Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Few Of My House Plants.....

 With the gardening season in full is so easy to forget about the houseplants....

The ones that are there for you all year when the days are long, dark, and cold....

SO, this is my a few of my houseplants...I have been very open about my adoration of the African I will share a few of the others...

Let's start with the Irish Shamrock...this little beauty sits on the Mr's desk...he has been going strong for about ....oh....I'd say....3 years...the shamrock...not the Mr....:o)


So...there's a few of my 
plant friends that live inside
with me....there are more...

But these are a few favorites....

I shouldn't say that too loud..

Don't want to offend anyone...

I will leave you with a shot
of some Kalanchoe, from
last summer...another houseplant that thrives
outdoors...and really adds
a lot of punch for very little..

                 What kind of Houseplants do you have???


                  Have a great day.....fertilize your houseplants....they will love
                                   you for it          :o)

  Cheers                        :o)


  1. You have some lovely houseplants. Love the Irish Shamrock! I've never been so successful as you in keeping plants inside.

  2. They are all so pretty! I have many of the same..shamrock, african violet, christmas cactus, jade. I have a few others...they are so nice to have in the house and add so much to the decor. And I like to talk to them. lol...

  3. When I was in Loblaws the other day, they had some African Violets that were a bit "frowsy". I am wondering if you buy them and pinch off the flowers, will they still be good, or do you have to get perfect looking plants from the start?

  4. Leslie, if you are Linda you can buy 'frowsy' plants and in no time they will look fabulous. If you can grow plants like Linda, go ahead and buy those AF's! I dare you!

  5. Leslie: [Oh, thanks Devon...:o)]
    I guess if there is good foliage, and you fertilize and put it in the bright sun...I say sure!
    Depends to me, how much they were...
    you can get a blooming violet at the greenhouse for $ from there..
    remember to water from the bottom!
    good luck...

  6. Is your succulent a jade plant? You have a lovely selection of indoor plants.

  7. Hi Crafty:
    I was thinking mean the small one,right? I have a big jade plant, but not as "dangly" as the small one...

  8. Okay Devon. Now you have to buy a violet and we'll compare results!! I think I'll try the greenhouse as Linda suggests. Game on!


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