Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Before The Isolation Began...

Hello everyone...

A lot has happened since my last post...

I sincerely hope that all of you are well...secure...and safe at home...

About a week before we were all told to stay at home...we had a great sleepover and
cottage visit with our dear Miss V...
At home here...she loves to put the bird seed out for our birds...And wear my boots to do this! hahaha!!!
It was a great day for a drive...and we had a wonderful time together...
As always...she found huge pieces of Beach Glass...💚💚💚


I have been busy crocheting...finally finished another one for myself!!
A lovely creamy colour...soft and squishy...and I learned a lot of new stitches!!
I am also busy on one for my Grandsons First Birthday coming up the end of May...hopefully we will be able to see him by then...🙏
We do Facetime a lot...he is crawling and climbing everywhere!!
Quite a little character...💙

On Sunday March 8th...our Miss V was baptized...long time coming...but well worth the wait...and she was thrilled...we all went to the church, and had a lovely family lunch in Burlington at a gluten-free restaurant...
She and her wee cousin Miss N, have a very special bond...💖..which I hopes continues for years to come...family is the best...forever!!!
Just look at those 2 beautiful girls...😇...and both with pink shoes!!💞
The day was sunny and warm...
That was the last time we have been together, or seen our grands.. up close ...to kiss and hug... 
My son set up a 4 way Facetime...and we were all talking at once...so nice...
Hope to do that every weekend...
My son and DIL are working from home...SIL working from home...
Schools closed indefinitely...
Only essential services as of Midnight tonight...
Hopefully we can contain this virus...if we all...JUST STAY HOME!!!

Thanks to all the Healthcare workers...cashiers at the grocery stores...people stocking the shelves...mail people...garbage pickup...the list is neverending...

              BUT YOU CAN HELP TOO!!!!!!!!!!

                 *** S T A Y   H O M E*** .............please!! 👍

Tell me what you are all doing to stay busy at home...

         Are you alone???   Are you staying in???

                Take care my friends...

                       See you soon.....

                          linda 💙🙏💙



  1. Hey, I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes last night, too! (Your pictures always make the food look so incredible!). It sounds like you had some nice family time before hunkering down. I agree that we all need to take the responsibility of staying home - if not for us, then for others and to not make life more difficult for our health care workers. Nice hearing from you! -Jenn

    1. Thanks for visiting Jenn...take care 💛

  2. I can't believe how grown up Miss V is getting! It looks like you're definitely seeing some signs of Spring there in Ontario! None here yet in Alberta.

    1. She will be 8 in July Debra...can hardly believe the years have flown by...stay safe!💛

  3. Doing what you are doing...mostly cooking, baking and eating. Taking care of my dearest. Just got the news that he will get his new pacemaker March 30th. It's been a long wait. But because it is necessary...his old one is just about worn out. We are hoping this helps him get stronger. We are praying for our country and the world...but it's making people stop and consider what is really important. Love and Hugs. Love the picture of the girls walking in their pink shoes. Did you knit the dress?

    1. Wonderful news Wanda...truly wonderful...🙏
      No...did not make the dress...Erika bought it for her...😍

  4. Stay home, is so true. Glad so many are working together not to spread things.
    Love that you're enjoying your face time and yarn work. Stay safe and be well.

  5. Miss V and Miss N look adorable - I can't believe how quickly the little one has grown already.
    Take care of yourself Linda and be safe.

    1. Rosemary!! Thanks so much for stopping by...hope you ares staying safe over there...scary stuff!!

  6. Looks like you've been down to the lake!

    1. Hi Furry...
      That was a few weeks ago...before all the hubbub...may take a drive down next week...
      Hope you and Mrs Furry are staying safe...💛

  7. Stay Home here too . . .
    Not minding it horribly, I like my home and being here.
    Although the corona drama . . . I am ready for it to be gone.

    I always enjoy seeing miss v!
    PJ bird feeding is adorable . ..

    Say there . . . will you make some dinner and treats for me.
    Looks yummy and lovely!

    Stay safe, well, home . . .

    1. Would love to make dinner for you Lynne!!!
      Hope you are well...stay safe!!💛

  8. Dear Linda, Yes, we are staying home down under in Australia too. Our Canadian family flew back to Ontario yesterday - two quick flights, only 21 hours from here to there, a record since we began travelling to and fro! It looks like a great day at the lake, and I hope not too long until you can return. The skies are gorgeous, and also the beach glass. Little Miss V is growing up so tall and looks lovely in her Communion dress. Your new cream crotchet is absolutely gorgeous! Good to make something for yourself, in these troubling times. Take care.

    1. You take care too Patricia...hope your Canadian Family got home safe and sound...self isolating I hope!! 💛

    2. Yes, they arrived safely, and are self isolating with their Daddy. He went out and did a massive grocery shop as they will do 14 days isolation together. Apparently the freezer is full to overflowing! Seems strangely quiet here now :)

    3. good news Patricia...stay safe!!😘

  9. You know everything about me:) And more:)
    But I have to tell you I was happy to see so much in one spot here:)
    Don't stop..it's an important journal that IG can't match content wise.
    Thank you..take care..♥xoxo
    I love the Littles.. I feel like I know them.March 11th was my last day out.

    1. You are being the best girl Monique!! We walk...and have done a bit of groceries, but other than that...nothing!!
      I guess Miss V has really grown up here on my blog...and what a beauty she is 💛Inside and out!!
      We have a tough road ahead of us...but I am hopeful there is light at the end of the tunnel...
      Take care my sweet dear friend...😘

  10. I'm moving in June. can no longer do the steep flight of stairs to my apt.
    and when I went to my apt manager's office to fill out the form that I would be vacating...
    she even loaned me her pen... and I sat about 3 feet from her.
    two days later we got word she had tested positive for the virus. so I have been in self quarantine
    for 14 days! but with the COPD I'm staying in anyway. our county went from 44 to 106 in the last two weeks!
    I LOVE your crochet. it's just so beautiful. and the food pictures! good grief girl. I gain weight visiting here!
    but the little ones... they're just what's truly beautiful aren't they! and you're right. family is EVERTHING.
    sending you love. XOXOXO

    1. OMG Tammy...how horrible for you...stay in there...take care of yourself...sending hugs and kisses to you...
      Grandchildren are T H E best....💛💙💜

  11. Oh, the kids are adorable. Growing so fast! We're all doing our best to keep this from exploding. I miss seeing my girls and other people I love dearly. It's the price we pay to remain healthy. Be well and stay safe! xo

    1. Hi MArtha...thanks so much for stopping by...these are trying times for sure...stay safe!!

  12. How lovely Miss V got baptized, that is so important. I like the pale pink of the shoes of the two girls. I live alone and have been home for two weeks already. We have to arrange our days and our lives in new ways to stay entertained and healthy. Be well.

  13. So glad that you had the weekend with Miss V. and the baptism all together! Miss V. is growing so tall already and looking like a little young lady now. My goodness, the time just flies by. What a precious photo of her with her tiny cousin in their pink shoes. We have been on lock-down for 3 weeks now and all the businesses shuttered except 'essential services'. We had a big birthday party planned for the Mr. (66), and of course Easter has been called off and my little grandson's birthday, too. We do face-time and group texts and Facebook to keep in touch, but I can't wait to hug my family once again. It's me and the Mr. here, and the two dogs, so we try to get outside when the weather permits, otherwise he is working from home and I am cleaning everything in sight. Hope you continue to stay safe and sane. Love your crochet! So beautiful! xx Karen

    1. Hello karen...Miss V is the loveliest girl...she is a pleasure to be around...and she loves her little cousin and brother so much...quite the little helper!!
      Your property is a lovely place to be quarantined!! So much to keep you busy...
      I am onto another blanket project...hugs to you and The Mr...stay well...

  14. I keep forgetting you are back blogging, I was so worried about you,, that food sounds amazing, I can’t see your photos but I know from the comments it looks as good as it sounds lol.. you do such beautiful crochet,, it’s a difficult time , I know you must miss your grand babies too. Keep safe, I’m so glad you visited me today,, I count on my readers list to update me but the audio translation fails a lot, take care,

    1. Happy to visit you Laurie...love your stories and your paintings...
      I amdeeply saddened about your loss of sight...but you are always in my thoughts...

  15. Hello, stranger :)
    Love your white armchair!
    Stay safe!

    1. Well hello there Dezzie!!! Long time no see!! Hope things are goigg well over there for you...
      And you are well...thanks for the visit!!

  16. Your photos are beautiful as always, and the grands are growing way too fast.
    I am praying this time of distance and isolation passes quickly.
    It's hard to go without hugs.
    Sending my love.

    1. Yes!! I miss the hugs...and snuggles...and kisses...and giggles...
      Stay safe MArtha 💛


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