Monday, 7 May 2012

First Things First....

After arriving at the cottage on Friday
noon-time....after we unpacked the car...
after we had some lunch...while Mr. was
cutting the grass.....I got to work sweeping the walkway, and concrete pad outside the kitchen....there were millions of those leafy buddy things
from all the Silver Maples....

I noticed this small branch hanging
down from the tree, beside the kitchen
porch....I have a lot of feeders here, so
I can enjoy the birds from the kitchen...

I spied a broken BLUE egg on the branch....actually still on the branch...I wonder who climbed up the tree....broke the branch...and grabbed all the tiny BLUE eggs.....As I continued my inspection....I spied 2 more broken eggs...and 1 left untouched.... 

It most certainly screamed out  "PHOTO OP "  What do you think???

Happy to see another nest...with a Mom sitting on some little BLUE eggs...Perhaps the same Robin??? I will never know....I like to think so...and now onto the rest of Friday...  :o)

The GRASS looks GLORIOUS and GREEN....that rain last week REALLY helped..

Friday evening was actually the COOLEST of the 3 evenings...

A few new friends in the garden.....more on that later....

We spent 3 lovely days at the cottage....lots of work, but rewarding  :o)

Have lots more to tell...come back for the next chapter....

Closing with these 2 love birds....everyone at the lake was in love.....the birdies I meant...tee hee hee.....  

Hope you all had a great weekend.....I sure as heck did.......

                   Cheers!        :o)


  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend at the cottage and the weather certainly cooperated! Aren't robins funny birds, putting their nest in such unsafe locations? It's a miracle those eggs hatch at all!

  2. So pleased you had a lovely time at the cottage. The wild life is such a treat to see so close to your home. Lovely!

  3. oh lucky you! Looks like you had the most perfect weekend! next time take me with you! lol.
    have a great week
    ps.. I have that song stuck in my head now.. (mama said there'd be days like this♪♫)
    I love it!

  4. Such a shame about the eggs. Perhaps a House Sparrow or Cowbird intruded. I see you've spied with your little eye a momma robin incubating her eggs. Can you see inside the nest or is it too high up?

    Lucky you with time at the cottage. Wish it was me.

    So nice to meet you.


  5. That blue egg is the sweetest thing I ever saw! You have a wonderful place!

  6. Hi Deb:
    The nest is just out of reach, but will try and chronicle the development...
    Thanks for stopping by...


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