Monday, 3 October 2016

Last Day Of Summer...First Day Of Fall At The Cottage....Part 2......

Continuing along, from where I left off...

Remind me to do one post at a time, and be done with it!! 

Geesh...why do I get my self into these things!!

Hard enough to remember what I had for breakfast...let alone a week ago!


Here we go...lets do this!!

So...this is Thursday...the first day of Fall...the sun greeted us with her smiling face, so we decided it was time to put a fresh coat of stain on the upper railing, above the sunporch...this is our guest room, and actually has a glass door out to the wee balcony...not my favorite spot...the railing {which we had replaced a few years ago} very you feel kinda like a giant looking down...not a fan of heights...but...the job needed to be done...and...after all....we are a team...right?

You can see what a big difference it made...especially on the top rail...didn't take us long to apply 2 coats...and admire our handywork!!

After lunch, I made a couple of floral arrangements...

Imagine using Ferns on the First Day of Fall...

Also added a few pieces of Oat Grass, love the texture it creates... 

Hydrangeas still beautiful, and a few Sedum stems...

Same idea for the Sunporch...

Just makes things nicer, eh??

Friday was the dull day...we took off for town...did some thrifty shopping...Of course I got a few things!!

We went for a walk in the afternoon...the seagulls and cormorants were going crazy!!!! Not sure if there was a school of fish or what...but...I captured them along the beach from us...making quit a racket!!

I went down onto the beach, to get the photos...boyfriend stayed up on the road...waiting patiently for me, while I looked for beach glass too!!

See him there???

Don't you just love the "body language"...come on...hurry up....what are you looking for down there??? You are not supposed to be down says "Private "Property"....

Such a worry wart...


This is how Friday ended...gloomy all least we ate on the sunporch, as it wasn't that cold...


Saturday was another story....

Glorious Sunshine all day...

I got a big garden cleaned out...

Boyfriend got the loungers painted with rust paint...they looked fabulous!!

After dinner...we enjoyed a firepit on the beach deck...first of the Season...hopefully many more to come!!
Sunday was more of the same...

We left in the afternoon, as we were supposed to take Erika and Miss V out for dinner, for Erika's bday...didn't happen...but they did come for a visit...


 Shot of the driveway, as I locked the gate...

Lovely and green,eh? ♥️ 

 I also saw my favorite polka dot horse on the way home...

A few of you had thought she might be pregnant last time I showed her...
how long do horses carry? I admit, I know nothing about this...she still looks the same to me...and I think it was June that I posted her first picture...hmmmm?

 Hope that you are all glad it stopped raining here...
Not as much rain at the cottage...but kinda dreary and cool this past weekend.. 
Good for the trees and shrubs going into the cooler months...

Tonight will be a Ham and Scalloped potatoes...and fresh Yellow beans...
Lovely comforting meal...

Very busy with my crochet...already ripped the sweater out once!! Geesh... 

Can hardly believe that this weekend is our Thanksgiving already...

Not ready for this yet!!

Guess I will be hosting...even if only a few of us will actually be eating Turkey!

Hope you have a great day...

        I will be back sooner than later....

                           Cheers!  :o)

                                 linda ♥️



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Bonnie...we love it!

  2. Fall is here for sure, lovely shots of the cottage. Hope you get to enjou several more weekends there. Is Florida on the winter horizon? I must shoot you off an email and get some referrals from you.

    1. We hope to enjoy a few more, Linda...son's wedding is the 22nd! Getting close!
      Yes....Florida def on the hooked on the beach,eh?

  3. Lovely pics Linda! You are good to maintain 2 homes impeccably..

    we are having a different TG..our 2 son -in-laws..and 3 eldest grandsons..are busy!

    Hunting for Alain and Adamo..a Footbsll dinner for Frédérick..Lucas and Max..

    so it's Oli..Noah..Mylène ..Caroline and us..FONDUE!! LOL

    1. We try...sometimes it gets overwhelming! At least the pool is closed...always something!
      Fondue? Sounds so French! You guys will have a ball.....

  4. That horse looks VERY pregnant indeed!

  5. Well, that was an action packed visit, painting, cottage renovations, gardening, trespassing, fire raising, sun worshipping, rain dodging. shopping . . . and you even made time to take some great photos. Glad you enjoyed your stay and weather was kind to you . . . :) cheers . .

    1. HI Eddie.....
      Yes....action packed for sure! I am tired just thinking about it!

  6. So many things to like in the post . . .
    Love too . . .
    Fern and things in arrangement . . .
    Hanging baubles in the window . . . oh my . . .
    Deck painting color!
    Green, Green, Green!
    Camp fire!
    Hands on hip hubs while you looked for seaglass . . .
    Beautiful sunny day!
    Like I said . . . So many things to like!
    And love!

    1. Oh Lynne....always love your comments! Thanks!

  7. Sounds like a good weekend at the cottage! You have a nice green driveway.

    1. HI Furry....
      The driveway was mostly pea gravel when we bought 20 years has slowly become green...I like it better this way!

  8. Gosh, you had a very productive cottage weekend. I like the humour too, like when you describe the BF waiting for you to finish "trespassing." Nice that you were able to get through a lot of projects, I know how house proud you are and I can understand why. :) Have a good week and take care....

    1. HI there Hester....
      Aren't boyfriends just too funny! Hahaha! At least he waited for me! Hahaha!
      Enjoy your time with your little NY family...

  9. A lovely post Linda, makes me wish I had a cottage on the lake too. You are so energetic, and it always looks in great condition. Love those sea-birds, what a sight they make. The beach walk sounds lovely, despite Mr Hand-on-hips wanting to move it along, he he. Your floral arrangements are very stylish, you have a gift!

    1. Thanks Patricia! Welcome back....I must visit and see if you have any wedding photos...

  10. I enjoyed both post of the last day of summer/first day of fall, Linda. It looked like beautiful weather. Your flowers are still producing I see. We had our first frost this morning but the flowers are still ok. It's a gorgeous day here again and going to be a nice sunny warm week until Sunday when the remnants of Hurricane Matthew might bring some rain and wind. We're going to Moncton Friday to Sunday for a get away. I'm looking forward to it! Hope to take lots of pics and visit family. Back to our son and his wife's for Thanksgiving dinner Sunday afternoon. Have a super week! xo Pam

    1. Maybe you will get to that restaurant we liked in Moncton!
      Hope Matthew is kind to our Maritimes...lucky you...out for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

  11. Looks like a wonderful weekend, Linda - got some projects done, did some thrifting and looked for sea-glass (with a guard standing by :), made pretty arrangements and ate wonderful meals. Perfect! Love the photos and that polka-dot horse. I do think they 'carry' for nearly a whole year. I just read that in the 'Farmer's Almanac' the other day! Love the photo of the wind chime:) xx Karen

    1. Good to know about the Horse! I will keep my eye on her!
      Enjoy your week Karen...

  12. Boyfriend's stance has me smiling.
    Look at the firepit! Wonderful.
    Love the spotted horse... aw.

    1. Isn't he hilarious? hahaha! I am used to that!!
      I am going to keep my eye on that Horse!!

  13. that little balcony... what a pefect place to sit and read a good book! like being in a tree house.
    I love your life there! the little enchanted cottage. it's beautiful in ALL seasons.
    a horse is pregnant for a whole 11 months! can you imagine! so she has a long way to go yet if she is expecting a little foal.
    have a happy thanksgiving tomorrow!
    oh... p.s.
    the boyfriend's stance speaks VOLUMES! LOLOL! xo

    1. OH non no no no no Tammy! Scary up there! Not really built for that....not really sure why it was built that way! Perhaps for looks!
      Just home last night from a 2 day getaway!
      Miss V here today..and a sleepover....back to the cottage tomorrow! Home Sunday....turkey on Monday here! Phew! Got all that? Hahaha!

  14. Hahaha I deleted the above post cause I commented AGAIN..


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