Monday, 21 May 2012

Thursday Evening at the Lake...

I was lucky enough to spend 3 1/2 days
at the Lake....

We arrived Thursday afternoon, around

After we unpacked the car. it was time for a walk around...see whats new....
hello there....didn't see you last week..

 Sat in the late day sun, getting ready for a Loooooooooong, warm, sunny,
windless weekend....

Come along on the tour.....   :o)

It was a glorious weekend....

Lots more to tell...remember....this is
just Thursday....

Hold tight.....I'll be back with lots more...

Enjoy these Pink Hollyhocks by the shed...from last summer....

Hope your weekend was 1/2 as nice as was it???? What did you do??

                            Cheers                      :o)


  1. Linda, what beautiful surprises awaited you for the weekend. I would have loved to have gone on that walk with you!! The floral photos were beautiful! Those pink Hollyhocks!!! Where is your lakehome? Thanks for sharing it all.
    Mary Anne ox

  2. Hey Mary Anne.....It is on the North-East shore of Lake the Niagara region of Ontario...thanks for asking...and thanks for the kind words!!

  3. Garden treasures galore! Lovely! Can't wait for Friday and Saturday!

  4. oh, those forget-me-nots are lovely! one of my favorites. Holly Hocks remind me of my childhood! We used to turn the blossoms upside-down and it looked like a lady in a ball gown..then we'd play with them and make them dance! haha.

    Love how you captured the sunlight streaming in :)

  5. Thanks Betsy...
    I love getting the sun lit shots...some times they come out all wishy-washy...and sometimes just right!!! Do you have any hollyhocks in your garden???

  6. Hi Linda, great to hear of your great escapes... Everything is so lush, what a greeting each time you visit.
    Wonderful Lilac and Hollyhocks.

  7. Coming along nicely. I can't believe that you keep up TWO fabulous gardens. I have trouble with just one! Looking good.


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