Monday, 5 December 2011

Last Week At My Daughter and Son-In-Laws

 Last week, you may remember I was feeding the 3 cats for 5 days. When you first approach Lissa's house, the first thing you see, are her Fall Cabbages...still glorious and pink. They jump right out at beautiful.

Also in her front garden, is perennial Holly bush. Traditionally associated with Christmas, there are over 400 species. They sport very glossy green leaves, and bright red berries. Also known as "Drupes"...they are very important for birds and wildlife.

 Then I spotted something, that I knew I had seen before, but couldn't put my finger on the name...I thought and thought, and finally came up with it!  HELEBORES!!!

They are also referred to as "Christmas Rose" or "Lentin Rose". They are the stars of a late winter/early spring gardens. They are deep rooted, stout plants. Their large leaves persist thru winter, but not  all are evergreen in all climates.
 They divide very easily (hoping to get some!), and should be done in late spring or early autumn.
 They self seed easily, and are very easy to grow. They have pale yellow/green bunches of 6 or more buds.  When I asked Lissa about them, she said that her neighbour's son had given it to her last summer. She was very surprised to see it blooming when she got home from Florida.

This is the view from her back door. They have an amazing garden...full of everything you can think of....she has so many Hostas, she insisted I take some!  I love Hostas, so I was happy to oblige.

Her 2 ferns from her front porch, are still going strong. She has moved them to the back deck, as she has no room for them! I brought my 1 fern in, and have it upstairs...we will see what it looks like come spring.
Their back shed is adorable....she painted it this summer, used to be just brown wood! I think she did an awesome job! The tree beside the shed is a "Curly Willow"
So........before I left on the last day of cat sitting......I helped myself to a beautiful bag of green lush Holly........payment for a job well done!!!

                                        Stay tuned for the Christmas Tree and outdoor pots!!

                                    Hope you all had a nice day.......gloomy as it was!



  1. Wow, Lissa has your green thumb!!! I have a Christmas Rose and it has NEVER bloomed around Christmas. I thought it was some kind of joke. I have only seen those glorious blooms in June. What am I doing wrong??? The garden shed is so cute. Good paint job!

  2. Very sweet new home for the little couple. Lots of room for the puppy to romp. Lissa obviously has the green gene from you. Even my Christmas Cacti are flopping! I've never seen a holly do so well in these parts. Excellent!


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