Thursday, 8 December 2011

Time For Some Orange

Here in Mississauga, we are supposed to get "some"snow tomorrow....perhaps a "skiff'". 
 So I propose that we all look at something ORANGE....something like sherbet....something like orange marmalade....something like....I know...FLOWERS!  What else would you expect from me. This blog is certainly turning into a tribute to what I truly love....FLOWERS!!

Tiger Lilies
Double Daylilies

Black-Eyed Susans




Love the "susans"....I know, they aren't really orange, but close enough

Zuccinni and blossom

Orange sunset

These are not orange....but I just had to put them in....ahhhhhhh for the good old summer days of flip-flops...seems like a long time ago..that reminds me.....I need a pedicure for  Christmas!!             

Hope we don't get too much snow....want to finish my shopping first!!



  1. May I suggest orange for the toes? Beautiful orange flowers and yet again I marvel at how healthy and lovely your flowers look....

  2. Oh I am so glad you found me so that I could find YOU! Your flower pictures were just what I needed on this very coooooold day. I long for spring and I am afraid we haven't even seen the worst of winter yet. I love flowers too and cannot wait to landscape this spring. I have big plans. The outside of the house was so neglected by the previous owners that all I was able to do this year was cleanup the mess and get ready for next spring. We still need to put on a new roof and I don't want to plant anything until the roofers are done because they don't care about the landscape. I look forward to snooping around more and following you! Come back and visit soon!

    Merry Christmas, Kristine

  3. ok...couldn't find your follow button so I am going to list you in my favorites!

  4. The oranges and yellows are something I have not used enough in my gardens. I love them. No snow yet this morning....keep those flip flops on, I think it's keeping us from winter!:)

  5. didn't work the first time I tried...but now you are up on my list! glad to "meet" you!


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