Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Staining the Deck and Scaaary Clouds...

Took a spin to the Lake do
some staining....

Our beach deck was looking kinda we took this opportunity
to give it a coat of stain...

The weather was perfect..not too hot..
not too cold....but kinda windy...
which was good, as it was blowing the Maple keys the other way!!!! 

This is how it looked before......can you see
our neighbours pirate flag in the background??? what's up with that???tee hee hee....

And this is how it looked after....looks great!!  :o)

It would have been nice to spend some time in the hammock...but not today...  :o(

This big guy was holding up traffic, but we finally got around him...

The clouds ALL the way home were crazy....lots of dark ones...but we didn't see any rain...

Took this one out the open sunroof...

This almost looked like a funnel ME anyway...

Caught this sweet little chickadee having a drink in one of the bird baths beside the shed... don't worry...I changed the water...that is what it looks like whenever we return...bits of this and that...mostly those darn KEYS, from the maples....and his Mrs. had
just gone into the birdhouse on the left...but I just missed her with the camera....these houses are sitting on
the planter box on the shed...put them there temporarily...I actually painted 
the one on the right...I guess they will have to stay for a while!!!


Did some thrift shopping as well....
More on that later...:o)

What did you do today?????
Let me know......

                  Hope you all enjoyed the relief in the weather...I know we need rain...but why on Friday???

            Cheers!             :o)


  1. The deck looks gorgeous! what a nice day to get that done, too! And how sweet that you have birds nesting in the houses while they are in temporary locations! hahaha.

  2. Perfect weather for a deck painting! It does look good! You missed a class without a fire alarm, woohoo!

  3. The painted deck looks very inviting. I was busy - went shopping early in the morning, looked after our grandchildren in the afternoon, and saw the start of our new deck being put in (the framing part). Looks like another nice day today.

  4. Your deck on the beach looks really nice. What a beautiful spot you have to enjoy the summer! I noticed your offset umbrella. I am curious if they ever blow over in the wind. I've been thinking about getting one for our back deck which is often windy. Do the bases have cement in them? Thanks for your help. We're finally supposed to get sunshine tomorrow and a bit on Saturday then rain - lots of rain - for days. :(

  5. Hi Pamela: Thanks!!!
    We have 2 of the "offset" umbrellas..we were melting out there!!! The first one we got, has a large PVC base, that has a water bag inside...The second had an"X" shaped base, but we knew it would never stand up against the we mounted it directly on the deck...If it is really windy...which it gets very often, as we are on a Great Lake...we can't put them up...:o(..but we also have started using bungey cords to tie them to each other, or to the back of a chair, if they start flopping around...I would think in a yard, you would be ok...
    you will get the feel for it...just make sure you position it for the best afternoon takes a bit of finesse, but I am sure you are up to the challenge..oh...we also bungee them closed when not in use, otherwise they hang in your face!!!

  6. Thanks for the advice on the umbrella. Our back deck isn't very large and is about 5 feet above the ground so I thought one of these might provide the ultimate shade. They take up a lot of space where the base and 'arm' are I guess. Just trying to figure if it will work. Thanks! Pamela

  7. Staining the deck and swing set is still something that needs to be done at my house. We have about a hundred probably more, of the wood slated spindles too. One of those chores I just can stand doing but the end results make all that work worth it.

  8. Wow. The deck looks great! :D Great color. :D You did a nice job staining the thing. This can definitely lengthen the deck’s service life. :D


  9. The color of your deck is really eye-catching, but it still manages to complements its surroundings well. A perfect sunny day is really a good day for a staining job. By the way, I know this is quite late, but happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed your special day. :)

    Leah Clay

  10. You have a really nice place there, Linda! Not only do you have a wonderful deck, but you also have a hammock! You don’t need to look for a cooler place for you to relax because you already have it near you! You just have to walk a little outside your house, and there you are! You all have the time to unwind! :))


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