Monday, 18 July 2016

Bits & Bobs........

 I spotted this "baby" Robin and one of his parents. I love how they are so darn big!!! With their black fluffy heads!! He/She got a lesson in cute to watch!
He certainly got the hang of it quite quickly!
Guess it is now time for Him/Her to be on their own!

Miss V's Sunflowers have a big huge bloom!
Found this yesterday, after returning from the cottage... 
She will be thrilled!! 

I got my toes painted last week, and thought this made a nice photo!  Hahaha! 

My Daisies are almost sad that they are so short-lived...

The pink Phlox will go to first frost... 

 We see this cool polka dotted Horse every week on our drive to the cottage...

Isn't he/she a beauty??

 This Conch on one of the very old Maples appeared about 10 days ago...I know it is a bad sign...but I love the way they change shape and develop...

Can you believe this is my first harvest of green beans at the cottage!!!! I was so excited to pick these...had them on Saturday night with dinner...delish!! I am growing them in a pot...they are doing fantastic! Lots more developing...ahhhhh Nature!!

 I have two containers of Tomatoes...they are LOADED with fruit...hopefully something ripens soon!! I did a lot of re-inforcing this past weekend..added a few wooden stakes to the pots, 
Tied them up with strips of keep the plants more stable...the wind was really having a go at them!!

Did I mention the wind this past weekend?????
I guess it was gusting to 100 km/hr at some points...plenty of storm clouds rain for the dear cottage!!

The flower lady {aka Erika}has been especially kind to me this summer...I keep forgetting to show you!! She brought me these Lilies on Wednesday...I took 1/2 of them to the cottage.... and still had enough to build 2 bouquets here at home...just beautiful!!

Speaking of Balloon flowers are bursting the Mauvey Bluey shade...

 I always find time to put my feet up...
Listen to the birds...the waves...the flag flapping!! hahaha!
Man oh was windy!!
My hair was a furball all weekend.....:o/

Hope you all had a great weekend...

Still very hot here...supposed to reach the 40*c mark with the humidity...

Geesh...ok...ok....not complaining! BUT.....we still need rain!!

How is your weather???

I bamboozled the boyfriend into taking me out for PIZZA tonight!


             Enjoy your evening...

                    Cheers!  :o)

                       linda ♥️



  1. Beautiful flowers, Linda. I used to have some of those balloon flowers. Those are wonderful action shots of the bathing robins, too. Did you ever do photography professionally? You're very talented. -Jenn

    1. Well....aren't you sweet Jenn!
      Nope...just lucky enough to have a great camera and the love of photography!
      Love the balloon flowers!

  2. So many great things on your end, Linda! Robins are adorable and wonderful parents. They are always fun to watch. And I love that polka dotted horse. SOOOO cute. Aren't those sunflowers fun? Your granddaughter will indeed be thrilled. Our weather has been very similar to yours. Have you had rain? It's horribly dry here. I wish it would pour for a few days because we're in desperate need of it. (But overnight...LOL)

    1. The horse makes me smile! I will keep taking photos of him! Perhaps I can get my boyfriend to pull over, and I can get a better shot!
      We need rain here too...
      Enjoy your week Martha!

  3. Oh my . . . your photos are scrumptious!
    Love seeing the "Robin bath time!"
    Green beans and container veggies . . . COOL . . .
    Wind . . . UNBELIEVABLE here too!
    Loved your post . . . and . . .
    Love the "pink toes!"
    Miss V's sunflower . . . (yay) . . .

    1. Thanks so much Lynne!
      Enjoy your day!

  4. We ahve been having perfect rain:) Again during the night and beautiful sun today..we needed rain 3 showers..but yet beautiful days too..Picture perfect summer..more heat on the way..sooo windy here too and I have tied my cherry tomatoes too..they are as tall as yr an arbor? LOL
    Perfect day for her sunflower!

    1. I am jealous Monique! We need rain badly! At least it is cooler are open!!
      I am thinking much bigger cages for the tomatoes...mine are tall too! hahaha!
      Hope to see her later ♥️

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Your beans are they were delish!
    I bet Miss V is excited about her sunflowers, too! And Happy Birthday to her!

    1. They were!! i was thrilled!
      I will pass on the wishes, Betsy! Can you believe 4 years already!

  6. Oh, look at your cute, tanned piggies! I love the nail color! All the flowers are wonderful and I love that you grew green beans in a pot! Miss V will be thrilled to see her sunflower blooming, too. Next year I hope to plant a little garden for my grandson - he will be two by then. Hopefully next summer will have more sunshine....we have been locked into a dreary, gray weather pattern. Wind is wonderful to listen to, isn't it? I have so many wind-chimes just for the wind. My daughter calls them 'creepy wind-chimes' haha - no doubt from some scary movie she has seen :) So nice to get flowers to put around the house and lilies seem to last forever. Hope you got your pizza, my friend. Cooking in the heat is no fun. Wishing you a lovely week. xx Karen

    1. Got my pizza! Hahaha!
      Love wind chimes...have several at the cottage...
      You will have fun planting with your grandson...they love helping!
      My daughter works in flowers...I am very lucky!
      Have a great week Karen...

  7. Your beans reminded me that farmer's markets will be full of fresh produce right now so I'd better go this weekend and get some!

    1. Aren't those beans the cutest things?

  8. every picture... I could walk into each one.
    well. I wouldn't tread on your toes of course! lol.
    happy birthday to miss v!
    it's high summer here too. days on end of the same heat you have.
    only it doesn't cool down ever! but the summer is going by in a blink of an eye!
    xoxo♥ and man. only you could get such a harvest from potted vegetables! i'm in awe.

    1. HI Tammy....
      So nice to have you back here ♥️
      The beans were a delight! Hoping for another bunch this weekend...
      Will see Miss V tomorrow...

  9. Yay for all things bright and beautiful!! We are having a heatwave here, not as hot as yours but very hot for us and well into the mid to high 30's!

    1. Enjoy the heat! You deserve it!

  10. Congrats on the beans ~ I love growing and eating them.
    I grow runner beans and French beans. YUM

    Nice that it is so warm for you ~ yesterday here was by far the hottest day of the year at 95 degrees F. Caught a lot of people out . . . :)

    Had little baby Rosa yesterday when S went back to school to teach for the day. All went well . . . :) Good ole Grampa and Nana . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      I thoroughly enjoyed the beans...hoping for more soon!
      Lovely and warm here...humidity headed into the 40's for the weekend!
      How nice for you to have Rosa over ♥️ I''l bet she is a real cutie!!

  11. Well look at Miss V's sunflower! Cute to pieces! As are those tootsies! Ha! Your vegetables look scrumptious. And the polka dotted horse looks like she's going to have a baby. Now tell me, why is a conch on a very old maple a bad sign?

    1. They only grow on dead trees...:o(

    2. I haven't been able to "visit" lately but had a quick chance to try and catch up tonight. Always love your pictures but have to agree with Laurie ... our little spotted horse friend looks like she's going to have a foal ... soon! Wouldn't it be fun to see a little baby horse by her sometime? Linda

  12. Beautiful flowers and I love that spotted horsey!
    Fresh green beans... yum.
    Pretty pink toes!


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