Friday, 7 February 2014

Another Rainy Day Today.......Good Thing I Took These Yesterday

know that you are all...(well most) buried in snow....or rain...


We did drive 2400 kms to get here....

Is it too much to ask for some SUN!

Very chilly today....around 14* 45*f.....brrrrrr!

Double brrrrrrrrrr.....

Anyway....took a few pics of our feathered friends.....

There is a bird sanctuary up the beach from us....

You can see them all sitting on the roofs of people's places....

Yikes!   Bird poop overload!

We are far enough away, that we don't get the "aroma" that emits every once in a while!

But....they are beautiful....

Everyone has to poop.....apparently even the Queen! Hahahaha!

Can't you just picture that?

Oh boy.....I digress....starting to lose it here....come on sun!

That is about as fancy as I can get on the IPad.....pretty cool,eh?

We were going to go out for dinner tonight.......BUT.....

It is pouring rain....

I feel that I am getting a throat is all scratchy......GRRRR! I write this boyfriend is trimming all that nasty skin and fat off some plump....

Chicken thighs.....which I will put in the oven.....which will help WARM ME UP!

Crispy Yam fries and a Caesar Salad to accompany the chicken.....

So.....thanks to you all....

For listening to me whine.....moan.....complain....well, I think you get the idea!

Enjoy your Friday evening.....


The sun will come out tomorrow.....

Apparently not......


                Cheers!   :o)


  1. Beautiful photos! Even if it was overcast, they came out lovely!

    It was -8F this morning...I still haven't warmed up! Might have to resort to a hot bath tonight to thaw out my feet. ha. I'm not usually cold in the house!

    Hope you aren't getting sick! Ugh! Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Betsy.....hope you got those tootsies warmed up!

  2. We will let you complain because you have been so looking forward to this and you gave us lovely photos! Guess what the weather is doing here..... I hope that your weekend is better - weather and your throat - and that you get out and about for some meals and things. You will have to resort to crochet otherwise!! xx

    1. Thanks for understanding Amy.....
      I actually did resort to some crochet last night! On a Friday night! Geesh....what is wrong with me?

  3. I love your bird photos and the beautiful surf. I can't blame you for complaining about the weather one bit. When we went to Myrtle Beach 3 years ago it was downright chilly the whole time and I about froze. Seriously. I expected 75 - 80 degrees and it was only in the 60's and of course the wind blew off the ocean al the time. I was really disappointed. Wore a sweater every day. This was in April too. So complain away my friend and hope for some sunny days to come. How long are you there for anyway? I guess, in consolation, +15C is 30 degrees warmer than -15C. I hope the chicken warmed you up. Hugs. Pam

    1. It is kind of disheartening.....when you think you will be warm....the cooler temps aren't the is the lack of a nice warm sun that is bugging me!
      Hopefully a few more bird pics to come.....

  4. Lovely photos ! I would prefer to have that weather and temps then what we are having here . I guess mother natures climate is out of whack everywhere ! Thanks for sharing . Hope you get some sunshine .Have a good day !

    1. She sure is, Elaine....
      Just wish the sun would come out!

  5. I most definitely agree. Enough rain!

    I don't think ol' Q.E. poops.

    1. Thank you Birdie......
      Oh yes she does.....tee hee hee!

  6. Oh no. No, no, no!!! Feel better...and I hope the sun comes out soon!!! Love ya,

  7. I love your photos of the weather ... the birds, everything. It's strange that we are so affected by the weather. I can't complain, we had just two miserable grey days before the sun came back here, and even though I don't like the heat, I was so much happier in the sunshine. Hope your spring is not far off!

    1. Thanks Fiona.....hopefully some sun tomorrow......

  8. The birds would certainly cheer me up. Love the thought of pelicans on the balcony... but not the mess!
    I do hope the weather picks up for you. Perhaps the scratchy throat is just the change of air.

    1. We went into the sanctuary once......peeeeeeew.....really smelly!
      It is quite comical how they all congregate on the neighbouring houses!
      Thank goodness we are far enough away!

  9. Love seeing bird photos, especially pelicans which are a bit rare around here.
    How are you feeling today? sure hope you didn't take those germs down south with you. If by chance you did, throw them out to the ocean.
    The weather ... well, it is warmer down there than it is here, and you don't have to shovel the rain ... but that is no consolation when you expect sunny, warm days. I'm sure it will improve soon.
    Yippee ... no storm forecast for this weekend!!

    1. I figured you would like the birds, Linda....
      Feeling better today, but it seems to worsen late afternoon....crazy eh?
      Supposed to be some sun tomorrow...Sunday....glad you are storm free for a while♥️
      Not so breezy this am....think we'll go for a walk before the rain!

  10. you crack me up!
    i love your pictures. love them. the one where the little white sea gull is posing... looking RIGHT into the camera with his tall friend behind him... :D and the ones with the waves frothy as eggwhites before folding into ... well. whatever you fold them into. you're the chef. NOT ME! LOL.
    tell the boyfriend to get you the makings for a wonderful hot toddy. right now! if you nip it quick... you can hold off that dratted cold. the alchohol will kill the germs and the toddy part apparently comforts you.
    a giant snoopy hug coming your way... and dreams of the sun. it really WILL come back you know.
    hang on cc girl!!! HANG ON !!!!
    XOXO ♥

  11. For just one second, I could feel the chill dissipate just looking at those lovely (albeit messy:) Pelicans doing their thing. I see you finally made it Linda. I hope the drive down wasn't too awful but hey, you made it and that is just wonderful! Whenever that sun of yours does decide to shine don't forget us up here hanging on to every word of the next event Mother Nature has in store. We must have really made her angry last year. Nothing like a woman scorned they say:)

    Enjoy your time basking in the sunshine because, the sun will come out tomorrow, (yes I'm singing for the good of us all:) Nip that achy feeling right in the bud and enjoy your time watching the birds and just plain relaxing...Great shots, Linda. Just what I need to remind me that nature is indeed alive and well somewhere if not here:)

  12. Great pics again, I hope you manage to find the sun soon and don't get poorly, a hot toddy and lots of rest for you; oh and Linda , stay away from the bird poop!!

  13. I love rain days. Even when on holiday.


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