Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lots of Bits & Bobs....

Where has August gone???
Seems like Summer just got started, and now we are winding down the month...

So much going on...

Check out Miss V with her first missing tooth!!!!!

Hopefully the pics will tell my story for me!!

The cupcake holders were a very lovely gift from the lovely MONIQUE over at www.latabledenana.blogspot...

She sent them to me...along with the most beautiful Garlic head that you have ever seen!!! I am to plant the Garlic in the Fall... 

Miss V LOVED doing her cupcakes in the sweet bear molds...Thank you so much dear Monique...you are truly one of the most generous and loving people I have "met" here in blogland...♥️  If you have not checked out her blog...please do...she is an amazing photographer...gardener...baker...painter...and she has chickens too!!!!

Now....back to more photos.... 

Last week...I had 2 sets of guests at the cottage...

I always love getting the dining table ready for our meals together...

Old neighbours of ours visited on Thursday for the day and dinner...

It poured rain!!!

Luckily we were safe and dry on the sunporch!!

A childhood friend and her hubby came on Friday for a sleepover...we had the best time...a bit windy, but we found our cozy spots to chat and reminisce... We had visited their lovely home on a Lake near Peterborough...I posted about it...gorgeous spot!!

They thoroughly enjoyed sleeping with the windows open, and listening to the waves!! Said it was like being at the Ocean.... 

I have included a few different angles of the sunporch...dressed and ready!! 


 I was fortunate enough to FINALLY capture a pic of a Kingfisher...

This was truly exciting!!

Hope you are all well...and enjoying this crazy weather!!!

It has been up and down like a yoyo...hot and humid...stormy...sunny!!

Not really sure if I like the hot and humid too much...kinda looking forward to cooler temps come Fall...geesh...did I just say that! hahaha!!! 

Finding it more difficult to post these days...

Loving Instagram...so quick and easy...love having most of you over there as well...Hope you don't get tired of seeing the same photos! 

Anyway...that is it for me...rainy day today...laying low...crochet hook busy...

I have finished a blanket just for Miss V for Christmas...in her fav colour...PINK!

Have a great day...and a great week...see you all soon!!

                  Cheers! :o)

                        linda ♥️



  1. i always enjoy your bits and bobs posts.
    and that pink and blue plaid late summer table cloth is perfect!
    i can't comment on your instagram and i can't get into any because it says i already have an account.
    i started it once a long time ago in a library class i was taking. now it won't let me access it!
    i have forgotten the password AND the name i used to start it! we were using the library computers.
    when i tried to open a NEW account it wouldn't let me. said i already have an account. aggghh!
    very irritating. but says it's for protection purposes? weird.
    anyway. i'll enjoy your blog for as long as you want to post!

    1. Hi Tammy...
      Try writing to Instagram...there is a help page...or google it! I find so many things googling!

  2. I love IG..but I love reading your posts!Look at Miss V😌The toothless wonder and so it begins!Mine are all with front adult teeth now.I do miss their sweet baby faces..Lucas..whoa..look out girls..
    Your girls are lovely!
    My gardens are looking really tired and the dahlias are earwig motels again..ugly critters burrow in the petals and fall out creepy pincers..
    So continue With IG but don't quit this job lol!

    1. Hahaha! The toothless wonder! Isn't she a doll?
      Yes...your Lucas is a handsome devil for sure! All your Littles are!
      HATE earwigs...disgusting creatures....
      Okey dokey...ill keep on blogging....hahaha!
      Enjoy your evening Monique!

  3. Such beauty!! All around! Love Miss V's first tooth photos! How can they be growing up so fast?!?!?! Everything looks so beautiful at the cottage... If I were you, I might never leave! Have a great week, Linda! blessings ~ tanna
    ps YES, Monique is so wonderful!

    1. Growing way too fast Tanna...as you know!
      It is beautiful there, but I do love the comforts of home every few days!
      Monique IS wonderful.....
      Enjoy your week....

  4. Always fun to see your photos! Miss V...getting so grown up looking. I bet she was thrilled with
    the tooth! We've had the same weird weather. Different every day. At least the summer wasn't parched and
    dry. Our grass in the yard is still lush and green and needs cut twice a week as if it was spring. I hate the summers that it is crunchy and brown. Still...we've had the AC on all summer. I'm looking forward to the cooler days of fall when you can open up the house!

    Yay for Instagram. I totally agree. ♥

    1. For sure the grass is green...but I find the heat has not been kind to certain perennials...
      Oh well....it is what it is....right Betsy?
      We've had the ac on as well...apparently tomorrow is supposed to be fresher...looking forward to that!
      Enjoy your evening....

  5. Sweet Miss V - hope that the tooth fairy came a visiting.

  6. I got instagram to look at my brother's pictures but I don't remember my name or password either. *sigh* So stay right here in blogland. I love seeing all your pictures and reading the text that goes with them. How beautiful your lake house is. I would never want to leave. Miss V is growing up. Losing a tooth is a big deal.

    1. Hi Kathy...thanks so much! You are always so sweet! Hope you are well....

  7. Loved, loved this post . . .
    Such beautiful flowers.
    I would love to pick through all of those smooth stones.
    Losing ones first tooth is a "big deal" . . .
    Miss V is such a pretty little girl . . .
    She looks sweet and fun too.
    And growing and changing with every post . . .
    She will love her PINK blanket present surprise this Christmas.
    Where do the days go . . .
    Keep enjoying, still warm around here!

    1. HI Lynne...
      She is fun...and sweet!
      Enjoy your week dear...

  8. We were looking at the weather in Ontario today. It's really all over the place. Everything except snow.

    Did did the tooth fairy come?

    1. Crazy weather...nope...no snow!!
      Yes indeedy she did!!

  9. Goodness! I feel like I have had a visit to the lake. Wonderful shots. You are a wonderful hostess. SUmmer has been so full for us too. Finally stoking up the blog a little more. It's been fun to keep up with you on IG since I have had no time to visit blogs. But what's a summer for? Your babe has lost her first tooth! So fun to see her grow up right before our eyes. Carry on!

    1. HI Jacqueline...thanks for stopping by!
      She is getting to be a big girl for sure...want to keep her little!

  10. What lovely times you have been having at the cottage. I know what you mean about blogging, it is hard isn't it, but I hope you keep going. Lovely chatting post!

    1. Hey Amy...
      Yes...cant seem to find the time...I used to post every day!
      Keeping up with your latest crochet projects!

  11. What a gorgeous post Linda, I enjoyed it all. Been finding it hard to post myself lately, but finally did it this week. Those bear cupcake molds are the business - I'll be looking out for them around the shops. Great catch of the kingfisher - aren't birds the difficult ones to photograph! Some of our birds I have chased for years and never catch a picture. Autumn flowers for you, and some Spring ones coming out for me. Love the change of seasons. I have always wishes for a sun porch - you must really enjoy it. I cannot believe that little Miss V is losing teeth already; life is too short. We looked at the map of Ontario tonight - I think I saw you :)

    1. I was thrilled to capture the Kingfisher...see them a few times...but this time I got him!!
      LOVE the sunporch...best thing ever!!
      I was waving at you! hahaha!!

  12. Miss V is growing so fast . . . great photos as well.
    Love the Kingfisher.
    I think I might be tempted to try Instagram. Sounds good but have no idea about how it works yet. Some of us take a lottle longer coming into the current century . . . lol

    1. HI Eddie...
      Get yourself on Instagram...you will love it!!

  13. Such lovely, happy photos. Nice that you've been busy with family, friends. Hectic here since we arrived back. Amazing but tiring, on the go trip. Love to travel, but always very nice to be home. Enjoy the rest of the week...

    1. I have been thinking about you...wondering if you were home yet...I am sure you had an amazing time!!! Yes...there is no place like home...

  14. August has zipped by. A 10 minute or so downpour this afternoon, wasn't expected, but it came anyway! Lots cooler today so finally got to clean front window, door and frames and garage door ... dang spiders sure do make a mess. Off to last swimming kesson of summer for grandkids. Not long ago they were just jumping in and splashing around, now they are swimming lap after lap in the big pool.

    1. We also got a few stray drops!!
      Spiders are poopy messers...boyfriend constantly cleaning the cottage siding!!
      They sure grow up fast, eh Linda!!

  15. Hi dear Linda and thanks so much by visit me :)
    something happened and by error your comment was delete but I can read so I answer you . Hugs to you and miss V.

  16. PD I love absolutely yours picture especially miss V pictures and yours dogs are lovely :)
    hugs !

    1. Those are my daughter and SIL's dogs....
      Hugs to you...

  17. The child is beautiful, as always!
    Love her missing tooth photo.
    And I can't help but love our trips to the cottage.
    It feels like I've actually visited even if I haven't

  18. Summer has disappeared and seems I missed most of it. Fall is my favourite so looking forward to it.
    Lovely photo of your daughters and fun one of the toothy Miss V. Her pool batwings look fun, too.
    Cute muffin holders!

    1. Yes...look forward Suzanne...Hopefully the Fall brings you better health!!

  19. Love your blog,so cheerful!Great photos,wonderful landscape...Hugs,Maristella.

    1. Thanks so much! Please visit often!


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