Monday, 14 May 2012

Luscious and Green...Those Ferns I've Seen....


The weekend was great...
Not as warm as they had
predicted...but a great sunny weekend, to be working outdoors...

It started out quite windy,
kind of a N/W wind...chilly..

But...the abundance of 
wildlife...and a LOT of
yard work...made it very
pleasant indeed...

 The Lily-of-the Valley
are finally blooming...I think next time I will cut some and put them in a small enjoy them longer...

 My Lilies are HUGE...didn't see any LILY BEETLES..but noticed a few holes where they must have been munching...stay away from my lilies....go and nibble on the dandelions...or better yet those darn stinky Stink the way...I have a MILLION of...pulled about 3/4 of a million on the weekend...
 And...I am especially pleased with my FERNS this year....even though it was a dry Winter and Spring....they are looking very LUSH....hopefully they will last...

 The weekend ended on a calm note...Sunday morning the winds had diminished...had our morning coffee on the deck....when we left around 2pm it was 23 the time we got to my daughter and son-in-laws by 3pm it was down to 17 degrees...quite a drop in temp as we came around the Lake...


I will close with a ROSE OF SHARON from
last summer.....

Hope you all had a great weekend...




  1. Hi Linda, nice to meet you. Your lily of the valley and lush ferns are wonderful. Thank you so much for visiting me. olive

  2. Hi Linda, so very nice to meet you. We, Lindas need to stick together....LOL Your garden is lovely. The ferns and all are beautiful and green. I am your newest follower.

  3. well....hello Linda
    Welcome aboard...please visit often..

  4. Thank you Linda. I found you thru

    I will be back to visit Linda. Have a great week! You can vote each day.

  5. Your lilies are going to be amazing when they bloom! OH my!

    the ferns look great!

    I love lily of the valley...mine have all died off over the years and I miss them!

  6. Betsy...
    plant some more...
    you deserve it!!

  7. I love lily of the valley also! So pretty and fragrant. I have a ton growing 'in the back forty'! They are taking over back there!

  8. I did bring in a bunch of lily of the valley and have them in a vintage glass vase with a little handle. My Mom used to do the same. I keep going by and lifting the little basket vase for a sniff of heady spring. I love it.


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