Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Early Morning Garden Walk.......

 When I come downstairs in the morning...

I always look out the living room, to my front see what is new!

Lately...I have been very aware of Miss V's Pumpkin plant...

And this morning was another delightful surprise!!

This greeted me!!

I had to head out with my my take a pic!!

Along the way...I found a few more beautiful things...

The backyard also offered up some beauties....


Miss V and I spent over an hour in the pool this afternoon...♥️

Her Papa and 2 Uncles went to the Blue Jay Game in Toronto...

So....we had the pool to ourselves!! 

It was lovely!  Nearly 90 degree water...just like a warm bath...thanks Papa ♥️

We both loved it!!

I was fortunate enough to capture the Strawberry Moon the other night...

The sky was incredibly pink...and then it appeared...

Fantastic! Totally beautiful!!
 Hope you all are having  a great week...

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post...

We will be heading back to the cottage Thursday morning...

Fingers crossed it rained down there....nothing here at home...

Been watering in the late afternoon...trying to salvage things...

If I don't get back with another quick post in the am...

Have a great weekend everyone...

This weather has been awesome!!

Couldn't ask for nicer temps...

            Cheers!   :o)

                 linda ♥️


  1. Cute pics! Gotta love that pool temp. Going to be a cold one tonight! Dipping to 10 brrrrr. We need the rain here as well. Watering early morning!

  2. More beauty!
    And such lovely moon shots.
    Isn't nature grand?
    Enjoy your weekend at the cottage...

    1. She is grand, Suzanne!
      Enjoy your weekend...when are you back home??

    2. Should be by the end of this coming week. Fingers crossed.

  3. Lovely blooms....I always gravitate to the pink ones! Beautiful!
    We had rain so I didn't get to see that moon. Tornadoes coming tonight! Eeek!

  4. Your flowers are so pretty. And that moon....oh my!

  5. Lost my comment. Terrible storms and several tornados in my area tonight.

    Your blooms are beautiful and I am almost as excited as Miss V over those pumpkins!

    Off to read your last post.


    1. 2 more blooms this morning!! I really hope we get a pumpkin!!

  6. Your yard is so gorgeous! You must have to spend a lot of time keeping it so lovely. xo

  7. When it decides to get hot in Canada, it really does get hot, doesn't it. Seems no time since you had snow on the ground and there you are swimming in a warm pool while the flowers bloom. Bet Miss V loves the yellow pumpkin flower. As for a Strawberry Moon - I want one of those, too :))

  8. Beautiful blooms. Love your frog collection. We missed the strawberry moon as we had terrific thunder storms and were under tornado warning for a couple of hours. Lots of damage just to the north of us and they are checking to see if it was a tornado touch down or just a microburst of wind.

    1. Not a single drop here all week........

  9. Your time in the pool♥How sweet..and that little cute..I too peek out..many times a day..I love hostas right flowers yet and some like Big Daddy are so huge..
    they really help make gardens I find.
    I find it too hard now to split them..I used to do that so easily!

    1. LOVE Hostas!!! I saw a few blooms coming up!! Big Daddy is my favorite!
      Enjoy your weekend Monique!

  10. Linda so lovely pictures :) :)

  11. It was a lovely walk! Really enjoyed taking it with you!

  12. So much beauty all around you, Linda! One of the most beautiful things is to look out your window and see all those flowers.

  13. I love "a stroll" in your world . . .


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