Tuesday, 29 November 2011

On This Gloomy. Rainy November Day....Let's Talk PINK!

 Thought I would try and brighten this rainy day, with some pictures of some of my favorite PINK flowers.
 The one to the right, is a tiny succulent that blooms every summer.

This beautiful specimen below is a lace cap hydrangea. It is absolutely gorgeous to watch the flower head develop. Every step is amazing.

 This is a perennial succulent I have in a pink pot!

 This is an heirloom plant called "Turtle Head"...I inherited this self sower with the cottage. I have transplanted a few at home, but are slow to spread.
 This is a pink Obedient plant. Again, from the cottage. It flowers from the bottom up, and has a square stock!

They bloom in the late summer, and as you can see, it is quite a display...I have them in several beds throughout my property, so when they all bloom, it is awesome. The Hummingbirds love love love the Obedient plants
  As you can see they are very beautiful, and kinda resemble a snapdragon to me.  

Ahhhhh the Peony..I brought these 26 years ago from my mom's garden in Port Hope, and they have never disappointed

Love the pink tips of the succulent     
 The Cleome or spider plant , is really showy, but also really smelly...has kind of a skunky smell

 A basket of pink impatiens and pink kalanchoe....also a succulent that blooms for a very long time. Actually sold as a house plant, but I find them excellent for summer baskets.

Summer Anemone

Who can forget the perennial Sweet Pea..lovely to look at, and very sweet smelling

The Hollyhock is as old as the hills....I am lucky enough to have several different pink varieties

Sweet Pea buds
 another under appreciated plant by some gardeners...the Begonia..I can honestly say that I think they are splendid, and very long lasting

 This is a close-up of a very common plant...the Sedum...just the regular variety...beautiful, eh??
More Hollyhock

The Geranium is fabulous...long flowering, and easy to over to over-winter...they will bloom 'til the frost

The fall mum is truly a great performer...year after year

Purple coneflower

Pink Impatience

can't forget the violet

or the Easter Hydrangea

Cosmos always a big favorite

and of course the Rose of Sharon

                       Hope you all enjoyed my "pink post"

                        Tell me what you think of the new format...too big???
                 too colorful????  give me your thoughts...
                                            I appreciate your input!
                        Have a great pink day......


  1. All of your "Pinks" are Picture Perfect! I do hope my Pink perennial sweet pea will take. I've done as you instructed and threw it to the mercy of the cold winter ground. Just so you know, my word verification is "pillypno". That's probably another pink species :)
    Love the format, you can never go TOO big for us, just a pain to load. Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting gorgeous photos!

  2. thanks leslie..I am sure your sweet peas will be ok...if not, perhaps I can "dig" some up for you next spring!!

  3. Beautiful PINK post! You can make anything look lovely, though with flowers it must be easy. Gorgeous photos and yes, they did brighten my afternoon! I LOVE sweet peas! Just saying....;)

  4. linda! your flower photography is like looking
    at paintings of georgia o'keeffe


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