Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Haven't Done this for a while....

Only 2 more days left here in Florida....

Today is wicked...

Very high winds...

Lots of waves...

Cloudy skies....

Tornado warnings...YIKES!!

A great day...

To reflect on things that I have missed...

And will be able to do when I get back home safely...

I have missed my tea parties and my cakes with berries and yogurt...  

Can you believe I have not had a cup of tea in over a month????

I hope to ready that today, as I am sure my sweet Friend Linda will make me a cup of tea after our lunch with her and her husband today....

I have the fabric all ready to make Vivian a Raggedy Anne doll for her birthday in July....

This one will be soft pinks and greens....and warm furry fabrics...

Who ever said Anne had to be red and white????

Not sure what colour her hair will be....fun to think about!!!

I wonder how all my african violets are doing....

Are the birds tapping on the window looking for me and my boyfriend???

Where's the food, Linda.....get crackin'....hahaha...  

I miss our weekly trips to the Lake....to check things out...grab some lunch  

Visit a few thrift shops.....

BUt MOST of all....that  sweet little face of our Vivian....

It just gets cuter every day....and the personality is really coming alive...

Don't get me wrong....

I LOVE our time here....but....as Dorothy says...

"Theres no place like home"....I truly believe that....:o)    



I love all the time....



Gathering shells....

Splashing along in the waves...

With my Boyfriend....

Gosh....am i sappy today or what???

TIme to exit this post....before I get you all to pull out your hankies!!!

Enjoy your day....and for those of you snowed in...a cup of tea, cake with berries and yogurt will surely help....  

Lunch at our friends place....some Marshall's shopping...and something
out to eat.....

Enjoy your day.....

                    Cheers!  :o)


  1. No tea for a month!!!! I love my cups of tea.
    The storm is moving in overnight Tuesday ... perhaps it will decide to give out area a miss. I can dream, can't I?
    A raggedy Anne doll sounds wonderful ... colours should be what you want them to be.
    Enjoy the last couple of days.

    1. Thanks Crafty...today cleared up and we had a sunset!!!
      Can't wait to get started on the raggedy anne!!!

  2. I love sappy! And just look at that darling baby girl! I so love baby chins. I just scrolled thru your whole vacation! I missed a lot! You have packed a lot in. Gorgeous afghan. Your Raggedy Ann is going to be sweet. I can hear home in your voice. Enjoy your friends. I hope you get tea!

    1. I did!!!! Just like the old days, when we had little kids and got together to complain about our boyfriends and drink tea!!! Had a lovely day...
      Thanks for visiting, Jacqueline...

  3. Oh sweet friend, how fun it has been to visit the beach on another coast, with you this past month!! But I too miss your posts from home, your home. Where that beautiful baby girl is....and your cottage on the lake, and your nature shots!!! It is always fun to go somewhere and play, but indeed, there is no place like home!!!!! Can't wait to see what's what when you get back!
    Such lovely china, and oh...that sweet Viv....I want to kiss those chubby cheeks!!!
    PS I think your hubby and mine could be brothers!!

    1. Oh thanks Kris....you DO understand me!!!
      We have one more day in Paradise...and then we hit the road...
      Well....they are both named Greg!!! hahaha...

  4. Sappy is good, Linda. Love those pictures! You're right... there's no place like home.

    1. Awwwww..the grumpster has a heart!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

  5. good lord. this post is a visual FEAST!
    that picture of you and your boyfriend DEMANDS to be put on the sidebar. yes.
    it's that good.
    and Vivian. there is nothing left to say but to sit here with my mouth open in wonderment! LOLOL.
    or is that over the luscious cake and yogurt and fruit? aaaggghhh!!!! YUM.
    be safe dear heart. be safely home.
    tammy j

    1. Tammy...Tammy...Tammy....love when you visit!!!
      Now, everyone understands why I am ready to go home...
      I need me some Vivian....and I really miss my kids...:o)
      My boyfriend says thanks...will consider the sidebar thingy!!!!

  6. Where did the time go? It seems you were gone about a week.

    1. well....no....one month...Geesh!!! pay attention!!!hahaha...

  7. I think your photos of fruit/cake/yogurt are some of your best! They are magazine worthy!

    Hope you get one last hot sunny day before heading back, too!

    LOVE the photo of you and your boyfriend. That is SO good!

    1. Supposed to be nice tomorrow...will sit and fry!!!!!
      Yes....my boyfriend is a keeper, eh??

  8. You don't miss my sweet little face, too?? haha Raggedy Anne will look fabulous in green and fur! Vivian is adorableness personified! Week after next, when you are back into it all, you will be longing for the fabulous beach.
    Just waiting for the storm to hit here...VERY windy but that's it so far. You will miss this latest one, lucky!

    1. You know I missed your sweet little face....why do you think I put all of our tea party pics up????
      My friend Linda made me a cup of tea today....delish!!
      You are probably right about the beach thing...but....all good things must come to and end....and in a month...we can probably open the cottage...hooray!!!! and then start the gardening season...ahhhhhh..life is sweet....and I can't wait to see Vivian!!!

    2. I can't believe you hadn't had a cup of tea for a month! I live on tea! I expect to see you back at the gym on Tuesday, right?? Three fab combo's for step - you don't want to miss it! Have a safe drive home.

    3. Nope...not til yesterday...we have a lot of teas to make up!!!!
      Perhaps I will see you on Tuesday...we'll see!!!

  9. Hold on to your hats.....I hope the weather gets better and the winds die down.
    Your fabric is so pretty Linda. Yes Raggedy Ann can be in other colors.
    I know Vivian is just going to be so excited to see her Nana... Safe
    trip home. Great photo of the two of you!

    1. I hope she is Linda....I sure hope so...I can't wait to hug her!!!!

  10. That sweet Vivian sure has some cute kissable cheeks! I bet you can't wait to see her. I hear it's snowing in southern Ontario. It will probably be gone by the time you get back. Enjoy the evening.

    1. You got that right Pam....hoping we don't hit any storms on the way home...
      One more day in the sun!!!!

  11. Hoo Boy! I hope you have a safe journey home. There has been so much unsettled weather around us. See you soon!


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