Wednesday, 14 December 2011

When You Stop By.....Please Feed My Fish!!!!

 You may have noticed, I have added a few cute little fish, to the top of my blog.
If you run your mouse over them... and "click"...little bits of "fish food"
come out, and they scramble to eat it! Kinda cute, eh??

 Had my "girls" over for tea today, and made my first batch of shortbread. They brought banana bread and "portugese" custard tarts. A good time was had by all.

 I made the centerpiece from flowers that my daughter had brought me yesterday. She is a floral designer, and is very talented. She said these were a new kind of mini-carnation...very fluffy...

 Leslie brought me a threesome of creamy white hydrangeas.....keeping with my "white" theme...

Very lovely, indeed!

Thanks Leslie :o)

I kinda thought the red sparkly picks look like olives....what do you think??

                                                   Hope you had as nice a day as I did!!

                                                                 Cheers    :o)


  1. Love those green flowers with the festive red balls in the green holder. Looked so cool.
    I fed your fish and I taught them to follow my mouse! They are very smart, aren't they?

  2. It is like Christmas Wonderland at your home Linda. I think you should be featured in a magazine. It was so perfect for me today to be with you, and Devon. It lifted my spirits enormously and inspired and delighted us all. Thanks for such a lovely tea. Christmas is really here now. By the way, if the rain I drove home in had have been snow, we would be in big trouble now!


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