Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Few Bits & Bobs......

 One of my very favorite blog friends...

Sent me a Guest Book for the cottage...

The pics that I had posted here and on IG, of Miss V signing my book at the cottage, inspired her to send me this book that she had had for many years and not used at her own home.

But the icing on the cake...

Was the adorable wee water colour that she included!!!!

She painted this of my toes...in my backyard here...with my blog title 💕

She is an excellent baker and a water colour artiste extraordinaire!!

Her home and gardens are fabulous...she certainly has the "Golden" touch...

Have you ever seen anything so sweet???

A few of you...who also follow her beautiful blog...will know who she is!!

I got my crochet hook out...and made her 2 cotton dishcloths, to thank her for her kind and beautiful gift!

I also made her a card...because that is what I do!! hahaha!! 

 I kept myself busy during all that rain last week...

Got 3 more dishcloths made up...just in case...😉

I am really enjoying making these...love all the different colours...

Now for a few shots from my garden here at home...

Not much really happening...other than a few Forget-Me-Nots....

But my Peonies are really taking off!! Ants and all!!! 

My Trilliums are up...but no flowers...????

I posted this pretty flowerey vine yesterday on IG...

I do not know what it is!!

Betsy has tried to find it, but to no avail...

I got a shot of the leaves below...

Anybody know what this is???

I actuall think it gets a few berries in the Fall...


Perhaps a bird left it for me! 

 And last...


Certainly not least...

Miss V spent Sunday with us... 

The same lovely gal who sent me the guest book, had given her grandson one of her older cameras to take a few photos with...

I copied her...and handed Miss V one of my smaller older ones..(actually the one I give my boyfriend to use from time to time)...and let me tell you...she had a ball!!!

A chip off the old block for sure!!! I have posted a few of hers on IG, if you want to take a look over there....

She was super...and even got a hilarious selfie...😂

So that is me up to the minute...

Hope you are all well...

Thinking of people in our country who are feeling the wrath of the recent rains...

Lots of flooding up here...luckily not for me...and the cottage is fine...

We are heading back down there in the morning...hoping for a few good days in a row... 

Perhaps even a trip to the nursery....:o)

            Oven Panko Cajun crusted Cod...homemade pasta salad...asparagus...

                  Dinner tonight!!!

                       Enjoy the rest of your week my friends...

                                Cheers!  :o)

                                      linda ♥️



  1. What a beautiful gift and do you know I would recognise those feet anywhere . . lol
    Isn't she talented?
    And you are too with your crochet. Just because I am a man, it does not stop me recognising these things . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Isn't this fantastic? She is VERY talented...indeed!
      I love to crochet...keeps me out of trouble!
      Hope you are well...

    2. Good job you took up crochet, them . . . lol

      Very well thanks Linda. I am doing lots of woodwork projects and building a fire pit for the garden which has the tree bench . . . :)

    3. Love fire pits! Good luck....

    4. Started work on it ~ quite exciting ~ I need to get some more stone though . . . :)

      My, Miss V is growing up very fast . . . :)

  2. It's so lovely..that I am just preparing a post..that is so similar..in a way:)

    I love the pics of Miss V as a papparazzi..her sweatshirt is adorb.

    I can't find the vine anywhere on the web..Googling early blooming Canadian vine yellow flowers..blablabla;)
    Sure is pretty!
    This historic flooding is..tragic..
    we are like you..as you know..higher up..safe and sound.

    I saw my first FMNs..but it's really cold here so everything is stunted.

    Thank you so much for brighetning this day w/ your truly perfect and pretty stitchery.And photo card:):)

    1. Ok...so now the secret is out! Wasn't sure if you wanted me to say "who" sent me the lovely gift!
      Now...everyone can see for themselves how truly talented you are!
      Very cool here tonight as well....frost warning again...Geesh! Let's get this party started!
      Enjoy your evening my lovely friend....

    2. I brought in my begonias..and brought out blankets for my girls;)
      I agree..let's get this party started..in coming back I love how you pout everything on the floral background..looks like you are wearing a pretty skirt!

    3. Me too! My daughter gave me a huge planter for Easter...it has been in and out all week!
      Blankets for the girls...love that Monique!
      Looks like we are in for a soggy weekend again...:o(

  3. Oh yes, I recognized who it was right away. I love her blog and beautiful photos. What a personal and charming gift. And I am sure she loves her gift and hand-made card from you. It is so wet and muddy here and cold enough to wear our coat again today. :( WE NEED SUN! I'm off to take a look at La Table De Nana blog post. hugs

    1. Cool here too Deb...hope it warms up!
      Her blog is gorgeous....

  4. Delightful watercolor . . . of your "beach toes" . . . so fun!
    And the Guest Book gift idea is wonderful!

    I wonder if the yellow flower might be Lemon Verbena??
    Just a thought. The leaf looks a bit like that when I googled it . . .

    Love your colorful crochet dish cloths . . .
    You have that crochet talent mastered!

    Miss B is going to love that camera . . .
    And you are going to love her pics!
    Maybe one of her first pics could be a guest book entry . . .
    (Lynne likes that idea . . .)

    Happy Mother's Day Linda . . .

    1. I will look up lemon verbena...thanks!
      Great idea about the guest book...
      She took some really cool pics!
      Enjoy the rest of your week dear...
      Linda :o)

  5. The watercolour! How perfectly lovely.

    Miss. V looks like a deep thinker.

  6. That watercolour is so cute! What a thoughtful gift. And Miss V looks like she's having a blast with that camera. It is fun taking pictures.

    1. She seemed to enjoy it Martha!! have a great day!

  7. That is the best gift. Truly wonderful. Love the toes.

    1. She captured me perfectly Ivy!!

  8. Such perfect gifts from one to another!! Blog friends are just wonderful! I ended up with quite a stack of dishcloths in my little frenzy. LOL! LOVE both using them and giving them away. Just brightens the day. Miss V is a little chip off the old block!! Too precious, Linda! I know your heart just melts. Have a fabulous day! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Blog friends ARE the best Tanna!!

  9. That's a great gift, and a great gift back! I remember my first camera, a Kodak 110. Miss V. is going to love playing around with hers. That was a good idea to give her one of your old ones to use. Your peonies are definitely ahead of mine. -Jenn

    1. Thanks Jenn...Peonies are my favorite!!

  10. That card needs framing and displayed in a special place. It is so you 😀

  11. What a fun surprise! Blog friends are the very best! ♥

  12. Maybe Miss V will start her own blog... competition for Nana! :-)
    Such a lovely gift from your friend and I love the watercolour. Clever!

    1. Yes...she is very clever...and so talented!!

  13. You certainly do have a lovely blog friend. (I love her too.)
    Flooding along the lake is terrible here too. It doesn't affect our property but those along the shore are having a bad time of it. There seems to be no easy solution as releasing more water from the lake just floods those beyond the outlet and we have had so much rain. I saw pictures from Quebec that are heartbreaking too.
    Are the levels in Lake Erie high too or is it just Ontario?
    Miss V is adorable as usual.

    1. Lake Erie is high....but ok where we are...not sure about the American side...
      Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hi Linda, I love this post. Your gift is so precious, especially the watercolour, so beautifully you. I like your dish cloths too, such pretty colours, and Miss V and the camera - adorable! She will be a pro in no time at all. DD was telling me of the awful floods over there. They are fine, out of harm's way, but the other grandies are in an area of real inundation, very anxious times for many people. Off to check out your friend's blog. Cheers P.

    1. Thanks Patricia...you will love her blog!

  15. Your blogs always make me smile, this one even more than usual. Such perfect gifts to each other. And I love the way little Miss V. Is enjoying the camera, so sweet. The rain was definitely great for our gardens. My BF is busy volunteering at the Rhododendrum gardens, we always have an annual family picnic there at the end of May. Take care...

    1. SHe had fun with the camera...thanks Hester!
      Yes...the rain was excellent...now time for some sunshine!

  16. What a fabulous post.... goodness such wonderful and pictures and words. You know how much I love watercolors and the ones of your toes is beyond gorgeous. What talent. And what a lovely and thoughtful gift.
    Thanks for bring smiles and encouragement to my life with your post this morning. Hugs.

    1. Isn't it just perfect Wanda? Love the wee painting...

  17. Linda...greetings. My friend sent your blog to me. I am a fairly new crocheter. I am building the skill bydoing dishcloths. Love doing them. May I ask where you find your patterns? Do you share yours? Your work is beautiful. You have great tension and very good taste in yarn. So glad I found you. Adding you to my blogroll.

    1. Hi Babs...welcome!
      I just make it up as I go! No pattern...the cotton speaks to me..hahaha!
      I just start with a chain...eyeball the size...then I decide which stitchs!!
      Best of luck with your crochet...

  18. I popped over from Monique's blog. Love your blog name. ;-)
    Happy to meet another friend of Monique. She is such a dear on every level. I've been to fortunate recipient of her art work as well. Treasures! Following you now!
    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. HI Sarah....
      Yes...Monique is a lovely gal, for sure!
      Thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again!


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