Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Bits & Bobs......

The cottage flowers are coming along nicely...

Even after all that rain...they still needed a drink when I arrived last Wednesday... 

These spectacular Tulips had their grand finale...

And...I must say...they did it in style...how beautiful is that???


We were fortunate enough to be able to have our dinners on the sunporch...

One night we had BBQ'D chicken thighs...corn...baked potato...

That is where we sit...see the 3 large screens on the left???

There are 4 other screens surrounding the sunporch...and a glass door to the inside...a screen door to the outside...and a huge window that opens wide up to the kitchen...it faces the water, but the west is to the left, so the sun pours in just before sunset...

Love it out there...I mean LOVE it out there...♥️ 


 This is our view to the right....

I always try to have something fresh from the gardens...

These are from my Snowball Bush...

And I do believe there was a lovely scent as well...

I bought a few houseplants for the sunporch...

They do very well in there.... 

This meal started with a few sauteed veggies...lamb chops on the BBQ...a few grilled potatoes and a greek salad...I always add avacado to mine...

One chop is enough for me...boyfriend is the real meat eater!!!

We finally got the beach deck painted last Thursday...

And...when I say "we"...I use that term very loosely...hahaha!!

I am the main painter....boyfriend is like my "assistant"... 

I need to paint the edges first...and work my way carefully to not get trapped...

As you can see by the  "before" photo below...it was in pretty bad shape...
Pay no attention to the guy painting in this picture.....hahaha!!!

He is merely painting the edge of the deck, that butts up against the concrete wall...

Just joking of course....but...I AM THE PAINTER!!! hahaha!!

Looks pretty darn good,eh?????

No applause necessary....{taking a bow here}

Lots of Native Milkweed on the beach...

The Monarchs love it...it makes me happy!! 

Yes...those are my happy feet!

On a sadder note...

Miss V was here Monday and 1/2 day today...

She has strep throat...and was running a fever..:o(

In between, she was the sweet happy little girl she always is...

We even got in the pool, that Papa was nice enough to heat up...she only lasted about 1/2 hour, but she was happy!!! 

No pics of her in the pool, as I was in with her...

I took these later in the afternoon, after she rested for a while...

I sure hope she feels better really soon...she was not as feverish today...

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery...♥️♥️♥️...isn't she just a doll??? 

Okay...that's it for me...up to the minute...

We are heading down to the cottage in the morning...

Weather has been crazy...temps in the high 30's c...feeling like over 40c!!!!

It has cooled out a bit this afternoon, and we had 6 drops of rain!!!!

Now the gardens NEED some rain...with all the flowering Perennials blooming...

My Peonies are spectacular...will show you those next week... 

Looking forward to getting back to the cottage...

Wondering how my veggies are doing...not sure if there was any rain down there...but I know it was HOT!!!

           Hope you are all well...and enjoying yourselves...

                 Enjoy the rest of your week... 

                       Cheers!  :o)

                            linda ♥️



  1. Goodness, those flowers are gorgeous. I especially love the tulips. I have loved your cottage from afar for awhile now. It is absolutely charming. It's nice to see it so well looked after and loved.

    1. Hi Deb...
      They had a great run...and a great finale! Just beautiful!
      What a lovely thing to say...you should come down for a visit...I think we would have a LOT to talk about ✨

  2. The deck looks FAB!! I remember doing this!

    When we moved here 16 yrs ago..J said..au naturel:(
    So no maintenace..but never as pretty..

    She is just getting prettier and prettier Linda..

    love your views..

    the cottage..the plants..

    Hope she feels 100% better soon!

    1. It does doesn't it! I am happy!
      I love her soooo much...sometimes I think TOO much...she was funny in the phone tonight💕
      Enjoy your evening Monique..

    2. I have felt like that too..overwhelming love:) There is nothing we would not do for them♥
      Beware anyone who is not nice to them LOL;)

    3. Oh my gosh...I would kill them!
      She now has pink eye too...:o(...but no fever...
      Enjoy your day Monique!!
      Breezy here...and cooler temps...packing!!

  3. I can see why you love that cottage sun porch! It's just the perfect spot to enjoy the flowers, water, and sunset! Your food looks extra yummy! I've only made lamb once! We didn't grow up eating it so I never think to buy some! I'll have to do something about that soon. We're getting a grill this week...would be a good thing to try soon!
    Hope Miss V is better soon. Strep throat is no fun at all! Poor girl! We finally got some rain today.....two separate long, soaking storms. The garden is happy and I didn't have to go out and water it all. :)

    1. You got it Betsy...perfect spot...and shelter from the rain too!!
      Nothing better than sitting there, and watching a beautiful straight down rainshower!
      Grilled lambchops are delish...let me know if you try them!
      Miss V better this am...back at school...but, I miss her!

  4. So happy that Miss V has perked up. It's hard to see out little loves suffering. Madelyn has a virus and it's almost impossible to tell exactly what bothers her the most.

    Love the deck! You are something. I'm not a painter at all. I guess we wives and husbands just switch off on things. I love your sunroom...I can tell it's your favorite spot. Last week I hung some bird feeders and I'm so enjoying having my morning coffee near the windows where I can see some of the most interesting birds. I don't have a zoom lens so I don't think I'll get lovely pictures like yours.

    Your meals sound wonderful. They are always interesting and made with love. I'm innovative in the winter months but in the summer at the lake...well, I get a bit lazy and don't want to break the spell of relaxation!

    I'm off to go on Thursday and we have some of the kids coming up for Father's Day and Emily's birthday. I'm going to stay on. How long????!!

    Thanks for a sweet comment today, Linda. I simply adore you.

    Jane x

    1. When they are wee like Maddy, it is heartbreaking to watch them suffer...and they cant tell you where it hurts! Usually ends up being an ear infection.
      So glad you are finding some peace for yourself at the Lake...nothing like some good soul searching,eh??
      I cook everywhere!!! hahaha....boyfriend loves to eat!!
      And I adore you Jane...

  5. Aw! Poor Miss V! Strep throat is not fun! She still looks adorable, even when she is sick, though. Good job on the deck. I had to laugh when you said you are the painter - same here. The Mr. kind of fusses around looking busy when I do all the painting! Haha! Love all the pretty flowers and the bbq looks so yummy. Hope your sweet little gal recovers soon and you get a little rain, but not too much :) xx Karen

    1. Ha!!! Funny how some men are painters...and others NOT!!!
      Miss V is better than am...thanks KAren...enjoy your day!

  6. Temps in the high 30s? That's Queensland weather!! No wonder you are wearing pretty pink and blue sandals. You are one fit lady, out there painting the deck, and it looks great. As does the food, and the pretty flowers. So sad little one has a strep throat, nothing worse, and they look soooo sad, poor dears. Have a great week.

    1. I wear flipflops no matter what the weather Patricia! well...except in the snow! hahaha!
      Thanks for your kind thoughts...

  7. Cottage time must be just the very, very best . . .
    Even with the extra work it brings . . .
    What a lovely retreat . . .
    Flower pics and Miss V are yummy . . .
    Feel better sweet girl !!

    1. Hi Lynne...
      Yes...more work...but it keeps us busy...wonder what else we would do!
      She is better...thanks Lynne...enjoy your day!

  8. Oh strep throat! Not nice. Antibiotics kick in by about day three, usually. Your cottage flowers and deck are great. I love that traditional deck colour. In the house we lived in when I was very little, there was a large covered porch that always got painted that colour. -Jenn

    1. She started on Sunday...so she is def on the mend...my favorite colour too...boyfriend likes the red cedar, I hate that!! It was red for a few years...then I put my big foot down, and changed it...so much prettier like this!

  9. Hope Miss V is on the mend, sounds like she is a good patient. Enjoy the cottage.

    1. She was an excellent patient...and I miss her♥️

  10. Painting that deck was a big job! And oh my, isn't Miss V growing up so quickly!

    1. More beautiful every single day........

  11. It seems you are getting on top of all the jobs very quickly this year ~ all looks great.

    Hope Miss V recovers quickly . . . . a hug from Peter and Rosa . . . :)
    Incidently Rosa strolled over me today and said, "You are smashing!" . . . lol. Thought that was really cute.

    1. Hi eddie...
      Yes...she is much better...thanks!
      Now my daughter has an ear infection...and a runny eye...geesh...no rest for the wicked!!
      Rosa must have heard all the ladies saying that to you Eddie...

    2. Hope your daughter gets better soon.

      Well maybe Rosa did . . . lol . . it seems they cannot help themselves . . . haha! . . . :)

  12. Everything is looking marvelous! I love my porch, too, but it gets evening sun and it's just too hot to enjoy it until after sunset. Fall and Spring is great out there, though. Hope Miss V feels better, soon.

  13. Replies
    1. Hi Furry...
      Thanks...and thanks!

  14. Love the flowers, delicious menus with photos and your chatty conversation. Glad Miss V. is on the mend. My big grandson missed his high school Prom night last week because of a virus, not fun at any age. Enjoy the lovely weather at the cottage. We have a few events on the weekend, fun to dress up. Take care...

    1. She is great now...oh dear...so sorry for your Grandson, not something you can get back,eh?? Was he very disappointed???
      Hope you had fun playing dressup....😊

  15. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Gail...we love it down there!!

  16. Beautiful story you have told.
    That second photo has the most amazing plump clouds... and such a wonderful blue-sky backdrop.
    Those orange flowers are stunning. When I was a young teen I decorated my room in orange. Just loved it.
    Hope Miss V is well. Strep throat is sooooo painful.
    Yum to the food! Do wish I could have corn on the cob. One of the many things I miss.


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