Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Since There Is None Of The White Stuff......Hmmmm...Let Me See....

 As I look outside, I wonder if there will be any snow for Christmas.
I always remember when my kids were little, it almost seemed the
most important part. One Christmas in particular, when they went to bed, there wasn't a flake, and when they awoke, there had been a beautiful light, fluffy, snowfall..
Boy were they excited......it really made the day EVEN more fabulous!!!!

So, on that note.....I thought it was time for some "white".....

Flowers that is!!!!
White Perennial Phlox

Spring Blooming Star of Bethlehem
White Native Coneflower

Lovely Lily-of-the-Valley

Dainty White Violets...couldn't pick just one!

Aren't they beautiful??

White Cosmos

Creamy White Hydrangea

White Datura...beautiful, but poisonous

Had enough of the Violets??? Never!!

White Begonia

White Cleome

Perennial Goose-neck Loostrife

White Hollyhock

White Peony

Gourd Flowers

White Lily

And the place I love to sit, and admire my garden.....My screened sun-porch.....where else???? my beautiful cottage.....:o)

                                           Cheers To A White Christmas!!!!


  1. Oh I do love screened in porches! Just wait, I think you'll have your "white" on Sunday. Happy shoveling. You must be good at shoveling with all those garden plants! Love the white.

  2. Oh Linda, I love your blog! Great pictures. It's obvious you're having a great time doing this because it shows in your posts. Your summer home is, like you, fabulous darling!

  3. White flowers in a garden are supposed to be the most fragrant. Do you agree? I love lily of the valley for their wonderful scent and cute bell shape.


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