Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Weekend "Vacation"....

As you all know...we had Miss V for a mini-vacation last week...
We scooped her up on Thursday afternoon...
She was thrilled to be able to put her feet in the pool with her Papa...
And...of with the hose! 

On Friday morning...we packed up the truck...and headed for the cottage!!
After a quick lunch...we headed down to the beach deck...
While Papa cut the grass...we got comfy...
Bob the Bear had the best seat in the house... 

When the grass was cut...they headed down to the beach...
To throw some rocks...and feed the seagulls...

I did some whipping...unfortunately...I whipped my foot!
Darn that hurt!!!!
Took all the polish off my big toe...:o(
Lucky I didn't lose the whole nail!!
From now on...I will wear my CLOGGERS when I do the whipping!!
{It throbbed and throbbed...very sore}

Then it was time for BOB to have a nap...
Miss V had taken him up to her bed...
Tucked him in...
And closed the door... 

"Come on Nana"...
"We need to check on BOB"...

Okey dokey... 

I followed her up...

She is kinda is always moving!! ♥️

We watched "CHIPPER" from inside the cottage...

He was forever under the feeders...

Stuffing his cheeks!!

On Saturday daughter,SIL, son and future DIL all came out to see Miss V!!

What a welcome sight they were!

Papa and I were getting kinda worn out...

They all took her into town for a shopping spree! Papa and I chilled out for a the afternoon sunshine...

When they all was catch...

Lots of activities...

Miss V had a ball...gosh she loves these guys soooo much!!

                     SIL Jeff and future DIL Anna taking a breather from the activities...

You can see my daughter Lissa and son Ryan in the background! hahaha!!

Lissa and Jeff left for home around dinner time...

They had left their 2 dogs at home...and needed to get back to them...

Ryan and Anna stayed for dinner on the sunporch...

Miss V enjoying her ice cream for dessert!

All my big claw foot tub...and in her jammies...

She made it thru 2 sleepovers at the cottage...what a good girl!

She and I discovered this mushroom growing on an old log in the garden...
We thought it looked like a heart...♥️

Overnight a storm rolled in...lots of rain and thunder...

This is how the lake looked when we were leaving for home on Sunday morning...

Other than that...the weather was perfect...lots of sunshine...

And no great WIND! 

By the time we got about 1/2 hour from the cleared somewhat...

We saw these beautiful Horses in the field...and a cute colt!!

We pulled over, so we could get a better look...

Miss V loves seeing the horses.......

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the cooler temps...

Today only got to 14C...way below normal for this time of year...

And....VERY breezy all was nice and sunny...

I am off to the cottage in the am...boyfriend will meet up with me there in the afternoon...

A nice long weekend for us...lots to do...

I see I have a few new followers...WELCOME!! 

Leave me a comment...and I will visit you!!

Enjoy your evening...and the rest of your week...

                      Cheers!   :o)

                           linda ♥️ 


  1. Love this story, Linda! And such great photos accompanying it. You and Papa are very special people. I hope you know that.
    So glad family came to help and entertain. It takes a village!
    Your poor toe. Yowza. It was a rule when we were gardening or mowing that we had to wear shoes. And thank God because we had some nasty accidents that would have been worse if we'd had less on.
    Have fun at the cott-awwwge!

    1. It takes a village!!! For sure! hahaha!
      I intend to have a fun time...with lots of chores mixed in!!
      Happy weekend to you Suzanne!

  2. What is whipping? Is that the same as weed eating? If so, you're lucky you didn't lose that toe, girlfriend! Bad enough that you lost your cute pink nail polish. I had to giggle at Miss V peeping around the door checking on Bob. Glad you had such a great weekend with the kids. Fun, fun memories. We're at the beach this weekend which has turned out to be nice after the tropical storm rained on us earlier in the week. I've gotten a couple of days of bike riding in. Sooo happy to be back in exercise mode. Talk soon!

    1. yes...edging...whipping...whipper snipping...hahaha! Man that hurt!
      Love the lucky that you have 2 places on water!
      Good for you getting back into the bicycling! I remember your trip you took!
      Happy weekend!

  3. Linda, I'm giving you a shaking finger and a tsk tsk. Please don't whip / weed eater / whipper snipper with your flip flops on anymore. Also, put on some safety eyeware. You can't be too careful. There, now that my lecture is over, it looks like you were kept busy with your sweetheart granddaughter. What wonderful childhood memories she will have. It is crazy cold here right now. I hope the weather goes back to summer soon. -Jenn

    1. I know...I know...CLOGGERS this weekend!
      Cold here too!! Supposed to warm up later in the day...
      Happy weekend Jenn!

  4. What a lovely time for all (save for your toe!!). You've got such a beautiful family, Linda. I loved all your photos. I get a preview of some of them on Instagram. Lucky me :) How's your weather? It was very cold here today!

    1. Thanks Martha...I think they are pretty special too♥️
      Cold here too!

  5. Ahhh what lovely she is :)
    Always moving I know ♡♡♡♡
    Look happy and adorable and love the pictures :)
    Thanks Linda

  6. Wonderful family photos, Linda. Hope that toe heals quickly. Nothing worse than a sore foot. xo

    1. Thanks is ok now...just throbbed that day and night! GEESH!!
      Happy weekend to you!

  7. Your pool is open! That must mean that summer is ON for you. :-)

    Does Miss V know how to swim yet?

    1. No...not yet...she is anxious to get in though!!
      Not sure if she is old enough for "wings"...
      We want to buy a life preserver for here and the cottage...
      Enjoy your weekend Barbara!

  8. That little wonder, she keeps you moving, I feel it myself! I don't remember my own making me drag much although i do remember some just seemed to be something taken in stride.

    Hoe lovely to have your family up...I've always loved that because The Husband and I are up pretty much by ourselves most of the time. But when they leave..ahhhhhh...

    The days are getting closer, maybe mid July. But then the hard work of moving back in starts. Happily the boat has been returned from winter storage and all it takes is a bit of oil and gas to get our wave runners going. My kayak and a comfy chair on the beach sums it up for me---true happiness. Still, no toilets or beds! Ha!

    Our weather got colder yesterday but it was perfect for more work in the garden with no sweat. I hear we'll be up in the 90's this weekend and I'm sure I'll shut myself in with plenty of Diet Pepsi and good book!

    Hugs to you, Linda!


    1. Well...we were a lot younger then, eh Jane??
      We are mostly by ourselves at the lake too...the kids usually only come out on long weekends...
      But...sometimes they will surprise us with a visit...which is always nice♥️
      The good thing is only just over an hours drive...even shorter for my son...
      I bet you can hardly wait to get crackin out there at the lake...
      Best of luck Jane..
      Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Oh, ouch, I felt that sore toe over here! Take care Linda. What a lovely post, and Miss V growing tall in the sunshine, running and playing, so much fun. Love those horses in the lush green grass - beautiful.

    1. Hahaha! It sure did smart, Patricia!
      She is VERY tall...she will be 4 next month!!
      Love Horses too!

  10. Looks like a fantastic weekend!
    I have 3 grands today. They've been here for an hour and a half and already Lucas is looking bored. I don't know how I ever kept up with all seven of my own kids....

    1. I think it is different with grands...we are more lenient...well, I am anyways!
      And...we were decades younger then! hahaha!!
      Enjoy your weekend Martha!

  11. Oooooooo, I can't look at your toe! Gawd that must have hurt!

  12. Cottage days with sunshine, gentle wind, Miss V first weekend sleepover, family, ice cream, wet toes, relaxing, must be . . .
    "If this isn't nice . . . what is!"
    (Except for that toe slicing . . . OUCH!)
    I hope I hear it is feeling better . . .
    You write, describe, present a beautiful post . . .
    So happy I found you to follow and visit . . .

    1. Thanks so much Lynne....I am happy that you are here!

  13. I am so happy when I get to see your cottage, the garden and the lake. Wow, I must have been following you longer than I thought because I now remember several summers at the lake. Miss V is so cute and sweet. I know you enjoyed having her for the weekend and she looks like she really liked being there. Hope you have another great weekend this week.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Kathy....much appreciated...we had a glorious 4 days, with perfect weather!

  14. A wonderful time had by all. It sure has cooled down, quite windy yesterday, back to pants and a sweater. Enjoy this weekend at the cottage, I'm sure it will be quieter with Miss V running around.

    1. It was a great weekend for sure, Linda...
      This weekend was perfect weather wise...the humidity was lessened by the Lake breezes!

  15. Love your "story" and all of the photos. Family, horses, the lake, well...I could have done without the toe....ouch. Hope it's all better! Have a lovely weekend at the cottage. We have a couple of birthday party invites on the weekend, always fun to attend. Hope the weather improves for all of us. :)

    1. The toe is much better...thanks!
      Had fun at the parties?

  16. You did weed whipping in your bare feet/sandals!! You naughty girl!!

    1. HI Furry....
      yup...I did...never again!

  17. Hi Linda . . . a little late popping round this time and I know you have already left for the cottage again.
    Lovely account of Miss V's adventure with you at the cottage. She took it all in her stride didn't she.
    Peter calls me Papa as wel and says he loves me lots and lots and lots . . . :)

    Shame about whipping your foot. Looks nasty and hope it heals quickly. Have not heard the expression whipping one's foot. Am I right in thinking you were using what we call a lawn strimmer? Gosh . . . bare feet doing that . . . !!!

    Good weather seems to be blessing us for a while . . :) Cheers hazel eyes . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Yes...a trimmer...I do around the flower beds, as my boyfriend does not recognize a weed from a plant!
      Great weather this weekend...had a great time!!

    2. Your boyfriend does not recognise a weed from a plant? . . . well I must say he chose a rose . . . :)

      Glad you had a good weekend ~ I was busy making and repairing things . . . next prject a tree bench around a beautiful 200 year old tree . . . :)

      I see, you call them trimmers and we call them strimmers . . . hope the foot is better soon . .

    3. Foot is great! Thanks....

  18. A lovely post and photos . WOW ! that Miss V is on the go that's for sure I would be knackered half way through lol ! We always wear protective shoes when trimming or whipping as in whipper sniper with a strimmer they are really called that wire whips so fast and can cut through flesh in seconds as one of my friends found that out the hard way years ago when they lost a toe from it . glad it wasn't worse but OUCH that looks sore ! The weather is to be getting warmer but it was nice to have a cool down . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend at the cottage .

    1. Weekend weather was fabulous! Had a lovely time...puttering in the garden!

  19. What a great time you had!!! Glad that you all enjoyed it so very much!! Take care of that toe, it looks very painful! Proper shoes next time!!!!

    1. Yes next time! hahaha!

  20. What a perfect weekend...looks so fun! Your poor toe! Ouch!
    It's raining here this morning....looks like I better get busy on the inside of the house. haha.

    1. Thanks Betsy...
      Nice weather coming up...then hot and sticky again...:o(

  21. HI LInda. I'm way behind in visiting and now you have another weekend done at the cottage! I hope the weather was good. It looks like you all had a wonderful time with Miss V at the cottage. I love the vintage cottage style you have there! I'm so sorry about your big toe. OUCH! You definitely need to wear proper closed footwear for yard work. We're on day 2 of rain and cold here. Just nasty!! I see some heat in the forecast come the weekend though. Have a great week! Hugs.

    1. My toe is ok...could have been much worse!
      We have had pretty nice weather here....sorry you are all wet!
      Enjoy your week Pam...


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