Monday, 25 July 2016

A Guide On How To Spend The Day After Your 4th Birthday....♥️

After getting your 4 year boosters at the Doctor...and your Mommy drops you off at your Nana and Papas...

Go to the mail with your Papa and for a bike ride...

After you find that your Dolly has been in the bike seat for such a long is time for her to have a nice soapy bath in Nana's kitchen sink...grab your favorite stool and dive in!! Give her and her clothes a real good scrub...


 Take her clothes outside...get your Nana to squeeze the water out, and hang them to dry...wrap your Dolly in a nice warm towel...leave her wrapped up to warm up, and hopefully her hair will look better after a good combing! hahaha!

 NOW...for the meat of the the prezzies from your Nana and Papa!!!

I had this tote bag made at SHUTTERFLY last Winter...

They sent me a "FREE" gift coupon, and I chose this!

The hardest part was picking the photos, and fitting them on the bag... 

It seemed obvious to add the photo of her driving her RED VW ...

Her birthday gift last year, from her Auntie Lissa and Uncle Jeff... 

She loves Paw a few of those were included!!

She especially likes SKYE and ROCKY...they are pretty cute toys! 

I got her a "Pinkaliscious" book about being a Flower Girl...

She will be one in October at her Uncle Ryan's and Aunt Anna's wedding...

Very exciting!!  

Time for a swim!!

Rocky gets positioned on the towels, so he can watch her swim!

I have added the SUNFLOWER pic again...

I think this will become one of my favorites!

After the swim...

We played Snakes & Ladders...

A game we bought her...

She really enjoyed it!

Especially sliding down the Snakes!


There was someone here...


Auntie Lissa & Uncle Jeff arrived with her presents...and Party Hats!! Such a cute idea!

Lots more Paw Patrol...and the very best...a Paw Patrol blanket!!

She had asked for a HULK SMASH birthday cake...?...


Her Mommy arrived with one!

We all sang Happy Birthday!

I think this was a highlight for her...

And to blow out the candles... 

And a piece of cake with a glass of milk...

Perfect ending to a perfect day....

Hope you all had a great weekend...

Bloody hot here...still...some rain overnight...but...not enough!!!

We picked up Miss V yesterday, and had her for a Sunday Sleepover!!

She slept 'til 7:45 this morning!!!

Papa dropped her at school...see you on Wednesday!!

              Enjoy the rest of your day...

                   Think I'll pull out my crochet...

                        It is a good day to stay inside...

                                 Cheers!  :o)

                                     linda ♥️


  1. Great pics, Linda. Love that she has such fun at nana's. I especially liked the 'Rocky watches me swim' pic. How cute is that! She's a lucky little girl to have such a loving family. I hope the heat is gone for a few days; we have relief today. No sun and that's just fine. You can at least work in the garden longer. Have a good week. Deb xo

    1. Thanks so much Deb...she is so easy to love!
      Unfortunately the sun is out here...I ain't budging from my crochet!
      An oven dinner tonight...
      Have a great week Deb....

  2. What a great day! She is the star of the show for sure.
    What a lucky Nana you are, and she is a very lucky granddaughter.

    1. Oh Martha...coming from a Nana many now??? I have lost track!
      Thanks so there??

    2. Yes, it's been hot here too.
      We will have ten grands by mid January. Hannah is due October 27, Nate and Sabrina in January. So fun! Can't wait to see what Hannah and Sergio's baby looks like!

  3. I just love loving Littles.
    And I know you love loving her♥
    It warms my heart to see children cherished.
    You only live once..might as well be loved .
    I get as excited as the boys when we take them out for their birthday.
    I was relieved to hear Lucas is not too old and keeps asking when is he going:)
    You brought back memories of mine.
    I loved my dolls Linda..and bathed them and blanketed them and rocked them.I wish I had never given away the metal canopy bed I had.I did keep a white wicker cradle and my girls used's in my attic..I can't let it go..with the patchwork quilt.
    I just love it.
    I think I should show it one day♥
    Sweet to see how caring she is.

    Look at the faces watching her and her cake..that's how we look at ours.
    I was brought up cathlic and you were only allowed to adore God.
    But I can't help it:)
    Rained here stayin in too..I like that too though.
    She's a lucky little girl Linda.:)
    Isn't it funny how we end up w/ plastic colored glasses?All over again?Or smiley faces..sippy cups before that..

    1. Oh gosh...I used to wash my doll clothes constantly!! and hang them out to dry!
      I was fortunate enough to grow up with a cottage on Lake Simcoe...had everything there to do all day long, when i was young...
      You always word things so if you can read my mind...looking into my soul..
      I am not Catholic, but boyfriend and kids are...
      I am glad I saved a few of my kids things...
      Miss V took her Mom's POPPLES with her today...she has been looking at it for 4 years,, decided she liked it! It folds inside itself...she loved that!!
      Sun is out here...staying inside...nice and cool...and clean!!
      Enjoy your day my dear.....

    2. So glad you get my typos..cathlic..must be a new religion;)we may get more rain..not sure.

    3. I hope you do! It will make your garden even more lush!
      Nothing here...hope the dear cottage got some!
      Have a great day Monique!

  4. What a perfect day! Gotta say I'm surprised by the Hulk Smash cake, but it just makes her seem like a sweet, yet strong little girl, full of self confidence! That's a wonderful bag that you ordered for her. We had quite a thunderstorm here last night and rain, but it is back to being hot now. -Jenn

    1. She was The Hulk for Halloween last year Jenn...go figure!
      Hot as "you know what" here...starting to get a bit much,eh??

  5. Gosh what a busy girl and growing up fast too . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Yes...way too fast for me...I would love to keep her little for a while longer...

    2. Totally understandable. When they are very young a world of magic surrounds them. Peter still has it for a while but I am looking forward to having it again with Rosa. Of course they are wonderful at any age and other interesting things take over . . . as you will recall with the development of your own children . . Little Miss V is a delight . . . :)
      x from Peter . . :)

    3. Lovely sentiments Eddie....thanks my friend!
      Hugs to Peter....and Rosa!

    4. Do I get one? . . . haha

    5. Of silly thing!!

    6. lol . . . and love the new header.
      Will comment on latest post soon . . :)

    7. Eddie, did Linda call you silly?

    8. I did Blue!
      How are you?
      On vacay yet?

    9. lol . . . you brave gal . . . and thanks for the hug . . . aren't I cuddly? . . lol

  6. What fun !! And she is cute and remember she loves Hulk :)))
    Really adorable Linda!

    1. Yes...she loves The Hulk! How funny!
      Hope you are well Gloria....

  7. All is adorable, and four is an excellent age to learn Snakes and Ladders. That is so cute that she love the Hulk - I was expecting fairies or princesses, he he. The Paw Patrol blanket is so good - my littlest grandson loves them too. You have such precious times with Miss V - and we enjoy it with you too :)

    1. Paw Patrol is all the rage! It is a cute show...I like Toopy and Binoo! Very funny....
      So glad you enjoy my posts Patricia!

  8. Sounds like an absolutely awesome birthday ..... I love reading about your adventures with your Miss V.
    As you know we have great times with our Miss D too. Its a terrific time isn't it? Poops us out but fun none the less LOL
    Yes it is hot hot hot here too.... Lots of swimming pool time and freezies...

    1. They are precious! are so right, poops us out!
      Kinda tired of the heat, sad to say....

  9. I can't believe she is 4 already! She'll be in school before you know it!
    Looks like a super fun day to me! Laughing at the cake choice! Hey, when it's your
    birthday, you get what you want, right? She looks totally enthralled with it!
    Happy Birthday to her!

    1. She will be in JK in September, and not close to us anymore :o(
      Guess we'll have here on holidays and sick days...
      The cake was different...for sure!

  10. What a wonderful post! So much joy and love in it. It's hard to believe that this little girl is already four. It's such a magical age!

  11. Well I think that was just the best day after birthday, ever! Loved that she washed the doll and her clothes in your sink. Precious to pieces!

    1. Awww thanks Laurie! It is actually quite easy to distract her with things to do...always up for anything!

  12. It felt like I was reading a children's picture book, Ms. Linda. Hey, maybe that can be your next career? :) I really loved the whole story and photos, what a lovely time for all of you. We were in Niagara on the Lake for the weekend. I attended a bridal shower and my boyfriend shared time with our friends at their lovely home and pool. Whew, so humid there also. Have a good week...

    1. It was so hot last weekend! We came home on Saturday late afternoon...get a break from the heat and wind!On the QEW the Vineland exit takes you down to Lake Erie!!
      Have a great week my friend!

    2. that's your driving route to the cottage. Driving west on the QEW Saturday afternoon was frustrating, took double the time that it should have. Returning home on Sunday was much improved. Hopefully, your drive there on a weekday is usually fine. Enjoy the cutie pie tomorrow...

    3. Actually we cut through Grimsby or Beamsville, and go the back roads. When I give directions, it is thru Vineland, and straight South!
      When we drive home on Sunday's, the traffic going to Niagara is brutal!
      Hopefully a swim tomorrow....

  13. Linda----I don't know who is more precious or Miss V! By gosh she is going to have such vivid memories and superb personality thanks to your keeping her so creatively centered. Okay...Dr. J is gone! Just love her. Growing up so fast. You and I? Totally stuck in time!

    Jane x
    (Okay...I've had a few glasses of wine but I'm on vacay and I'm doubly checked my spelling ;-D

    1. Oh my goodness Jane...thanks so much for your kind words...means the world to me♥️ Trying my best to be a great Nana to Vivian...She is a sweet child...for sure..
      Enjoy your deserve it!

  14. Thanks for your kind visit Linda - just called in to see if you had any photos of Miss V only to find that she has just celebrated her 4th birthday - hope I am not too late to wish her every happiness in the coming year.
    How grown up she is becoming, but even so, she is still just as cute and lovely as ever♡

    1. Never too late Rosemary!
      Thanks for the kind words...

  15. Great birthday for Miss V . . .
    Aren't they fun!
    Wonderful pictures . . .

    1. They sure are fun Lynne...and lucky you...a great grandchild too!

  16. Aw! She looks like she had a very busy, wonderful day! Precious photos :) xx Karen

    1. Thanks Karen...hopefully a swim today!!

  17. What great memories for your little tyke. Such fun things to do!
    I love that she's a girly-girl and yet loves the Hulk. How great is that?
    Fun to see her grow up in your blog. You're the Nana with the most-est!

  18. Replies
    1. Hi Blue!
      Yes she is...and more beautiful every day♥️

  19. "She had asked for a HULK SMASH birthday cake"

    Ha! A girl with "attitude". Great (she'll need it).

    1. Hello there Andrew! Welcome to my humble blog!!
      You are so right!!!!


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