Thursday, 8 December 2011

Closing The cottage

Yesterday, was the day that we shut the cottage for 2011. It is always a sad day, as we miss going so much. As we had done most of the work, the last few weeks, the major thing is that Greg shuts the water off. That is when YOU really know, the season is over. Because the climate on Lake Erie is quite balmy, we are lucky enough to have the water on this late in the year. I know that people up North...Muskoka etc. usually shut their water shortly after Labor Day, or perhaps stretch it to Thanksgiving.

When I first stepped out of the car in the driveway, I noticed something growing on top of our mulch pile, from tree trimmings done last spring. On closer inspection, it was a mass of!

As I made my way along, I spied a lot of perennials still green, and looking ready to put out buds. These holly hock are ready for next spring.

These Woodland Geraniums stay evergreen, and leaves are a lovely shade of rust.

My perennial Yucca is also an evergreen. My Sister tells me, that when the leaves look "hairy" in the fall, that means flowers next summer. I have waited a couple of years between blooms, and they are spectacular.

The Pachysandra ground cover also is an evergreen...tiny white flowerettes in the Spring.

The beach was exceptionally wind, and a few things had washed up....

Like this pine black, from being soaking wet
And I even found a piece of sea glass....never before in December!
The deck looked kinda lonely....but peaceful at the same time.

Forget-Me-Nots...another evergreen
The seed pods of the Rose of Sharon

One of my Miscanthus is still green
As well as the perennial Lavender my daughter gave me...still smells wonderful

More Forget-Me-Nots, some woodland geranium peeking through the leaves, and some Euphorbia
Tiny succulents still putting out leaves
Close-up of the Euphorbia...has a lovely lime-green bloom in the spring

Zoomed in for a shot of our neighbour, Bradley, 3 houses down...has a fire no matter what!! He is one of many permanent residents on our stretch of Lake Erie

The perennial Oat Grass looks great all winter
The car is packed with a few odds and sods

The 2 Happy Owners are ready to leave. Greg has successfully drained the lines and put anti-freeze in the toilet and down the drains.

 And I am trying to put on a brave I will miss staying here again, until next year. Don't get me wrong....we visit at least 3 times a month, but there is no substitute for the feeling of unpacking your bag..loading up the fridge with fresh groceries....clean sheets on the
  bed....checking out everything new and abloom in the gardens......getting the lawn chairs out,  and lounging on the deck, to watch life go by.

:o)   Does it get any better than that?

Cheers to my friends!


  1. Cheerio to your garden and lake. It all looks ready for Christmas. Even the shore decorated itself with green sea grass for the celebration of Christmas! May a lovely winter peace descent over the cottage until next summer.

  2. I think you also meant sea GLASS!!! guess your mind was on the CACTUS!!!!

  3. My word verification is 'spore'. How appropriate on a post starting with mushrooms, that look like they were carved from wax. So cool! The cottage does look so lovely and quiet. It needs to sleep now.

  4. Oh, everything is so lovely. It won't be long and you will be back sitting in your chair!


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