Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Getting Back To The Festivities

I have been a thrift shopper for many years, and the idea has rubbed off onto my children. My son especially loves anyting "retro"...'60's and '70's.

When my husband and I went to check out the cottage last Friday, we visited 2 thrift shops in Port Colborne. The Sally Ann and another very interesting one called "Port Thrift". 

There I found this Santa...still in his original box...from Woolco (remember that store)...priced at just $4.50! How could I resist???

He stands about 10" high, and is poseable!! Love his sack full of presents!

Have you ever seen such an adorable life-like face?! I could just squeeze him to death!!

Then I spotted this trio of candles.
I remember these from when I was a kid.

They were a whopping 50 cents each!!

I know my son will be thrilled when he gets these in his stocking...especially since he will be moving into his first home in the Spring, and will decorate next Christmas. 
                       this is a close-up from my tree....white poinsettia

                           Have been working on some food treats. Got the spinach dip ready for dipping....going to bake 2 more batches of shortbread...meatballs to roll....squares to prepare....busy,busy,busy.........but never too busy to make a post for all my loyal readers....and you KNOW who you are....I always appreciate your kind comments....will be back, with some shots of my goodies

                                                    Enjoy your day!!!



  1. I LOVE that Santa! So life-like and poseable also! I want one!
    Your tree is gorgeous, but also, the photo doesn't do it justice. It is much better in real life!

  2. Spinach dip sounds delicious! And all of your decorations are amazing!!! Just beautiful. Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

  3. Lucky Ryan! What an amazing vintage find. I love that stuff. Happy Christmas to you and yours.


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