Saturday, 13 January 2018

Cottage On The Last 3 Visits...And A Visit To See A Wee Doll...๐Ÿ’•

We usually take a drive once a week, to check on the cottage.

This visit was spectacular!!

Ice everywhere...

Except on the Lake!! 

This was a few days after Christmas...

Everything looked spectacular!! 

No wind...

Brilliant sunshine...

Beauty day.....

Our next visit was on January 4th...

Quite a difference...after all that frigid weather we had...

Boyfriend and I climbed up on the ice mountains... 

No beach showing at all...just ice and snow...

Very surreal...quiet...gorgeous!!


We grabbed a selfie!!

Much colder this day...

Minus 15c!!!!


Still brilliant sunshine...

Gotta love it!!

Fast forward to this past Thursday...

A lot of ice and snow had melted, as it was a balmy +12c!!! 

Some stones are now showing, as the snow has receded...

And what a mess the waves left behind!!!


Green grass!!!


Stormy skies across the Lake...

We had tons of rain later that night...and into Friday morning...and then a blizzard blew thru!! 

At home...not here...we don't stay over in the Winter anymore...

Too darn cold!! 


We squeezed in a visit with our DIL and newest Granddaughter๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Isn't she a doll??? 

So petite...getting stronger and doing very well... 

The next picture is when her Papa was holding her! hahaha!! 

He was telling her stories about her Daddy!!

And the bottom photo, she was fixated on something!

Managed to bake an Apple Pie Bread this week...

Very moist and delicious... 

And Strawberries were on sale for $1.88 a container!!

And they were delicious too!!

 I have been using up my stash of yarn, making a few "Cat Mats" for my kids cats...

They really do seem to love them!!

Need a project for my trip...cannot figure out what to make!!

I hope you are all well...

We are back in the deep freeze here again...kooky weather everywhere...

How about that mudslide in California??? how scary was that??

Well...that's it for me...

Didn't see Miss V today...they are going to drop by on Sunday...

We have not seen her since Christmas!!! I need a Miss V fix! hahaha!!!

        Enjoy your weekend...

            See you soon...

                     Cheers!  :o)

                       linda ♥️



  1. Nora is a wee doll! How much does she weigh now?

    1. Thanks Barbara....just over 7 lbs now....

  2. Look at that sweet grandbaby! Nora is just darling- what a blessing those babies are to us!!!
    That is quite the gamut of weather/snow/water in your photos. We have the same thing with the bay ony we never see green grass this time of year. lol I am not sure if we got above ZERO F today or not...ugh..I am NOT a winter person at all!!!

    Love your cat mats and I bet the cats do, too.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of weekend. xo Diana

    1. They certainly are Diana...๐Ÿ’•
      We are back in the freezer here as well...bit of sun, but not enough!
      Enjoy your evening...

  3. I knew as soon as I read the title of this post we would se that beautiful baby, so sweet. so delicate,, beautiful! The weather has been crazy for sure! You captured beautiful shots of the drastic changes!

    1. Thanks sure has been a strange Winter so far....more cold temps to come!

  4. Your trip is coming up fast. Weather has been changeable since we got home, cold but sunny today and getting really cold overnight. Christmas with our Ontario famiky tomorrow.

  5. Stunning pictures of the lake! Hope you're surviving winter.

  6. Oh the precious expressions on Nora's face. What a doll baby. The pictures of your cottage are magazine or calendar worthy. Just breathtaking...

    1. Hi Wanda...she is a doll...
      Cottage is spectacular all seasons...
      Hope you are well...enjoy your day!!

  7. The ice sculptures before the melt were Ice Art . . .
    Loved seeing your Erie . . .
    We need a winter walk on our Michigan . . .
    Kooky weather indeed . . . I just posted about it too . . .

    And little miss petite is adorable . . .
    Love seeing her pictures!

    Enjoy Adorable Miss V . . .
    I would love being a mouse and seeing little school girl in school.
    Bet she LOVES it . . .

    1. No visit today...kinda sad...but we will see her next weekend...
      Oh how she loves school!! And helping the teacher and the younger kids...๐Ÿ’•
      Enjoy your day Lynne...

  8. Oh, my goodness, how precious is little Miss Nora?!?!? We are enjoying ours for the third weekend in a row! LOVE it! We go too long between with everyone's busy schedules, so I'm soaking this up!
    Gorgeous photos of the lake and cottage! So beautiful, Linda. And, I love the selfie with you and your boyfriend! Look forward to seeing what project you chose for your trip. blessings ~ tanna

    1. I need help!!
      I have made so many blankets...I need something different...

  9. Moomy and Nora♥ Beauties!!
    Love the expressions on her little face.. so safe in our ams.. just little angels..
    The views you have are exceptional and you capture them perfectly!
    You are are cute cute couple!

    1. HAhaha!! I do the same thing Monique...I try to remember to read my comment before I hit publish!!
      Sometimes my Ipad has a mind of its own!
      She is like a wee Angel...๐Ÿ‘ผ
      The views speak for themselves...always something beautiful...

  10. Moomy?Well I was able to write what I forgot..your crochet and apple pie cake crumble:)

  11. Lovely photos . Looks the same here now as it does at your cottage now that all the deep snow has gone I am soo looking forward to spring , nice to have the sun shine every day so far and how much later it sets every day to . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

    1. HI Elaine...
      I have noticed the sun setting later as well...won't be long!!
      Once February is done,we are in the home stretch!!
      Enjoy your week...

  12. not sure you'll even have all that much warmth and sun when you go to Florida this year.
    it's been weird everywhere in the US.
    you might take a pair of long johns just in case! I guess you can always make an afghan though. :)
    beautiful pictures of that adorable tiny Nora. she is a baby doll for sure!

    1. Hi Tammy....
      At least we can be outside...without boots,scarves,gloves,hats,coats!
      I'm ok with it not being hot....really!
      Just looking forward to get outside!
      Isn't she a cutie pie? ๐Ÿ’•
      Wishing you well....drop me an email and bring me up to date!

  13. You've captured the past few weeks in photos beautifully Linda! It's been such a mixed bag of weather, and as I write this there is a thick but pretty snowfall happening out there. Big flakes covering everything :)
    I haven't been out much through this winter (too many little ones to bundle up), so appreciate seeing your photos. Your new granddaughter is SO sweet!! Love the little faces she is making. Mom looks very happy and relaxed with her tiny bundle. What a nice shot.
    Enjoy your week,

    1. I have missed you on always leave great comments!!
      Enjoy your week Wendy!

  14. Gosh, it is beautiful but so cold . . . brr!
    Jane said on F/B that it was so cold she had a polar bear look into their car. Fortunately the window was closed.

    Gorgeous baby and totally hooked on the story Grampa was saying . . . lol. He must have a way with words . . . :)

    Always love to pop round for a read . . .

    I have been busy helping kids with various building projects, learning the Yukulele and creative writing for the group. . . . . and of course todler and Grampa duties . . . :) Cheers, Eddie

    1. Hi Eddie...
      You sure Jane said a Polar Bear??? Seems to me, they are only in the Arctic, not Southern Ontario!!!
      Enjoy your Toddler and Grampa duties...they are the best!!

  15. How lovely to see little Nora, a dear little doll. Love your icy pictures, and I can't believe I was dressed like that two weeks ago, boots and coat and all. Now I am sitting in a heat wave!!

    1. Hey...enjoy your heat wave!! Won't be one of those here for a long while!!

  16. Your granddaughter! Oh my gosh, so cute! She is growing like a weed, too, isn't she? Adorable.

    1. Thanks so much Martha...have a great week...

  17. Sweet Nora - what a cutie. Great ice pics at the cottage. I love winter at a cottage. Fires to keep toasty and crisp walks. Lovely pic of you and your bf. ☙


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