Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Lovely Day...Indeed

It started on the back deck...

My daughters beautiful garden....

A few nibblies....

And a garden tour....

My son bought me an assortment of vintage pottery...

Some pretty unusual pieces!!
My daughter bought mean incredible Orchid...

And the hostess [my daughter] bought me a fabulous planter of Pink Geraniums and White Lobelia...:o)

And.....A gift card to one of my fave stores!!! hahaha!

Closing with these gigantic glads...or as my Mom called them, "flags":o)...from last summer...saw a few buds last weekend....hopefully more this weekend after such a warm week of lovely weather...

Hope you all had a great
day.....what did you do

I did mostly housework,
as I had done some yard
work yesterday...

Cheers...    :o)


  1. Looks like you had an awesome day with your family. Love the thrifted containers. My hubby gave me a tool box filled with pink handled tools - a perfect gift for this DIYer!!

  2. Wow...everything was so lovely! I have never in my life seen an orchid covered in blooms like that! What a wonderful day!

  3. My magnolia tree is not nearly as beautiful. It was here when I bought the house, but now I am slightly jealous of that one haha!

  4. Nice mother's day!!! Lovely planters and plants! I got some workout clothes, a cactus and tickets to see War Horse! So excited for that!!

  5. Looks like plant heaven to me Linda. I adore the Magnolia tree.


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