Sunday, 11 December 2016

Busy...Festive...Fun Week...πŸŒŸπŸŽ„πŸŒŸ

What a busy busy busy week I had!!

One morning we had a wee snowfall, and the bright sunshine made everything glow!

I made a trip the "The Flower Store" that day, and picked up a few things...I then had a big mug of Apple Cinnamon Tea and berries and yogurt...I had also done a large grocery shop...
So the Tea was very soothing!!

I needed to make a small table arrangement for my dinner guests on Saturday night...

It was so nice and sunny... that ...Lunch was enjoyed taking in the beautiful sunshine... 

I always like to get my table set at least the day before...

I opted for a black tablecloth...and it really made the few ornaments POP...As you can see...

Love the rainbow on the napkin!!

I used a vintage green bowl for my White Carnations...

My daughter taught me the ways of using an oasis...and I love this method...

I simply added a few stray pieces to make it more Festive!! 

Simple....yet elegant!! I will make another for our  family Christmas table...but this fit the bill quite nicely...I am having my brother and his wife over next Friday for dinner, so I am hoping that this wee arrangement is still fresh and perky!! 

                  Friday's afternoon Sun made everything sparkle....✨✨✨

After that was done...I took a breather!!!

We were out Friday night to friends for dinner, so I wanted to get as much done on Friday as I could!!

The tree is coming along nicely...

I am enjoying not having to water it!!

                I even had time to start on a few Christmas cards...

Snacks for my guests were ready...

While my boyfriend puts on a few Christmas tunes...

Had a great meal...

Lots of laughs...


The dessert...






Managed a rather blurry pic...but...I think you get the idea...😳

Today we are getting our first real snowfall...

Kinda pretty out there, but...I don't have to go anywhere!!!

My crochet is calling me, and once I get all showered, I have a date with the couch!!!

This cute White Throated Sparrow visited me this am...took his pic thru the window...

See his yellow stripe??

Think I will top up the feeders...

My view from the kitchen....

I just love my 
Miscanthus grasses...   all   year   round!!

When my Son got married in October, I brought home one of his table arrangements from the wedding...I rooted 2 succulents that were in it...they did really well, getting nice long roots...I have recently planted them in a vintage container...with stones from the cottage beach...and I added a small (phony) Steer Skull, that had belonged to my Mom...I have saved it for many years. I think it is just perfect, and I know my Son will love the presentation. I am gifting it to him ♥️

So...that is up to date with me!!

Hope you are all well...and enjoying the season...

The snow is getting a bit heavier right now...looks like an all day affair...

I will hopefully get a few nice snowy pics...the only good thing about SNOW is the pictures! hahaha!!

Have a great day and enjoy your week ahead...

Be back soon.....

                 Cheers!  :o)

                  linda ♥️


  1. Love these sunny shots - everything sparkles!
    Your dinner guests are very fortunate people.
    Very cool succulent gift... I know he will like it.
    Look at that dessert!!! Triple yum!

    1. I think he wil like it too Suzanne...
      The dessert was amazing...if I do say so myself! πŸ˜‰

  2. Love that shot of hubby in the kitchen..there are certain times of day where light is so perfect feels so fortunate to have it.
    To me light is so important.Snow starting at midnight..baked baked baked today..Spotify playing all kinds of beautiful Christmas music♥
    When I entertained..I had the black placemats..dishes Christmas trees you like to do..have not taken out the black in more entertaining..
    I love what you did for your son♥
    I hope 2017 brings them a bΓ©bΓ©..
    Your tree looks real in pics Missy:)

    1. Actually....he is in the LR....and the light is mostly from the tree and candles! He was putting a CD on....☺️
      We have been snowing all day! Miss V just left ....she helped her Papa shovel!
      I really enjoy the few times I have dinner creating a mood...the black offers endless possibilities for that!
      Looking forward to your post with your baking....always so delicious!
      Another "little" would be awesome!
      The tree is growing on me! πŸŽ„
      Enjoy your evening!

  3. Wow, so much beauty to comment on in one blog. And I always learn something from you, I never thought that succulents would root again. I love the variety of snacks for your dinner guests, I'll have to branch out when next we have company. The dessert looks very yummy, the house and table so festive. And I really like your vintage green bowl, so lovely.

    1. They were in the arrangement with sticks taped to them to support them...only took a couple of weeks to root them up!
      I feel relieved that the decorating is done...need to make shortbread next!
      Enjoy your evening! Stay cosy!

  4. All of your decorations look lovely!

  5. You've had a busy fiew days. Your table looked lovely for your dinner guests. The snow started here by lunch time and will continue all night. I've got my book and crochet sitting beside the chair and I'm sure I won't mind just sitting and watching the storm.

    1. I love doing that too Linda... Cosy and warm inside!

  6. You set a beautiful table, Linda . . . it gived you great credit the amount of time and love you put into it and the decorations. I need a lady around here . . . lol

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Thanks for your kind have lots of ladies in your life! I think you are coping rather well...kudos to you my friend...

    2. Thank you Linda ~ I try . . . and I suppose I am generally admired . . . hahaha!

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Your pictures are so pretty - love all the sparkle. What was that dessert?? You seem to be adjusting to an artificial tree pretty quickly ;) -Jenn

  8. Pear pie with ice cream and butterscotch sauce....need I say more?

  9. The house looks very festive Linda. It's a lovely time of the year when we get to decorate our homes & sit back with a welcome cup of tea & perhaps a homemade shortbread or mince pie (I have yet to make my first batch of mince pies). I have been teaching myself to crochet & I was wondering if you would share with me the type of wool you used & did you use the same hook as the on-line pattern suggested.

    Thank you & all the very best to you & your family.


    1. Thanks Barbara...
      Don't have an email for you....
      I had some chunky yarn on hand...and I think I used a 10mm hook....are you talking about the cowls in my previous post?
      Pretty easy...good luck!

  10. Such lovely photos! I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed looking around.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks so much! Drop by anytime!

  11. oh dearest bean! it all looks so beautiful and delicious and happy!
    the gift to ryan is SO YOU. thoughtful and sentimental and lovely.
    part of his mom... his grandmother... and a reminder of his wedding to anna.
    bless you!

    1. You always say the sweetest things Tammy ♥️
      Even though I know that you are a minimalist,I do think that you appreciate my zest for life and things!! I don't think that I go "over the top"...but just enough to enjoy...
      Have a great evening...still hot there?

  12. Far brhind . . .
    Playing catch up . . .
    Happy I am here, you give me SO MANY ideas . . .
    White carnations . . . yummy idea for the green bowl . . .
    So pretty . . .
    I too liked the rainbow on the napkin
    Enjoyed each photo . . .
    Seeing your plate of appetizers gave me another idea . . .
    Must get busy . . . getting ready for friends to be with us tonight.
    Loved that card . . . your photo . . .?
    Wonderful post!

    1. Love when you visit are so eloquent! making my own cards...
      Stay warm!!


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