Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Last Week or So......

Last Thursday we took a drive out to the cottage, as we knew that we would be home here on the weekend.

It was so darn windy!!!

"How windy was it?" you ask...

80km winds!!!

That is pretty darn windy!!

you couldn't hear yourself think...

With the combo of the trees and the waves crashing in...

But...we managed to find a cosy spot to sit for a while, and enjoy the show!!

On our way...we stopped at one of our Thrifty shops...

I got this nice tin Tole painted candle holder...

It has already found a spot on my bedroom dresser at the cottage!! 

I also picked up this Christmas plate for my son...I had already given him a Christmas Sled by the same pottery company...made in Japan...Hand painted...he loves anything vintage!!

My Miscanthus Grasses at the cottage are putting on a great show right now!

I will be cutting some to bring home, to decorate my yard for the Winter...

They add quite a nice statement...

Especially with lights on them...

I am happy!!! hahaha!!

Here at home, the afternoon Sunshine has been magical...

The weather has been unbelievable for this time of year...and the rest of the week is to be spectacular...up to 17c!!!
Way above normal...

I ain't complaining!!

Friday night was dinner for the birthday boy...

Rack of Lamb...with scallops as an appetizer...

OH MY....they were so delicious!!

We dined by candlelight!!

Saturday was the day the kids came over...Miss V wanted to put sprinkles on Papa's Pie!! No Problem!!

She also was very serious about eating her piece ♥️

My daughter Lissa brought me these cute little Christmas Gnomes...

Aren't they just so adorable?????

Let the decorating begin!!

I actually did my front today, as my other daughter Erika gifted me with a beautiful front Christmas Urn...just gorgeous! But...
I neglected to take a photo....really??? Yes....really!!
I will get on that tomorrow!

I also returned to Fitness this morning...it was so nice to see all the girls, and go for coffee afterwards...I really must stick with this...and I do believe I will!


Wasn't that SuperMoon something??? I got a lot of beautiful shots...don't think I'll be around for the nest one!! hahaha!

Hope that you are all well...and...enjoying this weather!!

Tonight is Fish night here...the Cod is soaking in Buttermilk as I type this...

Some nice fluffy rice...Parmesan Zucchini...and a Ceasar Salad to start...

One of my fitness gals said she loves to read about my meals on the blog...

Here you go Lauren!! hahaha!! 

          Have a great week...


                   linda ♥️



  1. Beautiful photos! I love that plate ♥

  2. Very pretty shots!!
    I am getting in the holiday spirit too!
    I love your antlered decor:) And the gnomes..don't our daughters know us well?:)
    Once at Costco..they gave samples of their key lime pie..OHMY.

    1. Oh....another gift from one of my girls! She gets a wee bit of Christmas colour too!
      They sure do know what we like....and I love that!
      Never had any pie at Costco...I will check it out next time!
      Enjoy your evening Monique!

  3. Loved your candlelight shot. I'm sure the birthday boy felt special. xo

    1. I always make sure of that Deb....hahaha!

  4. Love your Christmas plate and miss V pictures of course :) :)

    1. HI Gloria....
      Thanks dear....sending hugs!

  5. The waves on the lake are incredible! I've been out enjoying this warm November weather too ... lots of walking through thick leaves in the woods :) Miss V is so cute with her new hairdo, and how nice that she thought to add the sprinkles to the pie. That girl is on top of everything!
    Enjoy your decorating. For now I'm just pinning ideas before I have to do the actual work!

    1. You are near Lake Ontario...right? Glorious weather for sure!
      She asked for the sprinkles as soon as she got here! She wanted to make a cake...I told her next visit!
      I love Pinterest!

  6. Lovely photos .Lake Erie is choppy at the best of times but when there is high winds look out lol ! Happy Belated B day to your Boyfriend ( hubs ) . My mother in law and I were out collecting greenery for our home made Christmas outdoor planters , I use a shiny silver bucket for mine and get Christmas ornaments from the dollar store to add to them , I love the smell of the pine and Cedar pieces . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. When we get a North wind it is so peaceful...perhaps this weekend!
      I always bring home the greens...this year I got spoiled! I will do one for the backyard...
      Enjoy your week Elaine!

  7. Looks real windy at the cottage ~ bet you're glad you don't wear a wig . . lol
    Glad it is mild for you at home . . . :)

    1. HI Eddie...
      Yes...very glad I don't wear a wig...weather here is fabulous!!

    2. Yes, it would be awful to have to chase after it . . . lol
      Can we have some of your nice weather please? Awful here with wet and windy drenchings . .

    3. Damp and dark and soggy here today, but sun is returning tomorrow!
      Supposed to be 19c on Friday!

  8. Oh, that sure did look windy!! Those little gnomes are adorable. I don't start decorating yet (usually wait for December), but enjoy! Good for you going to fitness! -Jenn

    1. Aren't they cute Jenn?
      Me too....December 1 I get my tree....I like to enjoy it all month long!
      I enjoyed fitness!

  9. Can't believe you didn't blow away at the cottage! Goodness! Not too many warm weekends now, I'm sure, so at least you got to go.
    Birthday dinner sounds wonderful!
    I need to buy some cod and soak it in buttermilk! Sounds delish!

    1. We plan on going tomorrow, and spending a couple of nights...fingers crossed!!
      Yes...you should!! Actually any fish becomes very plump this way...try it!

  10. Oh look! Three little furry gnomes!

    1. Hi Furry!!
      Yup...3 furry little gnomes...jealous? hahaha!

  11. That wind is ominous! We get whitecaps in the winter but nothing like this!! Good that you had more time at your beloved place.

    Happy Birthday to your guy. I love the pic of little Miss V with her sprinkles. No matter what she's doing, she's very intent!

    Good for you with your exercise. Friends or partners make it more of an incentive. I'm in a quandary as to how I want to incorporate more activity into my days. Too much sitting and my moving (such as shopping and errands) is quite leisurely! ha!

    Love your menu's, too!

    Sending a hug,


    1. I enjoyed the fitness...did not go today, but I intend to go next week again...baby steps!!
      How is the new grandaughter??? ♥️

  12. It has been very windy here, too (Montreal, Canada). Your photos are beautiful and bring many smiles. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda...much appreciated!

  13. That lake is always beautiful, even when the wind is whipping it up. I would never tire of looking at it. Sweet Miss V, adding the finishing touch to the key lime pie, which looks absolutely delish! That Christmas plate was a real find; I love a bit of retro Christmas and have a few little old pieces from Thrift stores - always on the lookout!

    1. I enjoy finding small treasures...especially to give to someone!
      Got my daughter a beauty knitted blanket for her cats..

  14. I love the pictures of the waves crashing on the shore. I can almost feel the wind and hear the waves. That Christmas plate is incredible. I know your son will love it. Miss V is so cute putting the sprinkles on the pie. I missed the super moon entirely. It was so cloudy here that all I could see was the light shining behind the clouds. I don't think I'll be around for the next one either, but you never know.

    1. It was deafening Kathy!
      Too bad you missed the Moon...it was spectacular!

  15. Girl! Those waves....it looks like you had to get in the water to take a couple of those pictures, which are amazing, by the way. You sure you didn't get wet? Lol. I haven't got the Christmas decorating bug yet, but love looking at others. Those gnomes are darling!

    1. Ha!! Nearly got wet down by the rocks! Love the challenge of getting great shots!
      Love the Gnomes!

  16. Love your photos, I always do. We love birthday pies too. It's rare to find cake on the table instead, but it does happen, along with strawberry shortcake (in June) and brownie sundaes (in July).
    The weather has been so very beautiful! I don't know whether I'll cry or be contented when the snow flies. ha ha!

    1. Oh...don't say snow!! Not yet Martha...rainy today...sun back tomorrow!!
      Birthday cakes are highly overrated!

  17. well THIS was a delightful post! loved every shot in it.
    the Christmas gnomes... and the reindeer in the dress standing there so prim and proper! adorable!
    and seeing the wind and the waves...
    makes me remember living near lake superior. knowing that squalls come up suddenly on that huge body of water... enough that MANY sunken ships are on its bottom. not just boats. but SHIPS!
    why are those lakes called SEAS? because they are so much more than a mere LAKE???
    i've always wondered that! fresh water sea? LOL!
    ah well. our not to reason why.
    our temp today is 84! or for you... 28.8889! HOT!

    1. good grief. FULL of typos.
      my question is... why AREN'T those great lakes called a SEA?
      seriously. i'd like to know why. guess i'll have to google it!
      surely there are fresh water seas?

    2. You do have it hot down there!
      I guess that is why they are called "The Great Lakes".... Cause they are big!
      No seas here in Canada, but our lake does remind us very much of the ocean....
      Let me know if you find anything!
      Hope you are well....you gonna post soon?

  18. Very windy in our little spot down under today, Linda...my white sheets have just landed in the veggie patch 😁 At least it's hot, so will dry again soon!! We are having our little peeps for a sleepover this weekend... and they can't wait till desert after dinner.. their favourite 'trick' is to put sprinkles on papa's desert... aren't they just the cutest??? hugs xx

    1. HI Sue...
      Enjoy your peeps! We are off to the cottage!!

    2. Have a lovely weekend,Linda....we are going to little Miss Gs first ballet concert tonight! Am so excited x

  19. Great "windy" photos and Miss V. looks so sweet cake decorating. Yes, it was fun to see you back at fitness. Unfortunately, I joined my BF with this ugh virus, have been napping, no energy, appetite, etc. Not fun. :( Glad you enjoyed coffee with the ladies and have a relaxing time at the cottage.

    1. Oh dear...get well Hester...see you next Tuesday???

    2. Yes, be there or be square? 😀

  20. A lovely post and some lovely photos!
    Always so nice visiting your blog...
    Have a happy friday!

  21. Those are some beautiful waves at the cottage Linda! Wow. Good thing it was warm too. I have the holly leaf cream and sugar set and the Christmas tree plate that were my late mother-in-law's. I bet your son would love them!! I love those gnomes. I bought the cutest mouse made from felted wool and wearing a dress. Kind of Swedish looking eh. Have a great week!

  22. Hi Pam...
    Oh yes...he would love them! Get them in the mail! Hahaha!
    I must get my boxes out...and see what I have...have a great week!


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