to the cottage... we went Friday morning...
Several texts later...Miss V was just fine...phew...albeit, tired!!

The weather this weekend was incredible!!!
HOT***HOT***HOT***...did I mention Humid???
Unfortunately Saturday brought me the same symptons as our Miss V...
The day was up and down for me...I was fine on
We stayed another night...and enjoyed a very relaxing day...
And a beautiful pink sky with a 3/4 Moon shining down on us...
We arrived home before noon...very HOT here
My boyfriend put our sprinkler out in the front garden...
I happened to look out the window...and...caught this baby Robin...
Enjoying a nice full bird bath...
Made my day!!

I took hundreds of photos on the weekend...
And I still have the pics of our trip to our friends home...
I am full of things to post is going to be HOT all week...
Very high humidity...and humidex in the upper 30's!!

Hope you are all fine and dandy...
Betsy and Eddie were so nice to write and ask me where I was...
Thanks guys...I appreciate that...truly...♥️
You both give blogging a very good name... 

So...tonights dinner will be...grilled pork tenderloin medallions...
Toasty crispy grilled potatoes...and a side of...
Fresh peppers...all colours...mushrooms and onion...
                 Sound good??? I think so...

Enjoy the rest of your day...
Hot where you are?? Or rainy???
Have a great week...
                Cheers!  :o)


  1. Glad Miss V is on the mend...and you, too!
    What a sweet baby Robin....I have not seen a young one around here! We had a few crazy adults that
    starved themselves here over the winter...maybe they didn't have the energy come spring to make a nest
    and start a And your sprinkler is the prettiest one I've ever seen...looks like a garden ornament!
    Great minds....I just wrote pork tenderloin on my shopping list for tomorrow! Love those medallions..meat just
    doesn't get any more tender than that!
    Same weather here...SO humid it's almost too thick and hot to breathe when outside...horrible!

    1. Hi Betsy!
      Boyfriend bought me the sprinkler! It is nice isn't it?
      Our pork tenderloin was delish...I took a picture! Hahaha!
      Yes...terribly hot...had a nice swim after our walk♥️
      Enjoy your evening....

  2. By tonight you would have been adding me to the list of people wondering how you were. I was thinking I would wait to see if you posted today. Glad everyone is on the mend. What is worse than flu in the hot summer. The robin shots are beautiful. I've been trying to catch a blue-jay in our bird-bath this weekend but no luck. He's shy and takes off as soon as I approach and it's too far from the kitchen window. Looking forward to seeing your friend's beautiful home. I'm nosey like that. haha! Stay cool...we are feeling the same weather here. *blah*

    1. Awwww gee...thanks Deb!
      I had no time to visit today....must catch up!
      I have never got a Jay in the bath....that would be great!
      Have a great nosey thing you!

  3. So sorry to hear about the ickies for you and Miss V, I hope that you are both much better now. I have just been catching up with several days worth of blog posts, so I hadn't noticed your absence if you see what I mean as I had been absent too. Glad to hear from you though as I would have wondered otherwise. I love your sprinkler! Keep taking good care of yourself. xx

    1. Hi Amy....
      I must drop over to yours....I am a bad blogger!
      Thanks for your good wishes!

  4. The Robin was waiting an awfully long time for you to get those shots, He was saying to himself, "Where on Earth is Linda, Eddie is getting worried? Wish she'd hurry up, all those earthworms are getting away and I'm starving!" , , lol. Great shots, Linda.
    Like all your bloggy buddies I am so pleased you and little Miss V are getting better from that nasty dose of whatever it was, when we sometimes don't know which end to attend to first . . . lol . . . such indignity strikes only occasionally thank goodness.
    Take care and glad to see you back in BlogLand . . . cheers, Eddie

    1. Hi Eddie....
      With the watering, there would be plenty of worms....hopefully!
      Thanks for asking about me...I am good.....NOW!
      Have a great week...

  5. Oh, poor Miss V....nice to know that she is fighting fit once again.
    Jane x

  6. I am glad little Ms. V is feeling better. It is sad when little ones get sick.

    Your sprinkler is pretty! Now I want one.

    1. She was really down for the count, Barbara....
      Go get one!

    2. Where did you find it?

    3. Boyfriend said Home Depot....a few years ago....good luck! Google it!

  7. Poor sweetie pie..
    glad you are all on the mend..Hot hot hot and sticky here too..
    But it's summer!

    1. Sweetie pie is better.....thanks!
      Yes it is Summer......yippee!

  8. I too am so relieved and I was just about to e-mail you today. That tummy thing is the worst, it went through our house, even my little NY grand daughter had it on their flight home from France last week. Glad that Miss V. and you are feeling much better. Temps in the 90's F. and high humidity predicted for the rest of the week here in NY. Take care, I look forward to seeing all of your posts and photos. :)

    1. Awwww thanks Hester....don't worry about me....enjoy those 2 cutie pies!

  9. I wrote too to see if you were okay... Hope you received it.
    Heat and humidity are the pits, particularly when you're sick. Hope all is well soon.
    Pretty sprinkler and sweet robin. I bet he was very grateful for his shower!

    1. I did not get that email Suzanne....but thanks for thinking of me♥️
      He was extremely grateful....:o)

  10. I noticed you were missing, but I have been "missing" somewhat too.
    I hope you are feeling better and the tummy sickness is gone for good.
    Today I found out my husband now has two cousins in your town, one that loves blueberry pie...
    Sigh... Will I ever make it there?
    July is almost gone and August will be upon us.

    1. Yes....we were both missing!
      I am great now...thanks!
      Where are these cousins?
      I love blueberry pie too♥️

    2. I'm not sure exactly. Al has lived there for years and Tracy just moved there recently from Toronto.

  11. Hope you will soon be at 100%. So sorry you have been sick as well as your family. BTW, your photos are beautiful! The first one very unusual.

  12. So glad you and Miss V are doing better now. How scary. Just love your sprinkler, and the bird pictures are so beautiful. Dinner sounds wonderful as usual. Sending Hugs.

    1. Thanks are a dear♥️

  13. That sounds like a nasty virus you girls have had, Linda. So sorry you have been feeling so unwell, and glad you are both better now. What a pretty sprinkler you have, and why am I not surprised? Your have one of the cutest gardens around... Always loving a birdie picture - these are really beautiful. Have a good week.

    1. Hi Patricia....thanks for your concern....and your kind words!
      The sprinkler is a hit! Good thing I looked out the living room window!
      You have a good week too!

  14. Im really sorry Miss V was sick and hope shee feel better soon., what a mess I hate when the kids are sick:(
    I missed you but I dont be around so much.
    Last weekend my dad was sick and he has 87 so always we are worry!anyway he is better but always Im worry about my mom.
    only is for you know I noticed when I dont see yij.
    loads if love for you and for Miss V.


    1. Ha! I wanted said: "I noticed when I dont see you"
      Hope you and miss V are doing well.
      I remember Dito had someghing like this and was a Virus but he was bad!

    2. Hi are a sweetie!

  15. Happy sweet Miss V is back into feeling well . . .
    And you . . . happy you too are better . . .
    Baby Robin splashes . . . are made sweeter through your eyes . . .
    And the hot, humid days of summer have blanketed us as well . . . so NOT my favorite . . .
    I am hoping for SOON . . .
    For it to pass . . .
    May you and the little one continue to feel just fine . . .

    1. Thanks Lynne....we are good!
      She is coming tomorrow for a sleepover...bought her some new jammies♥️
      I like the wee bit cooler temps too!

  16. Brutal when a child is sick and then you get it too. Double yuck! Glad everyone is better! Lovely header!

    1. Thanks was pretty scary....for sure!
      That photo is from last Fall.....beeeeutiful!

  17. Love the header, look perfect!!!

  18. Oh Bless little Miss V's heart, she must have been SO miserable ! I am sure everyone was so worried too :(
    Glad to hear things are all getting better.

    1. Yes, Candice....all better!
      I will see her tomorrow!

  19. Glad you both are feeling better now! The heat and humidity are about to get to me. I don't like not being able to enjoy sitting outside on the patio in the evenings, but it's just too darn hot. I love the view in your header photo and your pretty baskets of flowers!

    1. Yes Cheryl.....enough already! How about some nice 70 degree weather! I love that!

  20. absolutely wonderful pictures here! I love them. and the new banner.
    i hope you're really feeling better and stronger. you must have caught it from the little miss v.
    i relate to your weather. it's like that non stop here. looking forward to november! LOL.
    that's when it finally cooled down last year. ugh.
    that baby robin and the splashing water just made me feel so good! xo

    1. Hi was a rough go....but all clear now!
      Thus weather sucks...I know I know....better than snow!
      I know how you love the agua!


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