Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Bits & Bobs......


I am back...

Been fighting this cold, tooth and nail!!!

The cough is nearly gone...and I feel human again!

Thank you all for all your get well wishes!!

Just a few pics of what I have been up to, while confined to my house!!

The Harvest Moon was not as Orange here...hmmm...

Wonder why?

Beautiful, none the less!!

We had some pretty heavy rainfall last week...and the sky afterwards was gorgeous!!

My garden thoroughly enjoyed the moisture, and rewarded me with some fantastic blooms!!

I got started on my Granny Square afghan...I have done more than this now...but too darn lazy to take another picture!! Hahaha!!

Our last regular Wednesday with Miss V was bittersweet...♥️♥️♥️

Before Lunch we clipped her Sunflowers, and put them in a vase...the wind has played havoc with them, and this was a better way to enjoy them...I will definitely do this again with her next Spring...It was such fun...

After her swim, I tried my hand at French Braiding her hair!! It all came back to me...and she looked like a doll!!

This last swim, she even used the pool noodle...she had refused up until this!

My last lunch before I got really ill...

Don't you just love poached eggs????

The shower for my future DIL Anna, was a huge success!

Her Mom, Sister {maid of honour} and Debbie{bridesmaid} did an excellent job!

Food was glorious...and we actually played a few games, that were surprisingly fun!!

Got Miss V to relax for a photo...she was having a ball playing with 3 other little girls there... 

Anna was absolutely glowing...

I blurried myself, as I had had a horribly short haircut, and did not feel like myself!!  I am so vain....but...you all know that already!


The shower gift to everyone, was M&M's...Ryan and Anna's favorites!!

In a cute wee jar....

The girls were kept busy, as Anna had made them all up goodie bags with lots of stuff to do...


Now....this is really thrilling...one of my bloggy pals...Martha...from the blog"Looking Up"...drove from New York State to visit me!!! Imagine that!
We had a nice lunch that I prepared...chatted...chatted...for hours!!
She was also visiting a relative who lived really close by to me!!
I have now met 2 blogger friends...and enjoyed both experiences very much!!
have you met any??? Did you have a good time??? 

And......just look at this fabulous Apple Pie she made for me!!!
I have put it in the freezer, and will be perfect for our Thanksgiving!!!

We had a piece of Miss V's Banana Raspberry loaf...with berries and yogurt...and Martha was quite impressed!!!

So......that is what I have been up to for the last 10 days or so...

My antibiotics are nearly done...

Off to the cottage in the morning, for an extra long weekend...

Cannot wait to see what is happening out there!! I have not been for 12 days!!


Hope you are all well...Isn't this weather glorious???

I can hardly believe that Thursday is the first day of Fall....

I am looking forward to a beautiful warm sunny Fall...

How is that for being positive???

Dinner was BBQ'd Cod.....rice and Greek salad....delish...

My appetite is finally back...but I did lose 4 lbs, so that makes me happy!!

Every little bit helps!! 


There is a birthday on Saturday...and I will not be here to post about it!!


             Happy Birthday to my youngest...37 on Saturday...

                   All the  best to Erika...we will see you on  Sunday!!!

                      Wasn't she a doll??? Do you think Miss V looks like her???

                             Except for the blonde hair........

Can you tell that  used to cut her hair???? hahaha!!!

And I made them wear hats that I had crocheted!

Check out that 80's hairdo on me!!!

Awwwww.....the good old days, eh???
                            Happy Fall on Thursday!!!!!

                                 Have a great weekend.......

                                      Cheers!   :o)

                                           linda ♥️


  1. It was a wonderful day! I made the three hour drive there and back again, got where I needed to be on time, and am feeling good about it. Tracy and I had a wonderful long chat too. I'm all talked out. ha ha!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful daycation!

  2. I beg to differ, Linda. I saw the un-blurred version of that photo and you look beautiful! It sounds like a wonderful time. And how nice that you got to meet a blogging pal. That's always fun!

    1. Oh Martha....(2 in a row!) thanks so much....
      It was great meeting Martha....Martha! Hahaha!

  3. Happy Birthday to Erika! What a cutie you both were!
    Glad you had fun with Martha!
    We were cloudy for the full moon! I think that's happened the last 4 or 5 full moons! Boo!

    1. Yes we were....cuties, that is!
      Meeting Martha was unreal....so different when you actually talk!

  4. I've missed you but so happy you are better. Good things going on. Lunch with your friend and a shower for your DIL. You look wonderful and so chic. Gosh, come and help me!!!


    1. Well thanks Jane!
      Chic? You are a sweetie....I'll catch the next plane!
      You make lunch?

  5. You sure get around for someone who was under the weather, LOL! Glad you're feeling better now. I really like that B & W photo of Miss V where only the flower is in colour -- very neat editing effect!

    1. Thankfully at the tail end of whatever I had! Now.............nothing! Hahaha!
      Any picture of her is the best....miss her!

  6. Happy you are on the mend . . .
    Whew . . . it sounds like it was a real "doozie" of a cold . . .
    Pretty flowers still blooming . . .
    The rain always freshens things up . . .
    We are as green as can be . . . here in western Michigan !
    Miss V is growing up so fast!
    Does she love her school days?
    Happy cottage days . . .
    Love ~

    1. Loves school Lynne! Tells us that she loves her uniform♥️
      Happy weekend to you!

  7. Sometimes these coughs and colds can hang around for ages which wears you down, but glad that you have finally shaken it off. Yesterday I had my flu jab so hope it keeps me fit and well this winter.
    I like your hair very short, it suits you fine.
    You will both miss your lovely little girl, it surprising just how quickly these different stages pass, and before you know where you are they have become a teenager.

    1. We get flu shots too Rosemary...
      I like my hair a bit longer....it will grow, right?
      Yes....she is growing so fast...we both miss our Wednesday's!

  8. I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better. That must have been a neat experience, meeting someone whose blog you have been reading. Miss V sure looks like her mom. I love your hair in that last photo! I bet that involved a curling iron! -Jenn

    1. Yes Jenn.....really fun actually meeting the real live person!
      You love that 80's hair! Hahaha!
      I think their faces are similar...except Miss V is much darker skinned....

  9. Hi Linda. So great to see your post and read all your news. You've been busy indeed. I'm glad you are feeling better (missed that you were sick) and able to enjoy a visit from your blog friend Martha, attend the bridal shower for your future dil, and entertain Miss V. Yes she does look like Erika did! Its a beautiful last day of summer here today. Hard to believe it is gone and I 'missed' some things I wanted to do. I hope you do have a sunny warm fall....or at least until Thanksgiving! I hope we do too!! xx Pam

    1. I guess having your sister all summer was difficult and nice!
      Beautiful weather here...hope it continues!
      Thanksgiving is early again!

  10. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I'm off to get my hair cut too and I hope it's not too short. We are vain eh!
    Beautiful pics of Miss V and the shower. We are off this weekend on our classic car tour hope the weather is
    decent and the fall leaves are out. Then the BIG 50 anniversary the following weekend! Where does the time go?

    1. 50? Wow! We are just 44....
      Have a great weekend!

  11. Such a pretty lady Linda:) Back then and now.
    Miss V..I can tell she just wanted to go play with the othres,she's got that look of get this picture taken and let me go:)

    Lovely blooms..we need rain again..the leaves are falling dry off the trees..
    Fun shower.. cute pics of your daughter..not sure if if looks like Miss V? What do you think?

    Love the granny square too.
    Looks like you had fun w/ Martha..

    yes I have met blogging friends:)
    Sadly two have passed a away:(

    1. Yes...we need rain again...and...I think it is coming on Friday.
      It was fun meeting Martha....she leads a very full life!
      Sorry about your blogging friends...I have not experienced that yet...
      My hair has always been a problem for me...perhaps I should just shave it off! Hahaha!
      Leaving after I shower and pack up some food...
      Bonne weekend Monique!

  12. Glad you are much better, Linda. Coughing one's lungs out is a most unpleasant experience.
    Love all the blooms ~ you are a 'blooming good gardener'. Fancy a job at 'The Rectory' lol.
    You had very good looking children, obviously a throwback to their mother . . . shall we call you Doris Day? . . lol. Sorry b/f, well I suppose you are not too bad . . . hahaha!

    Glad you enjoyed meeting up with Martha and were well enough to enjoy the meet.

    Miss V is growing up fast, isn't she ~ I think she might turn a few heads in a few years . . . :)

    Enjoy the cottage . . and don't catch a chill paddling in Lake Erie . . . there I spelled it right . . lol

    1. Hi Eddie....
      So nice to feel human again!
      Cottage was awesome...4 days in heaven!

  13. I am glad you are feeling better. Was this cold from Miss V? Kids in preschool. A germ heaven! I think your hair looks great. :-)

    1. Not sure where I got it Barbara...Miss V has been well lately!

  14. Fun, newsy blog! And I love your new header. You must be already at the cottage, enjoy. Love the "retro" photo of you, so pretty. I think I had the same hairstyle back then. :) And your haircut looks great, so no more blurry photos! Happy birthday to Erika for Saturday. We have a 50th anniversary party for friends of my BF then. Take care...

    1. Thanks Hester....hope your weekend was good...ours was great!

  15. You look like a few of my friends from the 80s!! How nice of you to meet up with a bloggy friend. Friends who bring pie are friends indeed. I think it's cute that you served up a loaf that Miss V made with you. Sorry to hear you've had your last "regular" day, but I hope you see Miss V lots on other days instead. It's hard when they start school full time. Enjoy your trip to the cottage!
    Wendy x

    1. We have seen her nearly every Sunday....but we do miss our Wednesday's!
      Great weekend!

  16. Miss V is just a doll. You did a good job with the french braid. And you still have flowers! Mine all died in this terrible hot and dry spell of weather we had. I have never met any of my blog friends but I would love to. So glad you had a good time with yours. Maybe you and I can meet someday. That would be fun. Have a good time at the cottage!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kathy...
      Yes, Miss V is really getting big! And...she really loves Kindergarten!
      You will meet somebody someday...and you will love it!
      Have a great week ahead!

  17. good grief! what a fantastic post from somebody just off their death bed!
    i'm so glad you're feeling better.
    the picture of you and anna is beautiful. and you're right. she IS glowing! it's called happiness!
    miss v's eyelashes in that black and white picture... ohmygosh. she will never need eye make up.
    have a wonderful long weekend to celebrate the end of your cold. stay well! xo♥

    1. Death bed? Not really...just really sick!
      Love the b&w of Miss V too!
      Hope you are well Tammy...I will visit this week!

  18. So good to hear that you are feeling better! Love all the beautiful flowers you still have blooming and sweet Miss V's French braid. She really is precious.....and wasn't your daughter, too!? I think we all had some version of your 80's haircut, although I wish I had your gorgeous blonde hair and complexion! The bridal shower sounds fun - love those m&m's - so cute. I love weddings and all that goes with it :) So fun to meet up with a blogger friend, too. I wouldn't be able to resist that pie, though. It would be face-first for me! Lol! Hope you have a relaxing weekend. xx Karen

    1. Loved '80's hairdos! Hahaha!
      Wedding is less than a month away! They are in control of everything!
      Had a great weekend...you?

  19. Your photos are so happy and beautiful☺ Nice moon photo too ♥


  20. Lovely pics, flowers look great... glad you're feeling better.
    Pretty dress on Miss V. Cute hem detail.
    No idea why you blur your photos... no need to.
    Although I'm around the corner, I am not holding my breath, but hope to meet up one day.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Suzanne.....we will meet up for lunch....


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