Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Glorious Labour Day Weekend.....

 I do believe that the weather on Labour Day weekend... of the most beautiful of the Summer!!

Calm Lake...

Clear Blue skies...

Blooms in the gardens...

Strange Caterpillars!!

Happy Bees...

People enjoying the water...





 all my kids in the cottage...chatting...laughing...

what could possibly be better???


My son painted us a brand new sign for the cottage...


We ahd been using the original owners sign for 20 years...with our name painted over it of course! hahaha! finally rotted thru...and fell off a few weeks ago!!

This is so fresh and "beautiful"...

The name we chose, 20 years ago...

Boy.....did we ever get the right!!

Hope you all are well...

I had a cold, but I am much improved...

Today was our last regular Wednesday with Miss V...

She starts JK tomorrow...she is very excited...she met her teachers the other day...hugs all around!!

When I picked her up at daycare today...I took one of the Pecan,Banana Raspberry loaves that Miss V made last week...{ it had been frozen}...for the staff...really nice people...always kind and polite to me...Miss V will surely miss them I am sure they will miss her♥️

The weather is unbelievable here in Southern Ontario...42c...over 100f!!!!

We are getting a bit of welcome rain right now...thank goodness!!

The pool was lovely today...we had a great day...and Miss V and her Mommy stayed for Summer Pasta for dinner...delish as always...

Not sure when we are going to the cottage...supposed to rain tomorrow...and it is very humid down there!!!  Much happier here in the a/c!!!

Have a great evening everyone...

And as always...thanks for your lovely comments...much appreciated...

                        Cheers!  :o)

                            linda ♥️


  1. It was a gorgeous weekend, wasn't it? What kind of caterpillar is that?!?! Your bee picture made me smile because I had "obedient plant" too. I'm sure Miss V is going to love going to school! -Jenn

    1. Some kind of Moth caterpillar I think...he got very agitated when I went in for his closeup!
      Hummer S love the obedient plants too Jenn...
      I have spoken with her...she had a GREAT day♥️

  2. Please send some rain across the lake to your sweltering comrades.

    1. OK...and then you send it along to the cottage!

  3. Your lake pics are so fun, Linda, as usual! I would never want to leave.

    It's very touching and a huge change with your little spitfire to be moving on! Be proud. You and your family have shaped her and let her free sprit shine. Many, many more precious memories ahead.

    Thanks for your kind words on IG. More work ahead on our place but I hope you will enjoy your time at my blog as I have at yours!!!

    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane...we all try to help out with is a pleasure!
      Your lake house looks awesome!

  4. That is a VERY strange caterpillar! I have NEVER seen anything like it!

  5. Wow JK already! Where has the time gone. It's great when family gets together. One of our grand daughters is off to University. So time does pass quickly.

    1. I don't think I'll still be here when she gets to University! If I am...I hope I am in good shape! Hahaha!
      How are you feeling?


    And yes how truly wonderful all togetehr:) Pretty sight that and Ikea couch? I love them? Wash and wear.

    The caterpillar is unique..a little freaky..but quite amazing.
    We had no ower 4-10 yesterday..and rain around 9..gorgeous all w/e apart from that..endless summer..
    Very muggy and grey today.
    Have a nice day!

    1. too Monique...he did a great job! He is the artist in the family...actually took animation at college!
      Went into the movie business...and is now a web designer...but, man oh man, can he ever draw!
      Yes....IKEA couch....I have already washed it several times!
      Enjoy your evening...

  7. Love your cottage BEAUTIFUL . . .
    The three colorful umbrellas look is perfect . . .
    Our Labor Day weekend was lovely yours.
    "Best Ever" I have heard many say . . .

  8. It all looks blissful. Glad you had a good holiday weekend. When you've had enough of the heat please send some east.. I'm about to go and raid the wardrobe for a jumper. Brrr.

    1. You cold over there???
      We are melting....been hot as heck for at least a month!
      Sorry Jess......

  9. Love your new sign, very meticulously done! Love your nature photos but also your family ones, of course. Yes, the weather is over the top humid, isn't it? We're driving into Montreal for a family visit on the weekend, hope it doesn't rain. Have a lovely weekend at the cottage whenever you get there. And no rush, ha, ha, but you might want to check out my grand d's new backpack on FB. Take care...

    1. Thanks Hester...I think he did a great job!!
      I think it is supposed to rain Saturday...bummer!!
      Celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary today! YIKES!!! where did the time go??
      Have a great weekend...

    2. Best wishes to you and the BF.💕 Have a nice weekend too...

    3. Thanks Hester...home again...too darn hot,damp and windy! Not feeling great, either :o(

  10. Stunning selection of photos, Linda. The cottage looks a great place to be at . . :) . . and your feet are wearing well . . . haha.

    1. Hi Eddie...
      We are off again today...still humid here...I hear it is kinda cool over there!
      My feet are one of my best features! hahaha!
      Happy weekend!!

  11. my goodness and I thought our days of 35 were bad!
    it's just not right for ontario to be that hot still. the world is crazy now.
    i love these pictures.
    and you can almost see what a gorgeous butterfly that caterpillar is going to become!!!
    i hope your cold really is better. they're miserable.
    can't wait to see the most beautiful baby in the world start JK! time is flying!!!! :(

    1. My cold is hanging on! Wish it would leave!
      Too darn hot at the cottage...we came home today...
      I emailed you the pics! You didn't get it?

  12. You did have a marvelous Labor Day weekend. Loved the pictures, and love back visiting my dear blog friends. Hope this weekend is just as nice.

    1. We did Wanda!
      This weekend not as nice! Hot hot hot ....and rainy!

  13. Hi Linda, gorgeous photos!! In answer to your comment on my blog about the conkers for spider prevention (sorry, you came up as a no reply blogger), you use the nut. I put about three in each corner of my window sills and also by the side of any doors leading to the outside. Apparently they give off a gas that spiders don't seem to like. Have a lovely week xx

    1. Thanks for the visit and the info Chel!!

  14. You had a spectacular weekend at the cottage! What great photos to look back on through the winter. It is nice when the whole family gathers together, but at the cottage makes it even more special!

  15. Love to see your fresh, vibrant pics.
    A new sign - it looks wonderful!
    I'm so glad the weather is a bit cooler... helps me cope a little better.
    Miss V off to a new chapter - how exciting!


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