Thursday, 13 February 2014

Blustery Blow At The Beach...........

It was a chilly....blustery day at the beach.....

We spent a lazy day.....mostly inside.....grazing!!!

We went to a 4pm movie....

"Gravity" was ok....I prefer to be blown away at the movies....not so much!

Got back to the cottage....just as the sun was setting...♥️

Too nipply to sit outside.   :o(

Oh well....perhaps tomorrow....:o)

Hope you all had a great day....

Anything exciting in your day?

Time to settle in for the evening.....

Thanks for all your comments on my "bedroom" post....

It is a lovely room....♥️

On the menu tonight....

    Grilled Ground Beef Patties...

         Sautéed peppers, onion, mushrooms....with leftover roasted potatoes and carrots....

               Brown gravy......yummy!

                  I'm starved.......gonna eat!

                        Cheers!  :o)

Welcome my new followers......nice to have you along!♥️

Hope you enjoy my ramblings.........


  1. Perhaps your weather will improve as that storm system moves up the coast. We were due for a fair bit of snow but now it has moved more east and will just be a little bit for us. I'm not complaining as I'm tired of the huge snowbanks and where would we put any more?
    Your photos sure do show the blustery weather down there.
    Braised pork chops with onion in a thick gravy with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts for our dinner. Yummy.

    1. Yes....the east coast got clobbered....
      Your dinner sounds scrumptious!

  2. love that picture of your boy friend!
    how does he keep that figure of his eating the food you cook??? amazing!

    1. Well...he takes cholesterol keep you "cleaned out" to speak! Ha!

  3. It looks windy in your photos! But the sunset sure is gorgeous!

    At least there isn't snow, right? ha. Hope the winds calm down for a warmer day tomorrow!

    1. snow, that's for sure...
      Supposed to be less blustery......♥️
      The sunset is the topper....for sure!

  4. Lovely photos . Snow for us tomorrow BLAH ! Hope it warms up for you there ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend and a Happy Valentines day to !

    1. Blah is right, Elaine....
      Happy valentines to you as well......♥️

  5. Today I had a cough-y house. My poor little grandchildren are sick. Simon coughed so hard he... well, he coughed too hard... after lunch.
    However, I did have a good day. I even sewed two small aprons. Maybe I'll eventually have a whole collection.
    Still cold and snowy, still keeping the fire going, still sipping tea. The cookies are almost gone. :0)

    1. Hahaha......I get it....."cough y".....very funny Martha....
      Miss V also has a cough.... :o(
      Bake more cookies! ♥️

  6. Love the pictures, hope you have a lovely Valentine's day Linda!

  7. I hope it warms up and stops blowing tomorrow. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    1. Still blowing.......sunny.....but the blowing makes it feel cool....same to you♥️

  8. What a lovely blustery day. Every time I hear the word "blustery" I am taken back to a wonderful memory of my youngest daughter Jill ~ When she was about 4 her favorite book was Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. We read it over and over and...... So that word is a treasure for me.

    Something about those whitecaps that are beautiful.

    Dinner sounds really delicious. I made chicken kabobs with onion, bell peppers and onions, and asparagus on the side. It was good. Now I'm enjoying a hot cup of coffee with Girl Scout creamer "Carmel Coconut Cookie"....Have a wonderful night and a great Valentines Day.

    1. Glad it brought back a happy memory, Wanda♥️
      Love chicken gas grill here...only charcoal,and that is too much hassle for 2....
      Enjoy your day too.....Valentine!♥️

  9. Oh that sunset! Looks like a ball fire, falling out of the sky! Sorry the weather has not been so great for you!
    I didn't much care for Gravity either. I certainly don't think it worthy of Academy Award nods. Boring, but I enjoyed the cinematography.
    I missed your bedroom post. What a dreamy room! Love the mirrors! Love the nice. I too, always bring my own bedding when we go away for an extended stay. I too, like my sheets turned down just so. There is a right way to make up a bed!!! I love everything all lined up, nice and straight, with a big turndown! Lots of pillows....just you.

    1. As I am reminded daily...."at least it isn't snow".....I get it....geesh.....but, I am in Florida!
      Yes....the movie was a bit dull for me.....great photography....but not much else....
      Aren't we a bunch of fuss budgets when it comes you our beds!
      Sometimes....if the boyfriend helps me....I get mental, and tell him...."go".....I will do it myself, ha!
      Enjoy your weekend Kris....♥️

  10. Bummer about the movie but sounds like all in all, it was still a nice day.

    Since you asked ... my day kicked butt good. I reached my goal and got the office all in order by Valentine's Day. AND, I decorated my husband's blog in girly fonts and fun stuff.

    Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day Weekend. Four days off for us. WOOHOO.

    1. Well....I am glad you had a productive day, Ivy.....
      Same to you.....enjoy!

  11. I think I will trade you Blustery for Blizzard, ok ?? yes ? yes? please please !! :)

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......nope!

  12. Your sunset is beautiful Linda!! Happy Valentines Day. xx


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