Monday, 17 February 2014

Celebrate Family Day.....

Thought I would use my boyfriends laptop today....

All my old pics are in here..

Found a few to share...

On this special...

Family Day...

Hope you and your Family are spending the day.....or at least a few hours together in some way...


My boyfriend and I have 3 children...

Lissa...Ryan and Erika...

Lissa is married to Jeff....

Ryan lives with Anna....

Erika shares space with Miss V....   

We all share a love affair with our dear cottage...

Try to always have long weekends least for the day together....

Erika and miss V

Lissa and Jeff

Lissa and Miss V

Papa, Miss V and Erika

Me and Miss V

Ryan and Dad playing catch...

Lola.....Lissa and Jeffs pooch

Relaxing on the beach deck

at the cottage beach with Papa.......such a chubby face!

Playing with Uncle Ryan

First Easter

First Christmas

Butterfly Museum
Cottage in winter
Lissa and Jeff

Lissa and Ryan....Birthday wishes...
Lissa.....Ryan....Erika and Miss V

Learning to walk at the cottage

first dip in the pool

First birthday party...

At the park...

Family dinner on the sunporch...

Borrowed a few of Ryans pictures....

He has a fabulous camera... 

Hope all my Canadian friends are enjoying their Family day...

Perhaps the Americans should take a few cues from us...

Sunny today...not too windy....could be a good day!

Hope to do some "facetime" later with all our kiddies...

Have a great day....

                               Cheers!    :o)



  1. Loved this walk down memory lane with you today! I came this morning to comment on your previous post, as I couldn't leave comment from ipad for some reason last night. Sorry the weather has not been so great for you guys this year. I want to see the afghan you are working on!!!
    The kids, your kids, all so beautiful! Lissa is you with dark hair!!!! Enjoyed this post very much!
    xo Kris

    1. Weather today was plenty of sun. 🌞
      So glad you enjoyed the post....I had to scramble for photos ♥️
      Some say Lissa looks like me....I take that as a compliment....for sure♥️
      Enjoy your week Kris.....

    2. The afghan started out as a simple scarf....I made it big enough for a, now it will be an afghan......hahaha!

  2. Such lovely happy family times Linda!! Miss V really has changed and grown so much, which I know seems obviously but you don't notice it so much when we see your pictures all the time compared to when you look back at the older ones! I hope that you have a great day with your boyfriend and that the weather is kind to you. xx

    1. I thought the same thing Amy.....she has changed soooo much....and we miss her sooooo much!
      Weather today was perfect.....2 beach walks....YAY!

  3. Such beautiful photos. There's nothing like family. Enjoy the day!

  4. We have a holiday today, too...President's Day...celebrating the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln. But Family Day sounds more fun! ha. What a great thing to celebrate. Love the photos. I tell you...your Lissa is gorgeous...looks like a movie star!

    1. Way more fun...unless you aren't in the same country as your family... :o(
      We did do FaceTime, though....and that was fun ♥️
      Yes....Lissa does look like a movie star....beautiful!♥️

  5. You have a lovely family, Linda. Your daughters both look a lot like you. Vivian does too!

    1. Why....thanks think so?

  6. The next best thing to being with family in person is looking through all the wonderful photos. Our family in BC celebrated Family Day last weekend. We spent lots of time with the grandkids and family yesterday. It's a lovely sunny day here but cold, however .... snow is moving in overnight, maybe up ago 10 cm.
    Hope you are enjoying a lovely warm day on the beach.

    1. Sounds like you had plenty of family time, Linda....
      Sorry about the snow....we had a gorgeous day♥️

  7. What a fun bunch of photos. :0)
    I think it would take a long time for you to recognize and keep track of everyone in my family.
    My poor mom can't do it anymore.
    I'm not even sure she knows those 3 little ones who spend so much time here are her great grandchildren.
    I think Family Day sounds like a wonderful idea, a lot better than Presidents Day.
    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks do have a big brood!
      Oh.....I'm sure she knows....just doesn't show it ♥️
      Way better than Presidents Day....what could be more important than Family? Nothing.....
      Had a great day....except when I got tear on the FaceTime.....♥️

  8. You sure do have a beautiful family. Loved the photos. And that cottage....oh my goodness! Hugs

  9. Wonderful photos! Have a great day Linda.. hope the weather forecast is getting better x

  10. Absolutely loved the summer pics,it's a nice reminder that summer WILL come...I hope so...I'm solar powered.
    Jane x

  11. Family Day, and what a lovely family you have. So fun to see your children. What charming daughters, and handsome son. Yes, Family Day should be a priority. Sending love and hugs

  12. I enjoyed your family photos Linda. You are blessed with a lovely family too. I wish New Brunswick would get on the Family Day band wagon. I am enjoying the day here in Alberta though except my son-in-law had to work. :( It was nice to see the pretty summer at the cottage pics too.

  13. Wow! That was some stroll down your memory lane, Linda. A wonderful way to celebrate Family Day. I actually just facetimed with the grandkids in Idaho. They were off for President's Day today and my daughter took them skiing. (my nerves, lol)

    You have a lovely family Linda. There's so much warmth oozing in each and every beautiful smile:) I wish we could get one day as Family Day here in the states. I think only two states actually celebrate Family Day and they aren't even on the same day!

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing photos. It has been so nice getting to know you and your family via pictures. Enjoy that sunshine!

  14. I'm feeling the love. Thanks for sharing and keeping us a part of your family. So enjoy your blog!
    Dot, Cochrane, Alberta

  15. To everyone.....thanks for yor lovely comments.....the wi-fi and my I Pad have been acting I apologize if I did not you all♥️


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