Thursday, 1 December 2011

What A Day!!!!

This morning, My son Ryan, and his gal Anna, picked me up to visit the decor centre, to finalize some of his details for his new home that he has purchased.

Off we went....coffees in hand, for the drive to Ancaster. Afterwards, we were to go to my daughter Lissa's, in Burlington, to feed her 3 cats, as she and her husband Jeff are away in Marco Island. My husband and I had already been on Monday and Tuesday, but didn't go yesterday, as we had some appointments. So I knew they would be hungry, and the litter would be full!!

We arrived in Burlington around 3:30pm....when I tried to unlock the door, the key  turned, but the handle would not open the door!  I am like "what the hell"..."everything was fine on Tuesday".... Ryan took over, and tried everything....we even got a rock out of the garden, and tried to bang the handle down....what to do....I know...we'll call a locksmith!

Ryan had his handy dandy Iphone.. and within seconds he had located a locksmith right around the  corner. It was "Ed's Key and Lock Service"...Ryan said he sounded old, and he would be over ASAP!!

We got back into the car, as it was kinda chilly...I am sure the cats were on the other side of the door, thinking....where is the food!!! ????

Within 10 minutes...good old Ed rolled in....what a jolly happy soul he was!! He tried the key....listened closely...and went back to his van for an important tool.......a long piece of plastic!!!! Which he slid in and wiggled until he pushed the lock back...and just like that we were inside!!!

The cats were in side waiting...scared to death!!! We immediately fed them.

Ed continued to work on the handle....apparently when my son-in-law put a new handset on, he used the cartridge from the old handle...and it was only a matter of time that it would not work properly....of course it had to be today!!!

The whole thing took about 20 minutes...he put the handle back on...just for looks, and the key still opens the least Ed was a pleasant person, he is retiring December 22nd, and taking a cruise to Brazil....charged me $60...not too bad at all!!!

You never know what the day will bring...Greg and I are heading back there tomorrow, and Lissa will be home tomorrow evening late......

                                  WHAT A DAY!!!!!




I wish I had taken a picture of Ed....he really was a sweet man

Hope you all had a good day        :o)


  1. Max looks like he's ready to run. J.J is going NOWHERE, but Pixie has definitely been traumatized by this whole ordeal! I can just imagine the fussing at the door :) Very funny indeed. Bet the cats will be happy to see their Mum and Dad! :)

  2. Look at the eyes on all those cats. Gorgeous!! My word verification is retcha. That is what my cats do ALOT of in our house on clean carpets - vomit!!! Do Lissa's??


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